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Bones Video: Booth's Remains Found (But Brennan's Having None of It)

First Sweets and nowBooth?! One year after Bones bid tragic farewell toJohn Francis Daleys shrinky dink, the Fox procedrama is set to rattle Team Jeffersonians fragile nerves anew in next Thursdays Season 11 premiere with a storyline that strongly implies that Booth has R.I.P.d, too. But evenin the face of mounting evidence (including his purported []

Exclusive Bones Sneak Peek: Why Is Booth a Murder Suspect?

  Things are going to get tense in the Bones Season 11 premiere. The episode, which features the disappearance of Booth ( David Boreanaz ) under mysterious circumstances, also introduces guest star Kim Raver 's Agent Miller, who helps Aubrey ( John Boyd ) put together the pieces.   Read More...

'Bones' Episode 11.2 Photos: Does Agent Miller Know Something That Will Help the Team Find Booth?

Official episodic photos from Bones season 11 episode 2, "The Brother in the Basement," airing Thursday, October 8. From FOX: "Another layer is added to the mystery of Booth?s whereabouts and the state of his physical condition when the team learns that FBI Agent Miller (guest star Kim Raver) has not been entirely truthful with the FBI and the Jeffersonian, keeping vital information from them that could lead them to Booth. Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian gets a surprise visitor, FBI digital forensic scientist Dr. Benjamin Metzger (guest star Josh Casaubon), who works with Angela to try to decode the information the team has been able to uncover regarding Booth?s location and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Also, Arastoo makes a major decision that affects his and Cam?s personal and professional relationship."   Read More...

Bones Season Premiere Spoilers: Who's Missing? Who's Left in the Dark?

I love my job. Ive seen The Loyalty in the Lie, and Im here to tease you with it. Spoiler Alert! Be warned. If you want to go completely spoiler free, you should really stop reading now. The Squinterns have returned as Bones Season 11 Episode 1 brings us back to the Jeffersonian, but where are Booth and Brennan? Certainly not where we left them last season, and theyre not alone.  Read More...

'Bones' Season 11 Premiere Teasers: Is Booth Missing?

Woohoo, Bones fans, Brennan and Booth are at it again with their 11th season premiere, "The Loyalty in the Lie!" Can you stand it? Despite being in the balance for way too long last season, the long-running and dearly-loved romantic crimedy hasn't missed a beat. In the finale our dynamic duo was expecting another baby and, for that reason among others (like having a couple body parts not yet broken, according to Booth), decided to bid adieu to their FBI and Jeffersonian colleagues to pursue their own safe and sane happily ever after. But things don't always go as planned, do they? Not when you're the crack crime-fighting duo of beautiful and brilliant forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, and her husband-partner, the alluring and extraordinarily skilled Special Agent Seeley Booth. No sir.   Read More...

BONES Season 11 Premiere: The Loyalty in the Lie You Ask, I Answer

When BONES returns for its 11th season premiere, a key member of the team promptly goes missing: after a normal morning with his family, Booth vanishes. Unfortunately, the circumstances around his disappearance are questionable, at best, and it takes the Jeffersonian discovering a bit of truly disturbing evidence for anyone to find out how dangerous []

Bones Star David Boreanaz Suffering From Mysterious Illness Report

Start up a prayer circle for David Boreanaz.  

15 Invaluable Lessons from the Grandparents on 'Bones'

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure out the most important lessons in life. The grandparents on Bones have their own way of sharing that wisdom with those they love. Max Keenan (Ryan O'Neal), Marianne Booth (Joanna Cassidy), Hank ?Pops? Booth (Ralph Waite) and Angela?s father (Billy Gibbons) may not be conventional grandparents when you consider they include a criminal, an estranged mother, a parent surrogate, and a gritty guitarist whose name is never mentioned onscreen. However, they are wonderful disseminators of Bones? unique brand of logic and love.   Read More...

Bones First Look: Booth and Brennan Get Animated in Season 11 Poster

Booth may be AWOL in Bones Oct. 1 premiere, but David Boreanaz is very much front and (left of) center in the shows Season 11 key art. The throwback-y poster below castsBoreanaz and leading lady Emily Deschanelas avatar versions of Booth and Brennan, alongsidethe tagline, Murder Draws Them Together. The cheeky, lighthearted artwork stands in []

Bones: Is Kim Raver Friend or Foe?

  Kim Raver may be joining the new season of Bones to find Booth, but that doesn't mean she'll receive a warm welcome. Raver plays FBI Agent Miller, who is trying to piece together how and why Booth ( David Boreanaz ) disappeared. "She is sort of the impartial view," executive producer Michael Peterson ...   Read More...