'CSI' and 'Battlestar Galactica' Clash on April 16 Episode

" CSI : Crime Scene Investigation" and " Battlestar Galactica " merge has been reported by Chicago Tribune in late February, but new details confirming the sort-of-crossover have just been unearthed. The April 16 episode of "CSI" will have "a bit of 'Battlestar Galactica' vibe to it," CSI executive producer Naren Shankar confirmed. "It's about a murder at a science fiction convention," he said further. "Hodges (Wallace Langham) and Wendy (Liz Vassey) re-enacting scenes from a campy - and entirely fictional - 1960's era sci-fi TV show." In the episode called "A Space Oddity", BSG star Kate Vernon will play an undisclosed role along with the show's creator Ronald D. Moore. The episode is written by David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, who previously wrote an episode for BSG. Occasional BSG director Michael Nanking will sit in as the helmer. Weddle also mentioned previously that there would be "other surprise cameos for sci-fi fans." Source here

All Along The Watchtower: Bear McCreary's Thoughts on Islanded In a Stream of Stars - Featured

When I first heard the Cylon Switch Song, "All Along the Watchtower", I wasn't necessarily sold on its ability to be significant. I admit I did question their choice and was sure there had to be a better more powerful alternative. I have come to appreciate the Switch Song in the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica , particularly the performances the song inspires each week from the Final 5, Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff. Bear McCreary, music composer for BSG, gives us some insight on BSG's use of music as well as a preview of the DVD release. 'One of the biggest challenges of Islanded was actually scoring two different versions of it. In addition to the version you just watched, I also scored an extended version for the DVD release. Not only are many of the dialog scenes expanded, but there are several scenes that were cut entirely from the show that required substantial original music. One of these scenes established that Tyrol is now in the brig for his role in Boomer's escape and kidnapping of Hera. I was disappointed that this story point was cut from the episode, since Chief's arc last week was so emotionally powerful.' You can read Bear's entire blog here

Preview of 'Battlestar Galactica' Finale Part 1 - Featured

'Battlestar Galactica' will soon come to an end, and more truths are thrown out as the journey ends in with one-way mission. Read more.

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, March 6, 2009 - Featured

* Ghost Whisperer (8 pm/ET CBS]]) Ever since Jim's death, fans have been left to wonder where the whole Sam-Jim story line will lead. Tonight's episode seems to be moving closer to some closure as Melinda stuns Sam with a revelation about his identity that could leave the survival of their relationship with a ghost of a chance. * Good Morning America (7 am/ET ABC) Sometimes you forget, but Bono doesn't spend all of his time saving the world. He and mates Larry, Adam and Edge do make up a rock band that has sold more than 140 million albums over the years, and they just released a new one, No Line on the Horizon, the other day. So get on your boots, rock fans: U2's back in action, promoting Horizon, the band's first studio album in five years, on GMA this morning. Incidentally, "Get on Your Boots" is the title of the album's first single. * Degrassi: The Next Generation (8 pm/ET The N)''' Mean girl Holly J. may have finally met her match in Alli, who reaches the point where she just can't take Holly J.'s antics anymore. Alli retaliates by starting an online group called "I Hate Holly J.," but the cruelty of the blogs quickly escalates, culminating in devastating results. Meanwhile, Peter starts babysitting his half sister and quickly grows tired of the job. * 20/20 (9 pm/ET ABC) The last time Siegfried and Roy appeared on stage, in October 2003, things didn't go so well: Roy was mauled by a tiger and almost died of a stroke. The good news is that Roy Horn recovered, and his Feb. 28 return with Siegfried - a Las Vegas benefit for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute - went very well, thank you. And with the same tiger! Highlights of that show form the centerpiece of tonight's edition, which also includes an interview with the illusionists and a chronicle of Roy's recovery. * Battlestar Galactica (10 pm/ET Sci Fi) Have you ever shed a tear for a car or any other beloved shell of parts and wires that just couldn't be repaired anymore? You might tonight. After waging two wars with the Cylons and making FTL jumps well beyond her shelf life, the mighty Battlestar Galactica faces a collision course with permanent retirement. To quote poet Dylan Thomas, Adama has a hard time letting the old girl "go gentle into that good night." * What Not to Wear (9 pm/ET TLC) The show's hosts may be fierce, fashionable and fabulous, but that doesn't mean all of their friends are. Tonight Clinton Kelly gives some tough love to Debbie, one of his closest pals. He says she's one of the funniest people he knows, but her cringeworthy wardrobe is no laughing matter. Let's hope their friendship survives the humiliating 360-degree mirror. Source here

