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hi im a fan watching in the uk and i dying to kno when the show is starting back up because all the others have set their dates but criminal minds hasnt please u crim minds fans help me out

Where have all the links gone?

Is it just me or have all the links disappeared since SideReel had the revamp or whatever it was? Well except the itunes and amazon links which aren't really that much use... Does anyone know if the links will be back up or not?

Season 2, Last Episode : No Way Out 2: Evilution of Frank

How come the link shows the same video as the previous episode???

criminal minds

i realised that tuesday was voting day in the states so most progs were off air and shown on weds instead but i cant see the latest episode of criminal minds can any one help please

Episode 6

Can someone please add a link for episode 6: The Instincts. I really want to watch it. Thank you


can someone please add some links to this weeks criminal minds supernover seems to be the best also for eli stone please

Should the repeat links be deleted?

I've noticed that every link for the new episode goes to the same megavideo episode. (Though through different link sites.) Should the duplicates be deleted?

The episode under "Minimal Loss"...

The link goes to an Episode of Ugly Betty. The episode of Criminal Minds that it was supposed to be going to hasn't aired yet. I don't know who to report this to, and I can't edit the link information for some reason.


Penelope and Derek are so good together. I'm happy that in the new season... Morgan and Garcia's relationship is into another level. yeay!

Criminal Minds season 4

Due to our wonderful president my DVR didn't get the last 15 min of the show. PLEASE how did it end?