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Dave's situation

i have just been thinking and as u guys all know that Bree is being taken off the show in this season, so with the newest episode( which is her investigation his past,) does any 1 think that Dave will kill her?


I used this website to watch Desperate Housewives according to the US schedule instead of waiting until it got to Ireland, such is my excitement about the show. So how devestating to realise that I can no longer access the episodes as the ones linked to this site are only available to American viewers. Thanks alot.

Should I?

For years I've sworn to never watch this show, mostly due to the name. I'm a housewife and I'd hate to consider myself desperate and the women on the show are all gorgeous. If THEY'RE desperate what am I? I've always been afraid it would be unrelatable-beautiful women bustling around from one drama to the next, in their beautiful houses, driving their beautiful cars, flirting with beautiful men, etc. But with the winter tv hiatus I find myself searching for a new show and the ratings and fan base for this one keeps bringing me around to reconsidering. So I'm asking you-Anyone familiar with this show please give me your opinion as to why you love/hate it and whether you recommend it. Thanks =)

anyone else feel...

that this season isn't really as eventfull as past seasons? The stories are kind of bland and not much happens in them (except for the one with the fire) everything else just doesn't seem right. I feel that they could have done better with this season, so far it's somewhat disapointing.

The Desperate Housewife Of Season Five Is.....

Every season there is one housewife who is really, really desperate. Season one had Susan being held at gunpoint by that creepy kid who liked Julie a lot. Season Two had Bree being held at gunpoint by another creepy kid who liked her daughter a lot. Talk about repetition. Season three had Edie pretend-hanging herself. You need to be pretty desperate to hang yourself, even if its a pretend-hanging. Season Four had the whole Katherine Mayfair and her ex-husband thing. This year, the writers chose........... Continue Reading!

What Happen to Alfie Woodard on Desperate Housewives?

Was the story line too deep or just what happen to all the black characters on Desperate Housewives? I have been loving this show forever, but do they have to make it so obvious that they have no black people on the show? The entire black family was removed. I saw a black painter a few episodes back inside Susan's house. She was telling him about her man troubles. Is he staying or what?

Next episode

Hey does anyone know when the next eposiode is supposed to air?

Daves past

I said right from the start that dave is in wisteria lane to get revenge on mike for the car accident... and i was right, i knew it, cant wait for the next episode!!!!!!!

Desperate Housewives the best show

Desperate housewives is like the best show ever.. i want to know wats gonna happen like .. the final episode of the season...

this week's episode?

DOes anyone know if this wek's episode aired in the state's links posted and it aint showing on the Tv schedule either?