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Help me out please!

The current links for the newest episode of Army Wifes are horrible!! I live in Germany and can't access the network website. Someone please add some new links that are fast and not crapy! Thanks so much!


Someone please add some Army Wives links that work!!


Is 6 episodes in season 2 all thats been shown on TV? Or are there more that has not yet been added here?

Episode 3

I was so mad that I could not find episode three until I gave up and watched four and five. If you go to the link given in episode 5 you can watch all the others and that is how I am now watching three. My husband is deployed in Germany and it's tough watching shows on t since everything plays a year later.

season 2

Will u please put up the episode thanks

same posts twice!!

just 2 let whoever posted season 2 on here it is actually season 1, great series cant wait 4 season 2 :)