Boardwalk Empire: Can Nucky Walk Away From Being a Gangster?

Is  Boardwalk Empire 's Nucky Thompson turning over a new leaf? As the HBO drama enters 1924 and the Jazz Age, Atlantic City  gangster Nucky ( Steve Buscemi ) is looking to make peace with his fellow crooks in New York whom he bloodied during last season's war with Gyp Rosetti. He's able to do so with a bag full of cash and the simple promise that he's no longer concerned with expanding his territory or operation. "Nucky is really keeping a much lower profile," creator  Terence Winter  tells

Meet the Cast: Boardwalk Empire's Fresh Faces for Season 4

It's getting to be a real Mob scene on Boardwalk Empire . TV Guide Magazine caught up with the crime drama's new blood at this week's red-carpet premiere party in NYC. Where you've seen him before: The Wire, Entourage Who he's playing: Ralph Capone

Scene Stealer: Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston

HE PLAYS Disfigured WWI veteran Richard Harrow, who used his sniper skills in Atlantic City as a hit man for Boardwalk Empire mobster Jimmy Darmody ( Michael Pitt ). Following his killing spree in last season's finale, Richard hits the road in search of his family. "As we discover, he lived a farm life," Huston says. "He was always a crack shot, but war changed him. He's come back not knowing the world he left."

‘Boardwalk Empire’ Premieres Its Fourth Season in New York

“Boardwalk Empire” stars Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Wright and Gretchen Mol were all on hand for the New York premiere of the show’s fourth season.  Read More...

‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 4 Key Art Goes For Old School Charm

HBO is gearing up for another bloody, dazzling season of their gangster drama  Boardwalk Empire , and in preparation for the season four premiere, the network has released a series of posters with just the right touch of antiquated cool. The posters  continue  the theme of gangsters converging on Atlantic City in the hopes of taking hold of Nucky’s empire. Each poster features a different crew from Harlem, Chicago and New York, as well as the new in-the-know speakeasy owner (Patricia Arquette) backed up by the women who work for her. See all five of the posters in the gallery below. Who do you think will come out on top this season? Read More...

'Boardwalk Empire' Unleashes Four-City Promos for Season 4

Each video highlights different characters based on who get involved in the event in respective city.  Read More...

'Boardwalk Empire' Actor Bobby Cannavale Joins Jamie Foxx in 'Annie'

"Boardwalk Empire" star Bobby Cannavale has been cast alongside Jamie Foxx in Sony's musical "Annie," TheWrap has learned.   Read More...

‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 4 Trailer: It’s Business Time

Atlantic City, Chicago, New York, Harlem: the world of  Boardwalk Empire  is expanding in season four and there’s no guarantee the gangster will come out on top. The latest  trailer  for the upcoming season highlights the disparate group of crime syndicates that will be intersecting as they look for a piece of Nucky’s Atlantic City pie. The most ambitious amongst them will be Harlem King Doctor Narcisse  (Jeffrey Wright), who muses on the meaning of power in the trailer’s opening: “Do you know what power is?” he asks. “It is  freedom  and control over men who are lesser than you– this is  my business .” Read More...

'Boardwalk Empire' Season Four to Premiere September 8 on HBO

Atlantic City, February 1924: After barely surviving an overthrow by gangster Gyp Rossetti, Nucky Thompson is laying low at the end of the Boardwalk Read More...

New Badass 'Boardwalk Empire' Poster

Get a full look at the new "Boardwalk Empire" Season 4 poster below. We don't know too much about what's to come in the new season, but we've gotten some glimpses with a trailer -- which showed Nucky saying he "didn't ask for trouble" -- and a teaser -- which introduced us to Jeffrey Wright's new "Doctor of Divinity" Valentin Narcisse and Rob Livingston's new wealthy businessman character Roy Phillips . Plus, a new crop of photos (below) shows Nucky chatting up Patricia Arquette's new character Sally Wheet, a "tough-as-nails Tampa speakeasy owner with connections to local gangsters."