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'American Idol' Predictions: Who Will Leave the Top 9?

Not counting the week the Judges' Save was used, the contestant with the fewest number of votes each week has been a girl. That means the gender split is overwhelmingly in the guys' favor (six to three). Will that change when the results of the Top 9 performances are revealed?   To see if that will happen, let's take a look back at the contestants' most recent performances to see who's staying, who's in danger and who has the biggest chance of going home.   Read More...

'American Idol' Predictions: Which Two Singers Will Leave the Top 11?

In my previous American Idol prediction article , I said that there's always a singer who sticks around longer than they should. The opposite point can also be made, that there are always singers who leave earlier than they deserve to. The Judges' Save is a tool that Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. can use to right a wrong when it comes to the results of America's votes. If we as voters get complacent and don't vote as much for a particular contestant who's considered a frontrunner or otherwise is too talented to let go of just yet, the judges can whip that Save out and make a one-time correction.   Read More...

'American Idol' Predictions: Who Will Be in the Top 10?

During every season of American Idol , there are singers who are eliminated way too early, leaving less-talented contestants to stay on in the competition. We recently named our Top 12 finalists, and already a shocking exit occurred the following night.   When I predicted that Daniel Seavey would be the first to depart the Top 12, I knew there was definitely a chance he would stay on just because it's Daniel Seavey and, again, there are always singers like him who should have been gone long ago.   Read More...

'American Idol' Top 12 Predictions: Who Will Be Eliminated?

Like with the Top 24 episodes a couple weeks ago, American Idol crammed 12 performances into only one hour on Wednesday night. It was very fast-paced, but we still got to see some stand-outs as the finalists reprised their audition songs.   Now that we know who this season's Top 12 are, who will be the first one getting the boot? Will it be someone who should have been cut a long time ago? (I'm looking at you, Daniel Seavey.) Will one of the better singers leave instead? And with the show combining the performances and results now, will there even be a Bottom 3 anymore? Let's take a look at the contestants' chances of sticking around, and try and predict who will be eliminated.   Read More...

'American Idol' Predictions: Who Will Make It into the Top 12?

There's a lot that's about to happen on American Idol in the next couple episodes. Not only will we find out who's making it into the Top 12, but the contestants will also be performing twice in one week -- on Wednesday and Thursday -- then we'll suddenly be down to the Top 10 next week when Idol slims down to airing only once a week. But let's take things one step at a time and focus on who will advance to the Top 12.   In case you're not aware of how the next episode will go down, let me explain: according to TVLine , 10 of the contestants will be voted through based on America's votes. Then the judges will select two singers as Wild Card picks, leaving us with our Top 12 for season 14. Those 12 will reprise their audition songs during the same hour.   Read More...

'American Idol' Predictions: Which 4 Girls are Going Home?

After the 12 male semifinalists performed, the girls were up the following night -- and I expected them to be in a much stronger position based on what we saw in previous rounds. Now that we've seen everyone perform, overall the guys have made a bigger impression on fans and viewers.   That doesn't mean there weren't any standouts from the girls. In fact, there were, and I fully expect those particular contestants to advance. But there were some forgettable, weak and disappointing performances as well. So who's going home? And which eight singers are staying? Let's take a look at the 12 girls and their chances of being in the Top 16.  Read More...

'American Idol' Predictions: Which 4 Guys are Going Home?

Season 14 of American Idol is well underway, and the fates of this year's contestants are now in the hands of America. The Top 24 have all performed in Detroit, and it's time to see who's advancing and who is heading home.   The first week of the semifinals was a mixed bag in terms of the quality of performances. There were definitely some standouts from both the girls and guys, but even some of the fan-favorites let us down, like Savion Wright.   Read More...

American Idol: The Final Three Perform

It's one week until the finals and  American Idol  celebrates by extending the show an extra 30 minutes (because that's what  Idol  needs — more filler!). Tonight, each finalist will perform not once, not twice, but three times. They'll pick their first song, Jimmy will pick their second and the judges will pick their final performance of the evening. After Lady Gaga's awkward yet hilarious appearance on the show last week, this week Beyoncé serves as the mentor during the first round (she is also plugging her new music video, of course). Again, she's not the first artist I would pick for the two country kids and a rocker like Haley, but she's won 16 Grammy awards and she's even married to a one-time music executive so she should have some sort of wisdom to pass on, yes? So did she help give the Idols that extra something to get them to the finale? Let's find out. So will Lauren's missed key in her second performance cost her a trip to the finals? Or will Haley's botched performance of Alanis and her earlier tumble take her down? Or do you think Scotty didn't branch out enough to stay another week? Who do you think is at risk? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


I would have to agree with you, after watching last night I think that Casey is going home... I love Crystal Bowersox and I hope she wins and takes it all. I love Idol and my wife and I can sit there watch it and get goosebumps over who is singing awesome so, GOOOOOOOOOOO MAMA SOX

American Idol Season 10 Top 9: Is "Elvis Week" a Recipe for Disaster?

Sorry, I should have made my title more specific. By "Top 9" I meant the second edition of the Top 9, due to last week's unexpected whip-out of the save. Yay for Big Mike, boo for us having to endure another one of "Teflon Tim" Urban's awkwardly terribly performances. That cat really does have nine lives, that's for sure. Well, if we're lucky, something painfully campy like "Hound Dog" will be his swan song, if you're not blinded by his horrific attempts at hip-swiveling in the process. Oh, have I mentioned that it's ELVIS WEEK on American Idol ? FML. Tonight, the contestants will be mentored by last-season alum and runner-up Adam Lambert, who aside from his black hair and affinity for rhinestoned suits is a far cry from Elvis... Though I guess if Jamie Foxx is qualified to school singers on the Rat Pack, anything goes. While no one can deny that Adam knows the value of performance (and shock) value, I'm just not convinced he'll be able to infuse a little Glambert-style drama into anyone except for maybe Siobhan, whose knack for screaming high-notes he certainly shares. As for the others, they're either already set in their solid performance ways (Crystal, Casey) and will have to come up with a super-original arrangement to somehow adapt Elvis to their musical style, or are still too confused about their identity as an artist to have the confidence to pull off Elvis without looking like a total poser (Katie, Aaron). I guess such creative obstacles are the point of the show at this stage of the game. However, in past seasons , in which the contestants were far more impressive as a whole, a seemingly far-fetched theme would've served to make things more interesting. The exceedingly amazing performers who would still be left at this point in the competition would then be forced to go above and beyond their comfort zones, producing even more impressive vocals they didn't even know they were capable of until confronted with the obstacle of such a difficult theme. Instead, based on the progress of the current season at hand, tonight's Elvis-themed episode will likely be another 90 minutes of boring performances (save for the handful that might actually pull it off) made borderline painful by a theme that right off the bat is screaming "singing suicide." Am I being too evil? I hate to be a pessimist (not really), but I can already hear Randy's broken-record commentary of "It wasn't good for me, dawg," or Kara's confused "I wish you had just performed 'Straight Up' by Paula Abdul." As for Simon, he's not feeling any of it. I already know. I don't think you really need Raven-style powers of clairvoyance to foresee the disasters that are likely coming our way. Dear Crystal Bowersox, Sioban Magnus, and Lee DeWyze: please rise above. Love, your-unenthusiastic-but-nevertheless-avid-watcher-fan, Alex. Do you think one of the Top 9 contestants has a shot at kicking ass at Elvis Week? Or will they all crash and burn?!