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Olympics Hiatus: When Will Your Favorite Show Return? - Featured

NBC's coverage of the XXI Olympic Winter Games kicks off tonight. As a result, numerous hit shows across the primetime dial are going on an extended hiatus, as this is the first time in years that other networks are scared of NBC programming. While American Idol and Lost will continue to air new episodes over the next month, most other hits are taking a break, some for a depressingly long period of time. Here's a look at when many shows will return... March 1 Chuck How I Met Your Mother (with Carrie Underwood, pictured) The Big Bang Theory March 2 The Good Wife NCIS NCIS: Los Angeles March 4 Community Parks & Recreation The Office 30 Rock The Mentalist March 8 House March 9 90210 Melrose Place (2009) March 18 FlashForward March 25 Vampire Diaries Supernatural April 1 Bones To Read More Click Here .

Bones: A Fist Fight Between Wendell and Hodgins?

Since it will take forever for fans to witness a romantic affair between Booth and Brennan, viewers are likely to focus on the next best thing on Bones: the Wendell-Angela-Hodgins triangle. And if people behind the show want to rouse fans even more, then a fist fight is the way to go. Here's a little background, in case you're behind on Bones: Angela broke her almost six-month period of celibacy by sleeping with intern Wendell, and later took a pregnancy test which turned out positive. Hodgins then learned of her pregnancy and finally professed his love for Angela, telling her that even though Wendell is a good guy, he will always be there for her in any way. Later, however, it was revealed that the test was a false positive and that Angela was not pregnant. According to Michael Terry (Wendell), though he's not sure what will happen between his character and Angela in the long term future, he's pretty sure it'll make for great TV. For now, he's hoping for some conflict between Wendell and Hodgins. "T.J. [Thyne, who plays Hodgins] and I were talking about that... we wanted like a big fight through the lab where beakers are crashing," Terry tells "I think that would be really good. Get a little aggression out, you know?" Meanwhile, Terry is preparing for the worse when it comes to Bones fans' negative reactions. "I'm already prepared for that because I know that everyone loves 'Hodgela.' You know, Angela and Hodgins together...You don't want everybody to like you," adds Terry. "Otherwise, it's boring. You know, I think that you need some people hating you and some people liking you. So fans can get on either side and hopefully my side will be bigger!" Source Here

Bones Casts Rena Sofer as Booth's Love Interest

Trouble may be on the horizon for Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz). Rena Sofer has been cast as a possible love interest for Booth, has confirmed. As first reported, a marine biologist named Catherine Klein, who Sofer will play, joins Bones to investigate human remains that were discovered inside a dead tiger shark. The pair will hit it off and Booth agrees to a date with Klein. Sofer (NCIS, 24) is scheduled to first appear in April, and her role is possibly recurring. Source Here

Who is Getting Married on Bones?

Two people will get married to conclude this season of Bones. That much we know. Of course, that still leaves the pesky question of: Who will it be?!? Executive producer Hart Hanson would only tell TV Guide Magazine: One of the four women in our cast will be getting married, but he did size up the odds of each candidate... Booth and Brennan? ''It would take a lot to get there, but it's conceivable," said Hanson. TV Fanatic Odds: 100-1. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones' Digs Up Gravedigger Storyline

Back in season 2, a super badass villain was introduced in the form of The Gravedigger, who abducted people, buried them alive and then demanded ransom to reveal their location so they could be saved before they die of suffocation. The case hit close to home as The Gravedigger took Brennan and Hodgins and buried them alive. Bones eventually revisited this storyline in the fourth season in which the Gravedigger was revealed to be Assistant US Attorney Heather Taffet, who kidnapped Booth and left him for dead. And since then, Bones fans have been begging for justice to be served. Fortunately, series creator Hart Hanson has teased at Comic-Con that season 5 would feature a trial for the Gravedigger and will reveal the contents of the letter Brennan wrote when she thought she was about to die. But since the FOX procedural drama is now prepping for the final stretch of the season, will there still be room for the Gravedigger case? "We're exploring that [episode] idea because the Gravedigger, as the fans know, was set free," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells "And we're thinking there might be an attempt at trying to bring her to justice. To get rid of her once and for all. Whether that will be successful or not, we're not sure." As for the letter, most fans assume it was written to Booth. However, Nathan was very coy on the subject. "We're asking Brennan if we can see the letter, but she's not forthcoming," he joked. "Brennan won't tell us anything about it. We keep asking her. We even asked Emily [Deschanel, who plays Brennan] to ask her. We keep begging her for the answer. I don't know if she's telling us the truth or not." At least, there's comfort in knowing that the Gravedigger is not a subject producers have forgotten about. Source Here

