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American Idol Exit Q&A with Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook came to the end of her American Idol road last night, so check out what this country girl has to say about her experience and exit last night, including her Simon serenade! 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Kristy Lee Cook Photo courtesy of

American Idol Top 7 Power Rankings

Last week's American Idol really shook things up with the elimination of Michael Johns out of the blue! Check out how the rest of the contestants are ranking for this week according to Entertainment Weekly. 'American Idol' Power List: The Top 7 Photo courtesy of

Idol Goes Postal

FOX and have partnered up to bring you all of your favorite American Idol the form of a postage stamp! This will include Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks, along with whoever wins the current season. 100,000 sheets of each winner will be printed each week, though each state will have its own featured design on 2,000 of the sheets. Proceeds will benefit the "Idol Gives Back" charity. Source: MSNBC

American Idol Exit Q&A with Michael Johns

Last night's American Idol elimination was definitely a shocker as we had first-time bottom 3 contestant, Michael Johns, get the boot. Michael looked pretty shocked, though he took his elimination gracefully, so see what he has to say now in his exit Q&A! 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Michael Johns Photo courtesy of

TIVO Predicts the Future

TIVO claims to possess a crystal ball; through analyzing their viewer stats, such as who gets replayed and who gets skipped, they say that they can accurately predict who will get booted off of American Idol each week. They've used this system to correctly predict who would be departing for the past 4 weeks. Want to know their prediction for tonight? Crazy TV Contraption Predicts "Idol" Losers

Don't miss Idol Gives Back tonight!

American Idol 's Idol Gives Back airs tonight, so don't miss out on all the amazing performances, celebrity appearances, and oh yeah, the chance to make a difference in the world with this Idol charity event. Get the scoop on what you can expect tonight: Idol Gives Back 2008 Idol Gives Back gets a taste of Goldenballs Check out Idol Gives Back on FOX tonight at 7:30/6:30c! Photo courtesy of

15 Best Idol Performances Ever

Entertainment Weekly has crafted a list of what they view to be the 15 best American Idol performances ever (with audio/video). There's certainly a lot of performances to consider, and I haven't actually seen enough Idol myself to fairly make my own selections. So check out the list here: American Idol: The 15 Best Performances Ever And let us know who shouldn't be there and who is missing!

American Idol's Ramiele to Team Up with Danny Noriega?

On American Idol this season, we've seen some hearts broken, including that of the ever-ambitious attitude-on-the-ready Danny Noriega. But now that his Idol bff, Ramiele has been cut, it looks like he might be doing more than some cruise boat singing with Rosie O'Donnell! Check out what Ramiele has to say about her future plans including the one and only Danny: After the Tears, Ramiele Malubay Reflects on Idol Photo courtesy of

American Idol: Exit Q&A with Ramiele Malubay

Last night's American Idol casualty, the adorable and talented Ramiele Malubay, chats with Entertainment Weekly about her American Idol experience and elimination. 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Ramiele Malubay Photo courtesy of

American Idol's David Cook "Health Scare"

After last night's American Idol performance, David Cook was taken off to the hospital because of "stress-related heart palpitations," according to E! Online. David was feeling light-headed before his performance, and said he has high blood pressure, which was checked out before he went on stage, but he wanted to go ahead with his performance anyway. He did get checked out at the hospital afterwards and with a little medication, David was discharged. Read the full story on E! Online: Idol Rocker Cook "Fine" After Health Scare Photo courtesy of