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Bones Casting, Love Interest Scoops: More on Zack, Cam's New Man

Who is getting married on Bones? This is the question on the minds of most fans, as an upcoming wedding has been confirmed for the Fox hit. As you mull over the couples that might walk down the aisle, creator Hart Hanson has provided us with a couple other scoops regarding Zack and Camille. First: Eric Millegan reprises his role as the former character returns for Bones' 100th episode on April 8, but he won't be sticking around. I have no plans to bring him back as a regular, Hanson told this week. ''The 'squintern' thing is working very well for us, which is why it happened in the first place: to bring more and more stories into the lab. And that's going to be more and more necessary as time goes on in Bones. For production reasons, we need stories in the lab, and the rotating interns provide that." To Read More Click here .

Bones Producer Teases "Change" Afoot in Lives of Booth and Brennan

Perhaps this will help Bones viewers breathe a little easier: Yes, Rena Sofer is guest-starring on the show as a love interest for Booth - but she's only slated for one episode. Sofer's Catherine will cause a little turmoil in the emotional lives of our favorite crime-solving duo, but executive producer Stephen Nathan says that's a good thing. It's nice to confuse Booth and Brennan every now and then," he told Entertainment Weekly. "You don't want the show to become predictable or complacent. To Read More Click Here .

Bones: Non-Imaginary Sex for Booth and Brennan?

That seems to be what Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan is hinting when Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello dished for some scoop on the fifth season finale. Though Nathan does not actually say what's going to happen between Booth and Brennan, he does reveal that the last episode of the season will be a turning point in their relationship. "Yes. The season finale is taking shape now and it's going to be quite a surprise. We literally are in the process of working it out. We've had this in our minds for quite a while, and it's gelling now. It's going to be a pretty big episode for us in terms of what happens to Booth and Brennan," Stephen Nathan reveals. When Ausiello asked if it's going to be as big as last season's finale, Nathan says, "Yes, but in a very different way. It will be real. It's our reality...No [dreams or hallucinations. The season 4 finale] was a very big episode in terms of production and everything like that. This one will be as big in emotional terms." Reading between the lines, it does sound like Booth and Brennan may hook up for real. But I won't blame you if you're still skeptical about the whole thing. Because as much as Bones fans would love the idea of Booth and Brennan having a legit roll in the hay, last season's "dream-sex" storyline has already scorched viewers with a lot of disappointment. Will Bones play the "Booth and Brennan having sex" card again? Or is Stephen Nathan alluding to a completely different direction? Source Here

Finale Dates for 'Glee,' 'American Idol,' 'Bones' and More

The TV season is just getting started, but today FOX announced the finale dates for the 2009-2010 season including the end dates for American Idol, Glee, Bones, and 24. Shows will start wrapping up in April with the Wanda Sykes show bowing out first on April 9, while Glee will be the last show to wrap up on June 8. Seeing that Glee doesn't start new episodes until after Wanda Sykes has had her last, the long stretch of finales makes sense. To Read More Click Here .

Bones Executive Producer Hart Hanson Narrows Down the Marriage Candidates - Featured

We've heard BuddyTV Fan Columnist Nicole Bessette's take on the possible marriage candidates on the much-talked about Bones wedding in May and now it's time to know what the people behind Bones has to say about the big day. Executive producer Hart Hanson isn't telling which couple will walk down the aisle, but speculations coming from the main man behind Bones and the cast themselves should give you enough hints and clues for the time being. Booth and Brennan "It would take a lot to get there, but it's conceivable," Hanson tells TV Guide Magazine. Bones cast member Tamara Taylor (Camille) also believes it's possible but it will be "in another alternate universe" unless they go undercover in a wedding chapel. But considering how fans rebelled over last season's "dream-sex" storyline, the show isn't likely to play this card again. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones' Video: Blast from the Past

It's hard to go by without your weekly fix of Bones but at least there's comfort in knowing that, when the FOX crime procedural series returns for the rest of its fifth season, there'll be a lot of interesting things to look forward to, including the 100th episode. And to ease the long wait, FOX has released a video that gives fans a sneak peek at the highly anticipated episode that features Booth and Brennan's first tag-team assignment, or better yet how they first met. Though the clip below is just a little over a minute, it will get you really excited about Booth and Brennan's chemistry and animosity all at the same time. Plus, it also gives you a little Bones trivia on what "Squint 'n Sniff" is all about. Bones' 100th episode is scheduled to air on April 8 while the show returns with new episodes beginning April 1. Source & Preview

Olympics Hiatus: When Will Your Favorite Show Return? - Featured

NBC's coverage of the XXI Olympic Winter Games kicks off tonight. As a result, numerous hit shows across the primetime dial are going on an extended hiatus, as this is the first time in years that other networks are scared of NBC programming. While American Idol and Lost will continue to air new episodes over the next month, most other hits are taking a break, some for a depressingly long period of time. Here's a look at when many shows will return... March 1 Chuck How I Met Your Mother (with Carrie Underwood, pictured) The Big Bang Theory March 2 The Good Wife NCIS NCIS: Los Angeles March 4 Community Parks & Recreation The Office 30 Rock The Mentalist March 8 House March 9 90210 Melrose Place (2009) March 18 FlashForward March 25 Vampire Diaries Supernatural April 1 Bones To Read More Click Here .

Bones: A Fist Fight Between Wendell and Hodgins?

Since it will take forever for fans to witness a romantic affair between Booth and Brennan, viewers are likely to focus on the next best thing on Bones: the Wendell-Angela-Hodgins triangle. And if people behind the show want to rouse fans even more, then a fist fight is the way to go. Here's a little background, in case you're behind on Bones: Angela broke her almost six-month period of celibacy by sleeping with intern Wendell, and later took a pregnancy test which turned out positive. Hodgins then learned of her pregnancy and finally professed his love for Angela, telling her that even though Wendell is a good guy, he will always be there for her in any way. Later, however, it was revealed that the test was a false positive and that Angela was not pregnant. According to Michael Terry (Wendell), though he's not sure what will happen between his character and Angela in the long term future, he's pretty sure it'll make for great TV. For now, he's hoping for some conflict between Wendell and Hodgins. "T.J. [Thyne, who plays Hodgins] and I were talking about that... we wanted like a big fight through the lab where beakers are crashing," Terry tells "I think that would be really good. Get a little aggression out, you know?" Meanwhile, Terry is preparing for the worse when it comes to Bones fans' negative reactions. "I'm already prepared for that because I know that everyone loves 'Hodgela.' You know, Angela and Hodgins together...You don't want everybody to like you," adds Terry. "Otherwise, it's boring. You know, I think that you need some people hating you and some people liking you. So fans can get on either side and hopefully my side will be bigger!" Source Here

Bones Casts Rena Sofer as Booth's Love Interest

Trouble may be on the horizon for Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz). Rena Sofer has been cast as a possible love interest for Booth, has confirmed. As first reported, a marine biologist named Catherine Klein, who Sofer will play, joins Bones to investigate human remains that were discovered inside a dead tiger shark. The pair will hit it off and Booth agrees to a date with Klein. Sofer (NCIS, 24) is scheduled to first appear in April, and her role is possibly recurring. Source Here

Who is Getting Married on Bones?

Two people will get married to conclude this season of Bones. That much we know. Of course, that still leaves the pesky question of: Who will it be?!? Executive producer Hart Hanson would only tell TV Guide Magazine: One of the four women in our cast will be getting married, but he did size up the odds of each candidate... Booth and Brennan? ''It would take a lot to get there, but it's conceivable," said Hanson. TV Fanatic Odds: 100-1. To Read More Click Here .