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Billy the Exterminator News

A&E Brings 'Parking Wars' & 'Billy the Exterminator' Back on Saturday, February 11
'Billy the Exterminator' Removes an Eight-Foot Alligator From an ATV Park (VIDEO)
'Billy the Exterminator' Tries to Get an Armadillo Off a Golf Course (VIDEO)
Ricky Tries to Trap a Skunk Without Getting Sprayed on 'Billy the Exterminator' (VIDEO)
Billy the Exterminator Battles a House Full of Squirrels (VIDEO)
Billy and Ricky Learn How to Catch a Gator on 'Billy the Exterminator' (VIDEO)
'Billy the Exterminator' Season 4 Preview
A&E's "Billy the Exterminator" Returns on Tuesday, August 2 at 9PM ET/PT