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by the way i can't remove bad links anymore any1 know why? anyway just keep away from ones that send u to a site where u click on a pick of the csi team with the words watch movie underneath those 1s are always surveys no dobut about it.

Anyone watching?

I've watched a few of these (I'm a Daphne Zuniga nut), and I think they're great. It's a really awesome idea that my friends and I have never considered, but might have actually gotten them to read some of the classics with me in our book club (they tend to like the newer stuff, unlike myself.) The latest episode episode involved them taking a trip to the set of CSI:NY to go along with the book "The Monster of Florence." I was pretty pumped to see it, because I love CSI...okay, the male stripper helped too ;) Has anyone caught it?

More then just spam

when these spam links as therye called pop up sometimes they ask u to load up plugins , these plugins arent plugins ,therye usualy a trojan or a malware virus plz plz plz get rid of them and be careful

Stupid Links

I hope no one minds that I've taken the liberty to remove the spam link or the links that do not work. One example is the link that requires users to complete a survey and submit their mobile phone no. I've tried several times and it does not work and may be a complete waste of time for others. Let me know if you disagree, and feel that I should have just left the links alone. Thanks guys!


What do you think of the season finale? I thought it could have been a bit better like Snow Day, it was a little disappointed. I was hoping for more Danny/Lindsay moments also.

Personal Foul

Oh my God, that was like the worst CPR I've ever seen. They should just have left it out, it was really ridiculous. That ambulance guy didn't even put the shocking devices on the right place... :-( And if they really have to say the strength of the shock, it should at least be the right one ;-)

next episode admissions

so a new episode airs on wensday april 30th i really can't wait its been like 2 weeks since we seen like water for murder and its keeping me in suspense heres the episode summary The team must find how a beloved guidance counselor died and continue finding the taxicab killer before he kills again.