SideReel's Top 10 Butt-Kicking Babes, Part 2 - Featured

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers Buffy may have been little, but she sure was mighty! So yeah, the girl may have gotten a little help from her Slayer strength, but it was not just Buffy's strength, but her smarts and gusto that made her such an awesome butt-kicking babe. Stopping an apocalypse? No problemo! Also loved how the girl was never too proud to accept a little help from her friends, who as the series progressed, also became key in stopping evil many times over. Alias - Sydney Bristow I don't think I've ever seen more convincing fight scenes than in an episode of Alias . Sydney Bristow, for me, was like the female Jack Bauer ( 24 ). Put plainly, she was a butt-kicking babe. I'd want her by my side in a dangerous situation before any dude. Loved how the resourceful Bristow would use everything in sight to supplement her fight (from furniture to kitchen supplies)...all while wearing the coolest (and hottest) disguises you've ever seen on TV. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah Connor and Cameron So it might be the guy - John Connor - that saves the world in the future , but in the present, thank god that kid is surrounded by not one, but two butt kicking babes, or I'm not so sure he'd make it to the future to save us all! He's got his mother, Sarah Connor, who you have to admit, is pretty frackin' awesome. She has no superpowers, yet emits a feeling of strength and cool. the event that John's mother can't save him all of the time, throw on in Cameron, who is kinda programmed to be a butt kicking babe, since she is after all a Terminator. But...Cameron does it with humor and heart, so we won't hold the advantage against her! Smallville - Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan Guess we're going to have 11 butt-kicking babes, as I am selecting 2 from Smallville as well. I got sick of Lana Lang on Smallville for many reasons, but the primary one was probably... how many times are you going to get yourself into a situation of grave danger so that Clark has to rescue you ? While cousins Lois and Chloe have both had their fair share of "getting rescued by Clark" moments as well, they are decidedly more capable of taking care of themselves. Chloe's got some meteor-related abilities that help her out, but even before realizing those, always used her innate smarts to assist in a situation. Lois, too, has always been a smart, confident woman, and with her father's military background, is definitely capable of some self-defense. And...the two combined have some pretty butt-kicking journalistic and investigative skills. So...who are your favorite butt-kicking babes?

Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Pregnant - Featured

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are expecting their first child together, People reports. "They're very excited," a source tells the magazine. Gellar, who turns 32 on Tuesday, is reportedly due in the fall. The former Buffy star, who is slated to shoot the HBO pilot The Wonderful Maladays, has been married to Prinze, 33, since 2002. This will be the third Buffy offspring this year: Gellar's former small-screen sidekick Alyson Hannigan] gave birth to a daughter last month, while David Boreanaz is expecting his second child in the fall. Congratulations to Sarah Michelle! Source: TV Guide

Eliza Dushku Celebrates Her Boston Common Magazine Cover

With her career getting new life, Eliza Dushku has plenty of reasons to celebrate. The ex-Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress is currently the star of one of TV's hottest new shows, Dollhouse. With her new show... See the pics at Putu.Us

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Eliza Dushku - Arpels Annual Hollywood Luncheon in Los Angeles, Feb. 19th

Eliza Dushku made an appearance in this lovely casual-looking attire at the Oliver People and Van Cleef & Arpels Annual Hollywood Luncheon in LA on February 19th. Continue Reading... Her pink top looked lovely and her subtle make-up only added to her casual yet elegant appearance. The event was star-studded with many celebrities of both the big and small screen in attendance that night.

Joss Whedon Answers Questions about the Buffyverse and More - Featured

Did Britney Spears really almost appear on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Why was Anya afraid of rabbits? Was Drusilla a potential slayer? Will Buffy reunite with Angel anytime soon? And how are things looking for a Serenity 2 movie? I brought your questions about Buffy, Angel and Firefly to Joss Whedon, when he dropped by to talk up his new Fox series, Dollhouse . For Joss Whedon Video Click Here .

Eliza Dushku - New "Dollhouse" Promotional Shots

These are the promotional shots of Joss Whedon's new show "Dollhouse". Continue Reading... The show has already received good ratings on its premiere episode. Maybe Whedon can re-create the magic and humor of the early seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with this new show. This set is the family-friendly version of the promos. Eliza has also posed nude for some promotional stills. If you're interested, you can check them out elsewhere on the net.

