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  • 20 episodes
    20 episodes
    • s2008e1230Hearing My Son at the Piano, I Vowed to Survive Cancer
    • s2008e922With Breast Cancer in the Family, My Mammogram Was Scary
    • s2008e908Women With Breast Cancer in the Family Need Extra Screening
    • s2008e902After Three Lumpectomies, a Mastectomy Was My Best Option
    • s2008e826My Breast Cancer Treatment Team Was Worth the Trouble
    • s2008e820I Got a Needle Biopsy but My Doctor Was Already Worried
    • s2008e814I Froze My Eggs to Protect Them From Chemo
    • s2008e807They Were Throwing Medical Jargon at Me, So I Said,
    • s2008e801How Breast Cancer Taught Me Not to Worry About Recurrence
    • s2008e724My Daughter Came for My Biopsy So I Wouldn
    • s2008e717She Found a Lump in Her Breast That Didn
    • s2008e711I Had Breast Implants During Surgery
    • s2008e701Breast Cancer Can Strike Early
    • s2008e626How to Tell a Loved One You Have Breast Cancer
    • s2008e619Fighting Sex and Body Changes After Breast Cancer Treatment
    • s2008e611Breast Cancer Treatment Options
    • s2008e609Side Effects of Hormone Therapy
    • s2008e603Why I Chose Double Mastectomy
    • s2008e523Breast Self Exams and Mammograms
    • s2008e509Mastectomy Beauty