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Bob's Burgers Sneak Peek: Louise Drives a Hard Holiday Bargain

Merry Christmas,Bobs Burgers fans! (We know, it seems like just last week the Fox animated comedy celebrated Thanksgiving because itwas.) But nevermind that now, because as youll see in the following exclusive sneak peek, the Blecher kids have a far more pressing matter: the procurement of the mall ice rink, aka the perfect place to []

Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving Video: Gayle Tries Bob's Turkey-Day Patience

Ugh, Bobs BurgersGayle, we love you but could you please get your stuff together? After all as becomes abundantly clear in this exclusive sneak peek from Sundays Thanksgiving episode (Fox, 7:30/6:30c) the longer Lindas scatteredsister takes to leave her apartment, the lower the chances that Papa Belcher will get back to his family []

Kristen Schaal talks 'The Last Man on Earth,' 'Bob's Burgers,' and 'Gravity Falls'

Plus, see an exclusive clip of her in the recording booth for 'Toy Story That Time Forgot'    Read More...

Bob's Burgers Boss Scares Up 'Old-Fashioned' Halloween Ep Watch Clip

Youd have better luck getting theBobs Burgers patriarchto hand over hismost beloved recipes than you would getting series creator Loren Bouchard to doleout a few treats regardingthe series Halloween episode. Theres a very simple premise, Bouchard tells TVLine, going on to explain that Louise Belcher has yet to find a haunted house that scares her.So []

FOX Renews 'Bob's Burgers' for Two More Seasons

The animated sitcom will return a seventh and eighth season in 2016 and 2017 respectively.   Read More...

BOBS BURGERS: What You Need to Know About the Season Premiere

BOBS BURGERS returns tonight! If youre anxiously anticipating the shows return, check out some photos from tonights season premiere, and an episode tease Foxs description of the premiere: Bob notices that he has started to lose his hair. In a wave of nostalgia, Linda reminisces about Bobs mustache and how it made her fall for []

'Bob's Burgers' Creator Teases 'RoboCop' Tribute, Christmas Musical and 100th Episode

Upcoming guest voices include Megan Mullally, Henry Winkler and Kevin Kline.   Read More...

That Official Bob's Burgers Cookbook Is Looking Pretty Tasty

  The much-anticipated official Bob's Burgers cookbook is almost ready for public consumption. Cole Bowden, the Internet-famous recipe maestro making the book with Bob's creator Loren Bouchard, this week updated fans of his site with a snap of the cover, as well as a release date. "About a week ago, I got the chance to visit Bento Box Studios in Burbank California. I sat down with Loren Bouchard and caught up, and got to take a tour," wrote Bowden, whose " Bob's Burger Experiment " fan blog led to the punny cookbook's inception. "I spent the afternoon talking with the artists behind the show and got to see a lot of the art that will be in the book including this cover! They also let me hold their Emmy award, which is way heavier than youd think!" Makes sense.   Read More...

Bobs Burgers star on Linda Belcher's Emmy nomination: 'All right!'

John Roberts has been crying for a few hours.The actorbest known as the voice of shiraz-slinging, showtune-singing Linda Belcher on Foxs mammoth hit Bobs Burgers just earned his first-ever Emmy Award nomination for voicing the fabulous character, placing him...   Read More...

Bob's Burgers Cast Spoils 100th Episode: 'Someone's Stuck to a Toilet'

Bobs Burgers is taking toilet humor to a whole new level in Season 6. While being Q&Ad at TVLines Comic-Con suite last weekend, co-star Kristen Schaal revealedthe plot or at the very least a key element of the toons upcoming 100th episode, telling Michael Ausiello, Someone gets stuck to a toilet. (Spoiler Alert: []