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'Bones' Boss Previews a Time Jump and a "New Social Order" in Season 11

"Time doesnt stop," exiting showrunner Stephen Nathan tells THR of the aftermath of the season finale.   Read More...

Inside the Hitchcock-Inspired Score to 'Bones' 200th Episode

'Bones' 200th episode prompted house composer Sean Callery to create something audibly distinct with actual strings.   Read More...

BONES: Michaela Conlin on Angelas Big Decision, Season 11s Possible Changes

[This post contains spoilers for BONES season 10 finale episode. Please do not read this interview until youve seen the hour.] BONES Angela and Hodgins didnt end up going to Paris, but they opted out of their trip for a good reason: Angela realized how much her husband was sacrificing to make her dreams come []

'Bones' season finale: Exec producer Stephen Nathan breaks down those big changes

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Bones season finale. A couple did leave the Jeffersonian tonightjust not the couple we were expecting. After Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) committed to a house in Paris last week, it seemed that they were...   Read More...

'Bones' Scrummy Season 10 Finale Conundrum: How Will Brennan and Booth Solve Crimes If They Leave?

As Booth's therapist Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt is famous for saying, "This is indeed a scrummy conundrum!" How will Bones survive without its two central characters? Can Bones go on without its stars? We already know that all of the main players are signed-up for season 11 ... or do we? Bones managed to swing the best kept premiere secret in television history with Sweets' surprise death, is it possible that they may be doing it again?   Before we get our panties in a twist, let's consider some of the options, for there are several.  Read More...

Postmortem: How Will Bones Go On After That Ending?

  [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 10 finale of Bones. Read at your own risk.] Bones didn't have a big cliff-hanger in its Season 10 finale, but there will still be some significant changes to work through at the beginning of Season 11.   Read More...

Bones Boss Talks Series Finale-Like Ending, Season 11 Time Jump and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers fromThursdays season finale of Bones. In a season finale that felt like the show was bidding adieu for good, Bones on Thursday night found Booth and Brennan saying goodbye to their colleagues as they prepared for a fresh start somewhere elseeven as a videotape featuring an old foe surfaced. Pelant []

BONES Season 10 Finale Post-Mortem: Stephen Nathan on the Shows Big Moves and Alternate Plan

This post contains spoilers for BONES season 10 finale episode. Please do not read this interview until youve seen the hour.] BONES ended its tenth season with an unusual, quieter cliffhanger: with the series fate very much up in the air, the hour read in many ways like a series finale. Angela and Hodgins opted []

BONES: Stephen Nathan on Saying Goodbye to the Show (For Now)

As BONES tenth season comes to an end, characters could be making some major life-changing decisions. Whether those changes come to fruition or not, the team will have to deal with a significant challenge in Thursdays season finale: a case brings (the still-dead) Pelant back into the teams life. And while BONES will return for []

Why Bones' Season Finale Will Feel Like the End of the Series

  If you didn't already know that Bones will be back on Fox next fall, you certainly wouldn't be able to tell by watching Thursday's Season 10 finale. The episode (8/7c, Fox) features the recently reunited Booth ( David Boreanaz ) and Brennan ( Emily Deschanel ) revisiting the work of dead serial killer ...   Read More...