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BOBS BURGERS: What You Need to Know About the Season Premiere

BOBS BURGERS returns tonight! If youre anxiously anticipating the shows return, check out some photos from tonights season premiere, and an episode tease Foxs description of the premiere: Bob notices that he has started to lose his hair. In a wave of nostalgia, Linda reminisces about Bobs mustache and how it made her fall for []

'Bob's Burgers' Creator Teases 'RoboCop' Tribute, Christmas Musical and 100th Episode

Upcoming guest voices include Megan Mullally, Henry Winkler and Kevin Kline.   Read More...

That Official Bob's Burgers Cookbook Is Looking Pretty Tasty

  The much-anticipated official Bob's Burgers cookbook is almost ready for public consumption. Cole Bowden, the Internet-famous recipe maestro making the book with Bob's creator Loren Bouchard, this week updated fans of his site with a snap of the cover, as well as a release date. "About a week ago, I got the chance to visit Bento Box Studios in Burbank California. I sat down with Loren Bouchard and caught up, and got to take a tour," wrote Bowden, whose " Bob's Burger Experiment " fan blog led to the punny cookbook's inception. "I spent the afternoon talking with the artists behind the show and got to see a lot of the art that will be in the book including this cover! They also let me hold their Emmy award, which is way heavier than youd think!" Makes sense.   Read More...

Bobs Burgers star on Linda Belcher's Emmy nomination: 'All right!'

John Roberts has been crying for a few hours.The actorbest known as the voice of shiraz-slinging, showtune-singing Linda Belcher on Foxs mammoth hit Bobs Burgers just earned his first-ever Emmy Award nomination for voicing the fabulous character, placing him...   Read More...

Bob's Burgers Cast Spoils 100th Episode: 'Someone's Stuck to a Toilet'

Bobs Burgers is taking toilet humor to a whole new level in Season 6. While being Q&Ad at TVLines Comic-Con suite last weekend, co-star Kristen Schaal revealedthe plot or at the very least a key element of the toons upcoming 100th episode, telling Michael Ausiello, Someone gets stuck to a toilet. (Spoiler Alert: []

'Bob's Burgers' voice actor buys newspaper ad to bemoan parking ticket

Eugene Mirman who voices Gene Belcher on Foxs Bobs Burgers was apparently having a nice time inPortsmouth, a small, yet assuredly fine New Hampshire town in June. He strolled the streets and shopped with his girlfriend. When he returned to his car, he found a parking ticket. He was...   Read More...

Bob's Burgers cast reveals plans for comic book, album

The sixth season of Bobs Burgers doesnt kick off until September, but fans of the animated Fox series have plenty to look forward to before the premiere. Not only do we have the comic book rolling out the second chunk, 14 issues, starting this summer, creator Loren Bouchard said...   Read More...

FOX Sets Fall 2015 Premiere Dates for 'Bones,' 'Scream Queens' and More

ABC, CBS, NBC and The CW have all announced premiere dates for fall 2015. Now it's FOX's turn. The network will start rolling out its lineup the night after the Emmys, with Gotham and new drama Minority Report debuting on September 21.   Most of FOX's fall shows will premiere in September, including Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens on September 22 with a two-hour opener. Rosewood will make its own debut on September 23 preceding the return of the hugely popular drama Empire .   Read More...

Bobs Burgers, After Five Seasons, Remains a Reliable Meal

Foxs animated series about the quirky Belcher family wraps up with two season finales on May 17.   Read More...

BOBS BURGERS: John Roberts and Loren Bouchard Preview Eat, Spray, Linda

Its Lindas birthday on the next episode of BOBS BURGERS! Unfortunately for poor Linda, things dont go exactly as planned: when Bob tries to distract her so he can prep her surprise, things take a turn. And in the videos below, BOBS BURGERS creator Loren Bouchard and star John Roberts (Linda) preview a bit about []