Producer Promises: The Gravedigger Will Return to Bones

Remember when the Gravedigger buried Brennan and Hodgins alive on season two of Bones? Many viewers do. But they're worried the show itself has forgotten. After all, we haven't seen this villain since. Fortunately, producer Stephen Nathan told Korbi Ghosh of Zap2It that this issue will be revisited. When? He wouldn't say. "We're exploring that idea because the Gravedigger, as the fans know, was set free," Nathan said. "And we're thinking there might be an attempt at trying to bring her to justice. To get rid of her once and for all. Whether that will be successful or not, we're not sure." As for that infamous letter? Nathan wouldn't even admit it was written for Booth. "We're asking Brennan if we can see the letter, but she's not forthcoming," he joked. "Brennan won't tell us anything about it. We keep asking her. We even asked Emily [Deschanel, who plays Brennan] to ask her. We keep begging her for the answer. I don't know if she's telling us the truth or not." What about other spoilers and storylines to come? "Big emotional episodes [are on the way]," Nathan teased. "After the 100th episode, Booth and Brennan's relationship will be different. We'll be exploring where they go after that episode." Source Here

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 2/4 - Featured

Our favorite NBC comedies took a break last week, but they're back and all new this week along with plenty of other Thursday favs! Check out all that's on tonight: 8/7c Community on NBC Bones on Fox The Deep End on ABC Vampire Diaries on The CW 8:30/7:30c Parks & Recreation on NBC 9/8c The Office on NBC Fringe on Fox Grey's Anatomy on ABC CSI on CBS Supernatural on The CW Skins on BBC America 9:30/8:30c 30 Rock on NBC 10/9c The Jay Leno Show on NBC Private Practice on ABC Important Things on Comedy Central - Season Premiere! Project Runway on Lifetime Television The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo Archer on FX 10:30/9:30c Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central - Season Premiere! 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central Models of the Runway on Lifetime Television 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Sneak Peeks - Bones 5.14 "The Devil in the Details"

Bones is all new tonight and it's the winter hiatus until it returns in a few weeks (after the Olympics, I think). FOX has released four sneak peeks, which we have for you below. You can also view promo photos and a promo that we previously posted for the episode. IT'S A BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL ON THE WINTER FINALE OF BONES THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, ON FOX. To Read More Click Here .

Bones: Preview of Episode 5.14 "The Devil in the Details"

Tonight's episode marks the winter season finale of Bones and it looks like there'll be a lot of exciting twists and turns as Joshua Malina (In Plain Sight) and Pej Vahdat guest star in "The Devil in the Details." As the title suggests, the case this week involves the remains of a man found resembling then devil which is ironically found at a church. Booth and Brennan dig deeper into the allegorizing biblical text that comes with the case and identify the victim as former patient of Dr. Adam Copeland (guest star Malina) at Havenhurst Sanitarium. But as they investigate further, they are confronted with suspects who are hard to characterize as either good or evil. Meanwhile, Jeffersonian intern Arastoo Vaziri (guest star Vahdat) reveals a secret about his past. Here's the trailer for tonight's episode just in case you missed the preview released by FOX last week: Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010 - Featured

* Bones (8/7c Fox) The uber-analytical Dr. Brennan has never been shy about her doubts when it comes to theology, but if she is ever going to get religion, this is the night. The series' winter finale finds the team investigating the charred remains of what appears to be a demon - complete with horns and a tail - found on the altar of a Catholic church. The case spooks the God-fearing Booth, but he and Brennan are going to have to tip over some sacred cows to get to the bottom of this mystery. Joshua Malina guest stars. * Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains : Surviving Survivor (8/7c CBS) Survivor fans are hotly anticipating the premiere of next week's 20th edition that pits memorable "heroes" and "villains" against one another. But tonight 10 of the game's most iconic players, including previous winners Richard Hatch, Parvati Shallow and Tom Westman, discuss the series in detail and provide insights into how the game is actually played and the impact it's had on their lives. In addition, updates on beloved former castaways, like Ethan Zohn, Rupert Boneham and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, are given. * Private Practice (10:01/9:01c ABC) So Maya's pregnant and wants to have the baby. What to do now? Dink (Stephen Lunsford), the boy who did his part to get her into this predicament, has a solution: He wants to marry her. You can imagine how Sam and Naomi will feel about that. And if that won't raise the histrionic level enough for you, how about this: A couple has two dying daughters, and only one can be saved. Their choice. And Brian Benben is back, so expect more Pete-Violet-Sheldon angst. Rosanna Arquette guest stars. * The Office (9/8c NBC) There's some Sabre rattling when modern-era corporate wheeling, dealing and spieling impact Dunder Mifflin. Enter Sabre, a mysterious company headed by an unorthodox, magnetic CEO (Kathy Bates), which comes in and buys out the sinking paper outfit. Michael, never one to embrace change, balks at Sabre's new policies. Meanwhile, Andy and Erin - their potential romance still not off the ground - write a song to welcome the company. In Jim-and-Pam news, the marrieds hope for acceptance from a local day-care center. * Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy (8/7c Showtime ) Robert Townsend, who directed, produced, co-wrote and starred in the inspired 1987 satire Hollywood Shuffle, about black actors trying to break into show business, codirected this documentary about the evolution of black comedy. The survey spans the early days of minstrel shows to the controversial humor of Richard Pryor and Dick Gregory, and on to popular 1970s sitcoms to the current batch of contemporary comics in the Def Comedy vein. Among those chiming in are Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg. The 2008 film is not rated but contains strong language. Source Here