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Cover Girl gets a whole new meaning!

Cycle 15 is not about the Cover of Seventeen- NO WAY! Just when you thought it was the new judge that brought hot latest success to your favorite fashion flavor show will be upping ante with prize next season cover of Italian Vogue- hello- this is the highest industry honor! It’s not easy making dreams in the fashion industry come true- being more beautiful than most isn’t enough – you also have to develop the strength of character, business savvy and social sophistication to navigate the world around the runaway. Keep your eyes on the Smize- the next winner isn't going to be another pretty face- she's going to have to eat the competition and spit them out in order to make it to this break.


Who do you want to win? I was honestly surprised at the bottom two this week. I thought Angelea and Jessica would be bottom two and Angelea would go home, seeing as Jessica was more consistently praised throughout the competition (up until now). I think Raina or Krista should win, and I WANT Raina to win because she's always had good pics, whereas Krista and Alexandra just started doing well. Opinions?

A Question for Uploaders

Why is it that 15-30 mins after most shows are aired they can be watched online but this one (and Project Runway even Survivor sometimes!) always take so long to be added!!!!!!! I understand that less popular shows don't show up on the web as fast (like 18 to Life and Legend of the Seeker) but this quite well knowen and to my knowledge still a fair amount popular show sometimes isn't up until the next morning!!!! I don't have a working TV so I watch all my shows online so if a show is over at 9pm I start looking at about 9:30pm and by now (12:15am) I am starting to get mad that it isn't up yet! Anyways I was just wondering.... thanks for letting me rant! lol!

Tyra needs to get a grip on her choices...

Tyra needs to get a grip on the people she is choosing to share a house. The naked aggression shown by some of the girls towards others is not just intimidating - it's rampant bullying. Is Tyra really telling young women that to threaten, scream at and frighten others is the correct way for a top model to behave? Is she actually looking for a diva? Why are these girls not being taken to task for the way they are behaving towards each other? Frankly I think it's beginning to spoil the show. It's as if successive waves of girls have seen the bad behaviour and the focus from the cameras it gets, and are copying it for the publicity and the attention. Some of the behaviours on show in this most recent show would get you arrested in the street. Come on Tyra. Start cleaning up your act - or at least the way the girls are acting!

ANTM Cycle 14 episode 1

ok i am having an issue being able to watch the ENTIRE 90 minute premiere of ANTM cycle 14... every video i watch cuts out at 62 minutes... any idea where i can watch the last part of the show which i am missing

Laura should have won!!

love you Laura!!! xx

ANTM season 13 - was it the right person who won?

Let me start out with my own point of view.. I definitely think it was the right girl who won. I just finish watching the finale show and I'm so happy :D.. I didn't thought Nicole would win, because of her akwardness, and because Laura is so much more american, as J alexander (with Nigel, I think) said; Laura appeals more to the american people and Nicole to the european.. And normally the judges from ANTM do not chuse the akward girl, must of the time they have chosen the girl who appeals most to the americans (with is okay, because it is america next topmodel) I know, I'm putting a "=" sign between not akward and appealing to americains.. But my observations are that normally the girls who are akward, are the girls the judges can see as High fashion and appealing most to the europeans. So I thought that Laura was going to win, eventhough I was cheering for Nicole.. So to be proven wrong, have made me very Happy.. Why Nicole? I like this Season two finalist very much both.. As Tyra said, Laura is as beautifull outside as inside, and she really is. Which is good if you want a model spokeperson (as I guess Covergirl mostly wants).. I love her personality, through the whole show, she was happy and positive, and not at all bitchy (If I remember correctly).. And she took some pretty picture.. But for me it was not Woaw! (Maybe because I'm european..heh) - Nicole's pictures were. I like Nicole, her pictures has been amazing through the whole show. I can see her modeling in Europe, America, Highfashion ect. And she stands out, which I think is important.. (Laura is just another beauty face) Because if you want to be a topmodel, it is not good enough only to be a topmodel in America (I know it is call Americas next topmodel, but I see it more as a topmodel who comes from America, maybe I see it wrong, but it's my point of view) If ANTM is a real topmodel she is also working in the european fashions shows - like Tyra, Gisele, Kate Mose.. And therefore as a real topmodel she has to appeal to both the american market and the european.. which I think Nicole does.. And I really like that they for once chose the akward girl.. I think Nicole is a good rolemodel for girls who feel akward.. Let me know what you think :) Was it the right girl who won or should it had been Laura? and why do you think so.. ? :D Peace out Jmeyer (sorry my english, it's not my first language, I hope there is not to many mistakes) :)

Scuba Diving

I think this week's episode shows unquestionably that more people need to scuba dive or at the very least swim ever. It is not that scary to be 20 feet under water with a regulator, even if someone else is holding it. I think the photographer correctly showed that frustration in his face.



Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Wednesday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! It was fun to see what shows win your Monday Timeslots , so now let's talk the next eventful TV night: Wednesday! Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Wednesday timeslots! Wednesday at 8/7c: America's Next Top Model on The CW So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Mercy on NBC The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS Wednesday at 9/8c: Glee on Fox Modern Family and/or Cougar Town on ABC Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC Criminal Minds on CBS Wednesday at 10/9c: Eastwick on ABC CSI: NY on CBS The Jay Leno Show on NBC South Park on Comedy Central Top Chef on Bravo