Californication Season 6 Episode 9 “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”

Californication Season 6 Episode 9 “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” airs on Sunday, March 10 2013 at 10:30pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis: Californication Season 6 Episode 9 “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” – At Atticus’ party, girls and mood-altering substances are provided, while Hank’s friends take care of the entertainment. Later, Karen turns the tables on Hank; Atticus attempts to replicate a legendary rock-and-roll moment with help from a special fan; and Charlie has another encounter with the Widow. READ MORE...

Californication 6.09 Sneak Peeks: Hank Plays Second Eddie?

Throughout the run of Californication, Karen has had to deal with Hank's skirt-chasing ways. Every time the two might have a chance to reconcile and repair their relationship, he seems to fall off the wagon and land on the nearest woman willing to submit to the Moody charm. Any sense of trust that might have developed between them then gets promptly obliterated and they're left to cobble together the wreckage once again. Granted, it says a lot about their connection that six seasons (and innumerable flings) later, she's still not closed the door on the possibility of getting back together with Hank, but will he still be into the idea when she turns the tables on him? Can Hank handle Karen getting her rocks off with someone he knows personally? READ MORE...