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ANTM Cycle 14 episode 1

ok i am having an issue being able to watch the ENTIRE 90 minute premiere of ANTM cycle 14... every video i watch cuts out at 62 minutes... any idea where i can watch the last part of the show which i am missing

Laura should have won!!

love you Laura!!! xx

ANTM season 13 - was it the right person who won?

Let me start out with my own point of view.. I definitely think it was the right girl who won. I just finish watching the finale show and I'm so happy :D.. I didn't thought Nicole would win, because of her akwardness, and because Laura is so much more american, as J alexander (with Nigel, I think) said; Laura appeals more to the american people and Nicole to the european.. And normally the judges from ANTM do not chuse the akward girl, must of the time they have chosen the girl who appeals most to the americans (with is okay, because it is america next topmodel) I know, I'm putting a "=" sign between not akward and appealing to americains.. But my observations are that normally the girls who are akward, are the girls the judges can see as High fashion and appealing most to the europeans. So I thought that Laura was going to win, eventhough I was cheering for Nicole.. So to be proven wrong, have made me very Happy.. Why Nicole? I like this Season two finalist very much both.. As Tyra said, Laura is as beautifull outside as inside, and she really is. Which is good if you want a model spokeperson (as I guess Covergirl mostly wants).. I love her personality, through the whole show, she was happy and positive, and not at all bitchy (If I remember correctly).. And she took some pretty picture.. But for me it was not Woaw! (Maybe because I'm european..heh) - Nicole's pictures were. I like Nicole, her pictures has been amazing through the whole show. I can see her modeling in Europe, America, Highfashion ect. And she stands out, which I think is important.. (Laura is just another beauty face) Because if you want to be a topmodel, it is not good enough only to be a topmodel in America (I know it is call Americas next topmodel, but I see it more as a topmodel who comes from America, maybe I see it wrong, but it's my point of view) If ANTM is a real topmodel she is also working in the european fashions shows - like Tyra, Gisele, Kate Mose.. And therefore as a real topmodel she has to appeal to both the american market and the european.. which I think Nicole does.. And I really like that they for once chose the akward girl.. I think Nicole is a good rolemodel for girls who feel akward.. Let me know what you think :) Was it the right girl who won or should it had been Laura? and why do you think so.. ? :D Peace out Jmeyer (sorry my english, it's not my first language, I hope there is not to many mistakes) :)

Scuba Diving

I think this week's episode shows unquestionably that more people need to scuba dive or at the very least swim ever. It is not that scary to be 20 feet under water with a regulator, even if someone else is holding it. I think the photographer correctly showed that frustration in his face.



Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Wednesday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! It was fun to see what shows win your Monday Timeslots , so now let's talk the next eventful TV night: Wednesday! Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Wednesday timeslots! Wednesday at 8/7c: America's Next Top Model on The CW So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Mercy on NBC The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS Wednesday at 9/8c: Glee on Fox Modern Family and/or Cougar Town on ABC Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC Criminal Minds on CBS Wednesday at 10/9c: Eastwick on ABC CSI: NY on CBS The Jay Leno Show on NBC South Park on Comedy Central Top Chef on Bravo

ANTM Discussion: Did the Right Girl Win? - Featured

Spoilers included Last night was the conclusion of the 12th cycle of America's Next Top Model . We started off with the 3 remaining girls - Allison, Aminat and Teyona. Following commercials and CoverGirl shoots, Aminat was quickly cut. Though she made the best commercial, her elimination wasn't particularly surprising, as the girl had been given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to actually take a good photo and just couldn't produce. That being said, if she gets herself some lessons on face tension (or whatever nonsense Tyra claims she lacks), I'd venture to say that Aminat will ultimately be more successful than both of this season's final 2. Speaking of the final 2...Allison and Teyona. I think it's safe to write at this point that Teyona was crowned America's Next Top Model . Talk about a boring conclusion. While Teyona has been the favorite for the last handful of episodes, I feel as though this episode in particular suggested that Allison would be the ultimate winner. While Teyona has perhaps been the most consistent with her photos, the girl has no personality and looks unimpressive in person . Furthermore, the show loves the concept of turning a girl into a model , and Allison without a doubt was the most improved over the course of the season. What's more, in my opinion she just looked more CoverGirl-esque. And...while she was shy, Allison's shyness was becoming. There was a definite personality hidden behind the shyness, whereas Teyona (that's Tea-on-a) was just...strong, but forgettable. Regardless of who won, I don't think either girl will/would end up being a memorable ANTM winner (umm, anyone remember Saleisha?). Neither really seemed to have a "Wow" factor. Frankly, I would have rather seen Celia in the final 2 (but poor girl apparently was too much of a fossil at 25 to stand a chance). Regardless, if it was my choice, I would have gone with Allison. Do you think the right girl was crowned America's Next Top Model? Will Teyona be a memorable winner?

Opinion of Aminat??

What do y'all think of Aminat?

I am not pleased with the result..ONCE AGAIN! [Spoiler-Don't read it if you dont wanna know the end]

I think that Allison just kept getting better and better and Teyona just kept getting worse. Allison has that sweet approachable personality but she still rocks those high fashion shoots and Teyona, while she takes great pictures, seems sort of dull and forgettable to me. I just think Allison is really harnessing her strengths and improving on her weaknesses and with that drive and determination, she deserved to win. I have to say though, I wasn't a big Allison fan from the start, she sorta creeped me out (lol), but she's grown leaps and bounds ...and let's face it, she's wud b better at being a covergirl....WAY BETTER. Her commercial wasn't the greatest but she just has that covergirl quality. I mean, when I saw that Allison had to do the runway challenge I was like 'O LORD!!! SHE'S GOING HOME!!!' but it was a very pleasant surprise that her walks were so good, a little bouncy, but good. And I adored Allison in that oil-slick thing, she seemed better than Teyona to me, although I give Teyona some serious props for continuing even after her weave came off. O yeah and Teyona's posture irks me. All in all, it was very close, but I still think Allison would do so much better in the fashion industry (booking more jobs). Well, I guess it doesnt really matter who wins (Fatima gets more jobs than Whitney...season 10) but I still would've preferred it if Allison won. :)

worst ANTM yet!

This has got to be the worst season on ANTM, not only were the models weak but the finalist were the weakest ones! They didnt compare to brazilian's models in the runway. I have to accept Allison has a unique look, but did not strike me with the enough pasion and potencial to be in the final two. This was supposed to america's next top model, not america's next "A" for effort model! I really enjoyed the other seasons, but this one did not cut it for me.