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American Dad Not New Tonight?

On wiki it says that Rapture's Delight (F.K.A Holy Crapture) is set to air on the 13th of December(next week). Is this true?

SE4EP16 Delorean Story-An: relooping episode link

the episode delorean story-An every time i get to a certain point it goes back to when they play i spy does anyone know why

Not avaiable

Could someone please re-upload this one? I never saw this one, and all links are dead. Thanks already if you do it!

american dad/family guy/king of the hill

can some one please tell me whats happend to this weeks episodes of the above shows i went to watch them but there are no links were they not shown in the states this week for some reason ?

Before people start asking where the links are...

there are no episodes of the simpsons, king of the hill, family guy or american dad this sunday (october 26th) because of silly american sport, maybe 'football' or baseball or something. just saying because i know a lot of people outside the US use sidereel (like me!), and they wont necessarily know your TV schedule, and may expect a shiny new episode! never mind people, theres always next week!

Please delete immediately ALL Tvxshare, Premiershows,, Tzshows and Videoflix links!

These sites are false 'survey' sites. 'If you are not connected after completing your 'survey', just fill out another' !!!!!!!

F*** Megavideo and all the 'survey' sites, and bogus sites!!

Trying to charge for illegal streams that users upload themselves! all out of sync! ..I mean lets just ignore megavideo and delete as many as possible. Also, let megavideo know you cant wait to see them go down, by contacting the 'accounts' section on the site...some fake 'survey' sites to delete immediately are videoflix, tvspace, priemereshows...if you see a link to one of these sites please delete immediately! Tudou is a good site, fast, FREE , in sync and clean.

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If you find a link where the sound matches the picture repost here please!

This Annoys Me

Will people stop posting links to more links unless it's to all of the episodes

Good job

Nice nice