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Inside BONES 100th Episode Celebration

Rather than remain bitter that our invitation to yesterday's BONES Milestone 100th Episode Celebration so clearly got lost in the mail (Not to mention the fact that after almost four years of blogging we haven't earned enough for our very own private jet!) this TV Addict thought we'd take the high road by sharing with you a few fantastic behind-the-scenes photos from inside the party. Source & More Photos

Bones: John Francis Daley Talks Brennan-Booth Saga

Sweets has always played an important part in the Booth-Brennan saga on Bones. He first took interest in them as their therapist and then later made them subjects of his book, which basically concludes that Booth and Brennan are in love with each other. He also intervened just was Booth was about to tell Brennan that he's in love with her, believing that Booth's attraction was just the result of the alternate world he experienced during his coma. When asked if fans are giving Sweets' portrayer, John Francis Daley, a difficult time for being the one responsible for putting off Brennan and Booth's relationship, Daley says "Absolutely. Because everyone can clearly see the sparks between the two of them. And it is frustrating for my character to put a wrench in those gears. But I think the truth [of Booth's feelings] will eventually prevail. Who knows, maybe if they had told each other that they loved each other back then, it wouldn't have worked." To Read More Click Here .

Bones Preview for "The Dentist in the Ditch" Season 5, Episode 13

On this week's episode of Bones, Brennan and Booth hear to a a Civil War reenactment site to investigate a human skeleton buried in the ground there. It ends being the body of the ex-boyfriend of a dentist. Interesting... As you browse through your favorite Bones quotes and check out a few spoilers for the weeks ahead, click on the photos below from "The Dentist in the Ditch." They're followed by the official Fox promo for the episode... Source & Preview

Ratings: Jersey Shore Breaks Records, Deep End Sinks

MTV execs, start pumping those fists: Jersey Shore scored record-breaking ratings in the final episode of its first (and we hope not only) season. 4.8 million viewers tuned in Thursday, a 30 percent increase over last week's previous series-high ratings. The reunion special immediately following the finale brought in an additional 4 million viewers. Shore debuted in December to 1.3 million viewers and continued to grow each week. On ABC, meanwhile, new series The Deep End brought in 7 million viewers, down 25 percent from FlashForward in the same time slot. Not all was lost for the network, though. Grey's Anatomy pulled in 12.6 million viewers, and Private Practice followed with 9.7 million viewers. Even though Bones (11.9 million) had less viewers than CSI (14.2 million), the Fox series beat out the CBS show for the first time ever in the adults 18-to-49 demographic. What did you tune in for on Thursday? Source Here

Promo - Bones 5.13 "The Dentist in the Ditch"

Booth's baby brother, Jared, is back for an all new Bones episode on January 28 and it looks like he's dating a girl of ill repute (or, at least, Booth seems to think so). I always find the dynamic between the brothers interesting, so I'm liking Jared's reappearance. We have a promo for you below to check out. You can also view the promo photos we previously posted for this episode. IT'S A BATTLE FOR BRENNAN AND BOOTH TO SOLVE THEIR LATEST CASE ON AN ALL-NEW BONES THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, ON FOX To Read More Click Here .

Bones: Series Creator Hart Hanson Hints on Josh Malina's Possible Return

There's a lot going on for Bones this season, including the return of Zack, the controversial wedding, and the trip down memory lane of Booth and Brennan's first assignment together, among other things. But before any of those things happen, the FOX procedural drama will first treat fans with an episode featuring The West Wing's Josh Malina. If you've been following Bones series creator Hart Hanson on Twitter, then this news shouldn't really be a surprise for you. Hanson previously announced that the 44-year-old actor, who is also credited for his work on Sports Night, will be appearing in the episode "The Devil in the Details," which airs on Thursday, February 4. The case, according to the press release, involves the remains of man resembling the devil in which Booth and Brennan look into at a church where they eventually meet Malina's Dr. Copeland. To Read More Click Here .

'American Idol' Winner Jordin Sparks to Appear on 'Bones'

Here's a scoop that will hopefully make American Idol fans happy. Jordin Sparks, winner of the sixth season of the singing reality competition, will soon be gracing the halls of Bones' Jeffersonian lab, according to TV Guide Magazine. Evidently, Sparks, who followed her American Idol victory with the release of her self-titled debut album in 2007 and her second studio album, "Battlefield," last year, had recently posted on Twitter about her fondness for the FOX procedural series starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. Subsequently, Bones series creator Hart Hanson happily announced that Sparks would soon be "sharing space with the Jeffersonian team." "Well, I think it's OK to say that she's going to be [on] it," Hanson said, quickly shooting down rumors that Sparks would be featured in to the music-themed episode tied to the Fox Rocks sweeps stunt. "No...I can't tell you where or when [yet] but she's going to be on the show." Sparks won't be the first singer to guest star on Bones' fifth season. If you recall, the premiere already featured singer Cyndi Lauper as psychic Avalon Harmonia, who is also likely to return on the FOX series later this year. So are you looking forward to see Jordin Sparks on Bones? Source Here

Photos - Bones 5.14 "The Devil in the Details"

They're billing the February 4 episode of Bones as the "Winter Finale". This frightens me, because I think there won't be any new episodes of Bones again until April 1, but I'm not 100% sure about that, so let me check it out and get back to you. In the meantime, why don't you check out the promo photos and synopsis for the February 4 episode below. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones': Are Wedding Bells and Baby Showers on the Horizon?

Warning: Possible Spoilers Below. Hello, my friends! So, if you're like me, obsessed with spoilers and the latest Bones news that is, then you've most likely heard all the buzz surrounding the Bones hundredth episode scheduled to air on April 8. Although this is a painfully long way away from now, we can take comfort in the fact that we are at least getting several great tidbits and hints from the entire Bones crew not only about this momentous hundredth episode, but also about events taking place during the rest of the season. Specifically, we know that one character will be confirmed pregnant, and the identity of this character is supposed to be revealed in this Thursday's episode, "The Proof in the Pudding." Also, we know that two characters will be getting married most likely after the hundredth episode. So, in order to pass the time until the flashback to Booth and Bones' first case, the release of Sweets' book, and the changing of Booth and Bones' relationship forever, I decided I would make a list of the possible marriage and pregnancy candidates. Let me know what you think. Who do you think is going to get married or is going to be pregnant? To Read More Click Here .

Bones: Preview of Episode 5.12 "The Proof in the Pudding"

After the Roswell storyline and after Wendell and Angela finally came clean about their relationship, Bones returns tonight with an all-new episode entitled "The Proof in the Pudding," which finds the entire Jeffersonian Lab on lock down. Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) are locked in the lab by a group of mysterious government agents led by Mr. White (guest star Richard T. Jones) who force them to identify the cause of death for a highly classified set of remains. As the team examines the skeleton, they begin to suspect that they are investigating one of the most famous presidential assassinations in history. Source & Preview