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Last episode of Criminal Minds...

Does anyone know how to view the last hour of "To Hell And Back"? I missed it... thanks!


What happens in the final episode of the series!! >>*******SPOILER******** If Hotch is dead that would be so terrible, he shouldn't go he is one of the best ones! :(

Was This Too Realistic?

This episode kind of scared me a little bit, about 20 years worth actually. It was extremely intense and I was really afraid that they were going to kill off Reid (thank you for not doing so!!). You know after 9/11, I think we were all pretty scared there for a year or so and after a while the memory of that day kind of paled and became like a distant uncomfortable memory that we preferred to forget. However, after watching this latest episode of Criminal Minds I must admit to feeling as if 9/11 happened yesterday. It brought back the feelings of fear, horror and despair that I felt that day as I turned the TV on to discover what had happened in New York. I remember feeling an indescribable anger that there were and are people out there with such hatred that they're willing to kill just for the sake of killing. I don't know if this was the reaction that the writers of this episode expected to get from the viewers, but that was my reaction. My heart is still racing and I'm still feeling intense anger, but I guess that's okay because it also made me remember that every day is a gift and that I should be grateful for each day that I spend with my loved ones.

This is getting ridiculous

I am not a big fan of posts that are just complaining, but come on guys, this is getting ridiculous. Basically every single megavideo link i have clicked on today has been wrong! I didn't mind when they started only letting you watch 72 minutes, that's their prerogative but the wrong or short links? come on! that's something that we can totally control. I absolutely hate clicking on a link and seeing the "for full episode go to" or having it be only a one second video, but now the links aren't even posted in the right show! I went to watch Bones and get a link to Harper's Island! There is also the fact that most of the time over half of the links are just reposts. I know that we can mark the links as broken and the moderators will get to them but there are only so many mods compared to the number of people posting these links. So I am begging everyone to please please PLEASE stop doing this. This is a great site that I use way too much and if the quality of links keeps going down i will be incredibly distressed!

Am I dreaming or what ?

I dont know if I watch the movie Twilight too much but am I the only person who thinks that the actor who plays Adam / Amanda in that episode really looks like the dude who played Jasper in Twilight ?

Your Top 10 Classic Disney Movies!

I felt a little nostalgic after I saw Lion King, so I wanted to know what your top 10 Disney movies were #1 Lion King #2 Mulan #3 Pochahontas #4 Beauty and the Beast #5 The Prince of Egypt #6 Pinocchio #7 Hercules #8 Ariel #9 Lion King 2 #10 Mulan 2

criminal minds and other shows

iam sure that there are some shows missing from this week now i know its not because of the oscars so whats the reason now for shows going missing

personal lives of the characters?

i'm a big fan of this show and think it's really good, but does anyone else think it could be made better if they were to go into the personal lives of the characters a bit more. the show has done some episodes around reids, morgans and hotch's characters but that was when they were linked with crimes sort of. what happened to reids drug addiction and that girl he met at the bar? we know nothing about emily other than her mum is in polotics.


NOOOO!! What Happened???? Did episode 14 air in the U.S??? Someone, Explain! Please!!! :'(.... I Like JJ :D lol

hair cut

hey is it just me who diggs Reid's new hair? sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy