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DHW season 5 : what happened to Mike?

i just did not get it? weren't they married he and Susan?

DH Season 5 Sneak Peek

Hey Folks... I just updated my blog about DH Season 5.. There is video there..sneak Peek to season 5 and also a brief summary about the episodes in season 5.. Enjoy that.. Desperate Housewives Season 5 Sneak Peek

Desperate to watch the new Season

Hi to all my Desperate Housewives fans i can't wait till i can see what the ladies have been up to lol,hope that we can share some jokes amongst ourselves when it finally airs.I look forward to reading what you all will think of the new season.

new season

i was just wondering when the new season starts

DH fan

where I can download pilot episode of desperate housewives? Please answer me.

Good website for tv shows

It has episodes for a lot of different tv shows including desperate housewives. Ever since Sidereel has been having problems i've been using project free tv. Also i added episodes for season 3, they work and load while you watch the show. don't worry about how it loads only a quarter of the way. while you watch it it WILL load.

desperate housewifes

desperate housewifes is the most beautiful series on the world!! Sidereel GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!


How I can download full episodes of Desperate Housewifes?


Does somebody know what is about 5 season? I still wait... :(

Referenced on Desperate Housewives?

Did anybody watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives this week happen to catch that when Susan and Mike were discussing baby names that the first three she suggested were Peyton ("I won't name my child after a football player..."), Lucas ("Sounds like mucus" and Nathanial? Think that was a reference to One Tree Hill (and perhaps the fact that Housewives too has decided to take the 'jump 5 years' route) or just a coincidence?