20 Possible Battlestar Galactica Endings, All of Them Hideously Depressing - Featured

The end of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is near after almost five years of quality television. For the cynics, the expectations are pretty high for an utterly depressing conclusion to the utterly depressing series. For the optimists...what show have you been watching? BSG has been nothing but sadness and death and failure and devastation throughout its four seasons -- and with only four episodes to go, we sincerely doubt they're going to stop now. Based on the incredibly tragic events that have happened so far, here are 20 potential conclusions to this series. Bring a hanky. Here are a few interesting options Ronald D. Moore passed on.... 20) Kara Thrace accepts her role as the destroyer of humanity, loads up a raptor full of nukes, destroys Galactica and most of the fleet. Those who escape, including Lee Adama, succumb to a horrible disease within days that causes everyone to die horribly, with massive boils all over their bodies and blood shooting out of their eyeballs. 12) Galen has a vision of a future in which babies are made into robots on a giant assembly line. Kara has a vision of the past in which she is made of a lot of smaller robots. Adama has a vision in which he is fighting the Cylons in the first Cylon War. Roslin has a vision of a far away and powerful land where nobody ever dies, nobody ever gets sick. Lee has a vision of Dee dancing on the head of a pin. Soon everyone realizes that they are all dying due to a lack of oxygen and are suffering severe brain damage. Before they can do anything, Baltar has a vision that he sets off a nuclear bomb in Galactica's hangar bay, which turns out not to be a vision. The whole thing turns out to be a vision of Tricia Helfer who finds herself disconnected from a life support machine after falling and hitting her head on a table during the filming of the 2004 T.V. mini-Series for Galactica. She is replaced by Anna Torv. 5) Cavil and his Cylons surround Galactica and are about to finish everyone off when Lee Adama suggests that they have a "dance-off" to decide who the ultimate winner in the war is. Kara has a crisis of confidence, but once she finds the confidence to believe in herself through a montage, the people of Galactica win the dance-off and the Cylons "get served." Get The Entire List of "Endings" Here

'Battlestar Galactica' Cast: Where Will They Go?

I was watching last Friday's episode of Battlestar Galactica , and it finally hit me: Only 3 more episodes to go before this landmark series comes to a close after 4 spectacular seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel. It may not have been a huge ratings hit (like, say, American Idol or Dancing with the Stars ), but Galactica or BSG, as it has come to be known - was thought-provoking TV at its finest, thanks to great stories and complex characters. Of course, I still have the DVDs, which I plan watching again from the beginning. Then there's Caprica, the prequel series that will turn back the clock to depict how the 12 colonies of humanity sealed their fate by creating the dreaded Cylons in the first place. But the process of having brand-new episodes of BSG to look forward to will be gone, which means my Friday nights will be free again. At least there's solace to not being able to see Galactica's finest in uniform, since I'll be able to see their work on other shows. Katee Sackhoff (Kara Starbuck Thrace): Talk about screen presence, Sackhoff stole NBC's The Bionic Woman from her own short-lived show. She also did a great guest-stint on FX 's Nip/Tuck , and her pilot for Lost and Found was picked up by NBC (presumably for the fall) - she plays a female police detective who's demoted to her department's John Doe division. Tricia Helfer (Caprica Six): Helfer has a recurring role on USA's hit series Burn Notice , which just finished its second season. She recently turned up on NBC's Chuck , and she also filmed the Fox pilot Inseparable, in which she plays a psychiatrist that evaluates suspects for a police department. (Hmm, if it gets picked up, maybe they'll do a crossover with Sackhoff's new show!) Jamie Bamber (Lee Apollo Adama): Just when you thought there wasn't enough Law & Order on TV these days, Bamber plays Detective Matt Devlin on producer Dick Wolf's latest installment of the long-running franchise, Law & Order: London, which airs overseas. Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin): McDonnell's a seasoned actress who will never have a problem finding work on TV or in movies, but she's got a great recurring role as Dr. Virginia Dixon on ABC's hit series Grey's Anatomy . Tahmoh Penikett (Karl Helo Agathon): Penikett jumps from one Friday night series to another, co-starring with Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse (created by Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon). The show isn't doing so hot in the ratings, but it's making a stronger presence on DVRs and TiVos. Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol): Douglas guest-starred on The Bionic Woman, and his new series, called The Bridge, debuts on CBS this fall. It's you guessed it a police drama. Grace Park (Sharon Boomer Valeri/ Athena ): After playing so many roles on BSG (gotta love those Number 8 models!), Park would be forgiven for taking a break. But she just wrapped the first season of A&E's The Cleaner (with Benjamin Bratt), and season 2 premieres later this year. Michael Hogan (Col. Saul Tigh): Hogan doesn't have anything lined up at the moment, which is surprising. As the tortured, conflicted and deeply troubled Col. Tigh, Hogan took the proverbial bull by the horns and ran with one of the most fascinating characters to ever grace the small screen. So if anyone deserves their own frakkin' show, it's him. Source here

