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Does anyone else miss Dr. Goodman...?

I know its hectic with all the new gradstudents going on and off the show and Zach being there one day and not there the next, but I kind of wish they'd bring back Dr. Goodman. He left kind of abruptly to make room for Cam but I miss his character (ie "Go polish a bone, Mr. Addey"). Just wondering if anyone else feels the same.

Oh Wendell...

Does anyone else want Wendell to come back? I feel like they delved enough into his character that I want to know more! The writers showed us his human side through his panic over losing this job, and the quirky thing about his father. Angela was saying how it takes some getting used to to really understand how the place works and I think that could be a fun addition to the show. Also, he and Angela had a cute moment, maybe she could rebound with Wendell (but she needs to end up with Hodgens no matter what happens now) setting off all his insecurities about losing his job again. I don't know, but I am upset that he isn't coming back. That was mean of them to make us like him and then take him away (I didn't see previews for next week so maybe all this ranting is for nothing?)!! What do you think?

I love BONES!

I wish Brennan and Booth would get together but it makes the show so much better if they don't. ALL IN ALL !!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Should Survey Link Sites be banned ?

Recently many survey link sites are spamming sidereel tvshow pages like fringe, privileged, sons of anarchy, bones, smallville, Project Runway and the list is endless. These site owners delete all working links of recent episodes and post their own link, where user is forced to fill out the survey in order to see the episode. For specific purpose they use short URL or tiny URL so that their site urls changes every time and could not be banned. Even some users post the same links with different tiny URLs. We think that these users and their sites should be banned permanently from sidereel or otherwise only moderators are to be allowed to delete links from pages. We would like to know everyone's opinion about this. Please give your opinion and let Sidereel Team be aware of this issue.

Stuck-on Smile

This season, many have dissed Bones and many have supported it. Some have said that this season may have been their worst and that they have kind of fallen with the story line. While others have agreed stuck by it and have said that it was going to get the ball rolling soon. For me? Every time the show comes on I have a smile plastered on my face because i cant believe i made it all summer without killing myself with anticipation. I haven't paid attention to the writing because i am so excited to see what happens that i basicall forget about it. I do have to say, its not as good of writing for which i know the show can have. I frankly am glad that they didn't start the season off with a huge bang. I am looking forward to what will happen and am holding the creator Hart Hanson up to his word in seeing Booth and Bones together, though it may be a dream sequence. So forget about how the season started and start wondering how its going to go this season on the storyline of Booth and Bones and now the unexpected twist in the Hodgins/Angela story.

does anyone no what day new episides are posted on this!!??

thanks!!! =)

season 4 episode 3

does anyone have a link that isn't mega video, hulu or fox, just these aren't working in Australia. Thanks everyone

Bones and Booth?

ok so this is driving me insane! I want Booth and Bones to get together! if you ask my opinion bones is completely blind if she doesn't realize that booth is in love w/ her! Today's episode was amazing like always would it ruin the show or make it better? i can't really decide but i think it would be for the better i love them both and they sooooooooooooooo should get together i loved it when Bones was describing a perfect man and Booth totally has all those qualities!!! ahhhhhhhhh i want them together


it now on fox s04e01 2 hour premiere just started

My apologies

Just so you all know I am sorry for writing such a revealing title for the last episode of Bones. 'Porcelain', I'm sorry you took it so personally but I was not trying to deliberately spoil it for everybody as you suggested in the bottom of the post I wrote and I would like to thank you for getting it off the page despite ironically less than tactful titles.