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Please don't add any links which has Zango.

Zango is an adware and it downloads adware to your computer. Also kindly remove any links which has Zango. Plus its annoying.

Bad Link

the version of Episode 4-4 Escape Velocity is actually a link to 4-3 The Ties that bone. thought i'd just toss that out there for someone to fix cheers -b

What do you think is the Best Plot Line of BSG so far?

As we watch season 4 unfold, we've witnessed a Cylon Civil War, The return and departure of Starbuck in search for Earth, the revelation of a second human-cylon child, teenage angst when you discover you are a Cylon, and a pseudo-savior residing in a harem! Well then throw in Saul and C6, speculation to the final model and the return of the 3's and I may need to become a lobotomized raider myself. Tell me, what is the most significant event thus far? I want to hear your theories!

The Question - who is the last Cylon?

I pose this question to you all - who do you think the last Cylon will be revealed as? Most of you will probably say it's Baltar... Still some of you may think that it's going to be Starbuck... And the truly daring will suggest that it's Admiral Adama, himself... You would, of course, be wrong. The true final Cylon is obviously Billy... right/> The evidence is overwhelming. First of all, no one in BSG actually ever dies. They are all resurrected as Cylons or some other miraculous never-to-be-explained phenomenon. Second of all Dee (Lt. Dewalla) is all alone now that Lee is off to, well, whatever he's off to do... See, overwhelming evidence. ;-) Where do you stand? B

Battlestar Galactica is the best show around today

I've just started watching Battlestar Galactica from the beginning. I just finished watching the Mini-series that started it and damn the writing is so good. I've heard about other episodes and the new season but i wanted to check out the episodes i haven't seen before i start to watch the new season. This show is wicked and Starbuck is such a cutie. Shes hot. Anyways i'm continuing to watch it and i'll let you know how it goes. Thank you. For those who want good tv to watch...check out this show now.

Season 4 Episode 1

Shouldn't links be up for the episode already? I am dying to see it! Can someone please please please put up the links as soon as possible! :)

Battlestar Galactica

I was no fan of the original BS series - I know, I'm sorry all you purists, but I didn't like it - and I was reluctant to give a re-imaged series a try. But I am so glad I did - this is one of the very best sci fi series ever created, and being a bit of a sci fi nut, I have given most of them a go! The characterization is strong and brilliantly done, the robots are lethally excellent and the "baddie" cylons, delightfully complex, rounded villains. The actors seem to have real investment in their roles and it makes a difference. Special effects are well up to speed and storylines are strong and challenging. I look forward to the new series beginning , but a word of warning. Can we please have a proper ending and not wait for a ratings fall to call a premature halt? I think I speak for fans of all series when I say we'd rather have 3 or 4 good seasons and a definite ending, to being left with a dingly dangly cliffhanger that due to a series cancellation will never be satisfied?

Reply to BSGlover

BSGlover, The only episode that I recall that showed the ships getting destroyed was the Razor episode. It had all of them docked, and the Cylons began attacking them with nukes and raiders. The first few episodes of Season One are low on the side of action, and nothing I remember seeing fits what you described.

Broken Links?

Hey guys... post exactly which links are broken and I'll see about editing them out or finding replacements.


I think Megavideo is the best ... Please try to upload it on that... thanx