Watch a sneak peek of Season 4 Episode 18 ''Islanded In A Stream of Stars''

Airing this Friday March 6 at 10pm on Sci Fi. Three more episode to go. Really not certain how they are going to wrap this BSG season up. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Preview of 'Battlestar Galactica' 4.18: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

With three more episodes to go " Battlestar Galactica " is revealing more and more about the disturbing truth. Apart from losing more crew after Hera, it is revealed that Galactica is dying. The episode will run March 6 on Sci Fi. The show will wrap up its entire series in a three-hour event on March 20. Coming out to speak of the final hours, Katee Sackhoff who plays Starbuck emphasizes that there's always people assuming that she could still be a Cylon. "I'm just going to go ahead and let them believe what they want because there's nothing I could say that's going to convince anyone otherwise," she said to Hero Complex. Recently there has been a talk that Universal has been in negotiations with Glen A. Larson to write and produce a big-screen version of the series. It is however, will not be a stretch of the series but rather made in a new medium. The studio is expected to make an official announcement in the coming weeks. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 - Featured

* Supernanny (9 pm/ET ABC) Tonight's episode finds Jo back in merry old England again, but things are not so cheery for a couple with four kids, all of whom are under the age of 10. This time, however, it's not just the kids who need disciplining: Jo will have to work her magic on a do-nothing dad who seems content to sit back and watch his wife do all the work, which puts a terrible strain on their marriage. * Wolverine and the X-Men (8 pm/ET Nicktoons) The character Wolverine first came onto the scene in an Incredible Hulk comic book, and tonight these two superheroes get to have a reunion. Wolverine is blackmailed into going after the mean, green monster, who has been on a destructive rampage. While searching for the Hulk in the wilderness, Wolverine realizes Wendigo is out there on the loose as well. So now Wolverine has to deal with not one, but two raging monsters. Life's not easy for a superhero mutant. * Dollhouse (9:01 pm/ET Fox) Hey, if Buffy could sing, why not Faith? While far from a "Once More, With Feeling" songfest, this should be fun: Eliza Dushku demonstrates her singing and dancing chops when Echo is imprinted with the persona of a backup singer in order to provide protection to a pop star (Jaime Lee Kirchner) who's being stalked by an obsessed fan. * Battlestar Galactica (10 pm/ET SCI FI) Don't you just hate it when you take a trip to a once-coveted destination and everyone thinks you died on the way, then you turn up alive and later go back to that place only to find your corpse there? Starbuck hates that, too. The ace viper pilot wrestles with her identity crisis while Boomer learns that the reward for bringing Ellen back into the fold is: "No good deed goes unpunished." * Numb3rs (10 pm/ET CBS) Aya Sumika is front and center in this tension-filled episode, in which her special agent Liz Warner goes undercover to orchestrate a complex drug deal. It's all set in motion when Charlie targets a new illegal drug known as Hawaiian Ice as the next big thing to hit the streets. He wants to dry up the market before the drug catches on by buying up the limited supply available. His plan sounds great, but it puts Liz in danger when she must meet with four drug dealers who control the hot Ice in L.A. Source here

Tricia Helfer Q&A: Burn Notice & Battlestar Galactica Finale Scoops! - Featured

Tricia Helfer has become well-known to sci-fi fans as the sexy and mysterious "Six" on Battlestar Galactica , and has been running quite the spy operation as a guest star on Burn Notice this season! SideReel joined in a Q&A with Tricia Helfer to get the skinny on her final Burn Notice episodes, and also see what she has to say about the final days of BSG. Tricia Helfer Q&A Transcript Transcript courtesy of New Media Strategies