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'Criminal Minds': 11 Signs that 'The Bond' Between Flora and Randy was Terribly Unhealthy

It's nothing new for the BAU to look into an UnSub's childhood to identify the traumatic event driving him or her, and in the case of Criminal Minds ' "The Bond," it just stresses why separating this mother and son was the right move 24 years ago. Here are the important moments featuring mother and son from "The Bond."   Read More...

[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: Are the UnSub's Victims Random or Targeted?

The UnSub hopes that by crossing state lines, no one will connect his murders. Well, that's why the BAU (and the Highway Serial Killings database) is around in Criminal Minds ' "The Bond." In this episode, the BAU searches for a motive and an UnSub when victims are found in truck stop restrooms along highways throughout the South.    Read More...

Exclusive Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Who's Beheading People in Boston?

  Heads will roll on Criminal Minds . On Wednesday's episode, the BAU heads to Boston where someone is beheading women and dumping their bodies in public places. Where are their heads though? And what else did the unsub take? Find out in the exclusive sneak peek above. Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at ...   Read More...

[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: You Could Lose Your Head If You Confess to This UnSub

Taxis and a guillotine go together, right? Well, they do on Criminal Minds in "Drive" apparently, in the BAU's search for another serial killer. In this episode, bodies are discovered in public places throughout Boson, and it's up to the team to figure out whether a taxi or ride-share service the victims used before their deaths could lead to the UnSub.  Read More...

Criminal Minds: All About Reid's "Badass" Return to Take Down the Dirty Dozen

  Criminal Minds is back Wednesday -- and so is Reid ( Matthew Gray Gubler ). "Even my mom texted me, "'Where's Matthew?!'" executive producer Erica Messer tells of Reid's three-episode absence. "It was very funny. There are contractual things that happen that we don't control as ...  Read More...

Criminal Minds Casts Danny Glover in 'Interesting' Role, as Derek's [Spoiler]

Four-time Emmy nominee Danny Glover is heading to CBS Criminal Minds, in a key role in a pivotal episode. TVLine has learned exclusively that Glover will guest-star in this seasons 16th episode, titled Derek, as father to Shemar Moores character. Of course, Derek Morgans dad is long-established as being dead. So. Hmm. Its an interesting []

[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: Reid's Deadly Date and Intel on the Hitmen

If you've missed seeing Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds , you're in luck. He's back in "Entropy" and at the center of the BAU's elaborate plan to try and take down the Dirty Dozen hitmen ring. Plus, Aubrey Plaza guest stars as Cat, his date.   Read More...

Aubrey Plaza Previews 'Grueling' Criminal Minds Guest Stint Plus, Watch an Exclusive Sneak Peek

On this Wednesdays Criminal Minds(9/8c, CBS),Parks and Recreations Aubrey Plaza ventures way outside her wheelhouse to play a gun-toting, bomb-planting psychopath who trapsMatthew Gray Gublers Reid in a date from hell. Press PLAY above for an exclusive peek at Plazas madwoman in action, and then scroll down to read my Q&A with the wickedly droll []

Criminal Minds: Marisol Nichols Set to Return Get Details

Criminal Minds BAU team is due to get another assist from FBI Agent Natalie Colfax. TVLine has confirmed that 24 and NCIS alum Marisol Nichols will reprise her role as the G-woman in Season 11s 15th episode, having first played the character in October. The actress first shared the news Tuesday morning on Twitter. The []

[Videos] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: Is the BAU Looking for an UnSub with a Blood Fetish?

Prepare for yet another disturbing episode of Criminal Minds with "Future Perfect" -- and that's just going off what the UnSub seems to have a predilection for before even seeing what he's going to do to his victims. In this episode, the BAU searches for an UnSub who may be fascinated with medical experimentation.   Read More...