Updated Page

I just updated the entire Degrassi:The Next Generation page here on sidereel. The cast and episodes are now up to date. Just a side note Degrassi returns to CTV January 20 for Canada and February 13 on The-N for America. By the way I made changes based what said, so if I missed some episodes that aired in Canada I am sorry, they simply have not aired yet in America.


i live in australia and i'm a huge degrassi fan but i'm having trouble finding links for season 8 episodes as main sites like the n and ctv don't work in australia. so if anyone has any links for lost in love (1) onwards you would be helping me out heaps. i need to feed my degrassi addiction lol. thanks.

Watch Season 8

Got to Click on Video Library. Select Degrassi:TNG and select the episode.


To get links that actually work for EVERY episode of Degrassi, check the site under the link at the bottom titled: Watch All Episodes of Degrassi Free. All these links work and it is a good site with no pop ups or problems.


why do i get the itune page when i click on an episode?


how do i watch this exactly? because all i get when i click it is a blank page


how do i watch episodes 1-4 from season 1?? cant find it anywhere