Michelle Trachtenberg - At the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York, Feb. 13th

Last month it was reported that Michelle's character (the bitchy Georgina Sparks) would be returning to the popular tv show "Gossip Girl". Continue Reading... Michelle played the rival of the show's lead (Blake Lively) and will be returning near the end of the season. And this time, she might be crazier than before. So the coming episodes promise to be fun to watch, and we all look forward to the return of Georgina.

Fav TV Couples: Top 10 Star-Crossed Couples, Part 2 - Featured

Buffy & Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel I'd say that Buffy and Angel pretty much define the star-crossed lovers. After all, spoiler alert, after the two have sex for the first time and Angel experiences a moment of pure happiness, a gypsy curse is then broken, causing Angel to lose his soul. He then turns into the evil Angelus. Yikes! Have we mentioned that Buffy must also spoiler alert sacrifice Angel to save the world at the end of Season 2? We also all know that Angel eventually comes back from Hell, though when it becomes apparent that the whole Buffy/Angel thing won't ever really work, Angel skips off to LA... Dan & Serena and Chuck & Blair - Gossip Girl We believe that both of these couples are meant to be, yet somehow they are always fighting with one another, breaking up, getting back together, breaking up, not being able to tell the other one they love them, lying, cheating, sleeping with teachers, sleeping with hookers, need I go on? Ted & Robin - How I Met Your Mother Another spectacular example of the star-crossed pairing, as we know that Robin and Ted love one another (and are meant to be together), yet the show has told us from Day One that the two do not and cannot end up together! Why? Why? I still think that somehow they are in the end going to tell us it was all a big ruse and they were just kidding about that whole Aunt Robin thing... Izzy & Denny - Grey's Anatomy She's alive (we think, but who the hell knows what's up with Izzy these days) and he's dead, so I'd say that that would make soul mates Isobel Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) pretty damn star-crossed. Then again, maybe with all of these rumors , the two will soon be meeting once again up in heaven. Clark & Lana - Smallville We watched these two characters fall in love from the very beginning of Smallville and rooted for them and wanted them to end up together. Their chemistry was undeniable. Yet we also knew via the Superman mythology from the beginning that these two were never meant to be. Who saw Requiem? Case and point. So...who are your favorite pairs of star-crossed TV lovers?

WB Week: Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Where Are They Now? Pt. 2

Back to Part 1 James Marsters aka Spike Marsters hung around Buffy for longer than the rest of them, but eventually popped up on Angel in its final season as Spike once more. Besides that - some guest appearances - Without a Trace , Torchwood and perhaps most memorably as Milton Fine on Smallville . Marsters has also appeared in a few movies - both TV and wide release, such as P.S. I Love You . He will be appearing in the upcoming live-action Dragonball film as Lord Piccolo. And we can't not mention... Seth Green (Oz) appeared in a string of short-lived TV series (Greg the Bunny, Four Kings) , as well as the highly successful (and entertaining) film, The Italian Job and will reappear in its 2011 sequel. Also, perhaps most notably, Green voices "Chris Griffin" on Family Guy and is a writer/producer/voice actor in his own series, Robot Chicken . Eliza Dushku (Faith) appeared in the short-lived supernatural-esque series Tru Calling and will be headlining Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse , premiering next Friday on Fox. She has also appeared in a number of films included the well received wine film of last year, Bottle Shock . Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn) has a knack for played 'hated' characters. She will soon be reprising her role on Gossip Girl as villain Georgina. She also starred in Eurotrip and Ice Princess, appeared for 4 episodes in Six Feet Under and starred in the recent ABC Family original movie, The Circuit . Emma Caulfield (Anya) has appeared in some TV movies including "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" and "A Valentine Carol". She did some voice work for a few episodes of Robot Chicken (as have many other Buffy alums); they must all be friends with Seth Green! She has also guest starred in Monk and appears to have 2 movies on the horizon for 2009. So...tough call, but which Buffy alum do you think has stolen the show in their post-Buffy days?