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Desperate Housewives: Rate the Finale!

Spoilers Included So, what did everyone think of the crazy season finale of Desperate Housewives ?? I for one thought that it restored some of the spark that the show has been missing for quite some time! I'm certainly thrilled that the whole Kayla Scavo thing got tied up, and I know that many of you must be too, as there has been a whole SideReel discussion about wanting to strangle Kayla the devil child. Of course, the biggest shocker came during the last few minutes of the episode (if you didn't read the spoilers , of course) when the show - drumroll - skipped 5 years into the future!! I laughed at the news of Lynette's children being juvenile delinquents, as if we would expect anything less of them. Also shocking - Gabrielle had children (and was looking quite a bit more disheveled than we've become accustomed to)?! However, the biggest surprise by far (and one that managed to not be ruined by spoilers) was obviously the absence of Mike and presence of...some other guy...that Susan was kissing! If Mike is truly gone, will you guys miss him? What were your impressions of the finale? Share them below!

OMG? WHAT AN ENDING! Season finale!

Whoaaaa the five years later was certainly surprising! But I think the surprise that left us all shocked was the man Susan ending up coming home to and kissing because it was NOT MIKE!!! What happened? I hear people are going to need to be recast especially the kids but WOW. The show has definitely renewed my interest!!

Is Desperate Housewives over?

when i was the 2 hour episode tonight, which most likely was the season finale but is it over? due to the fact at the end it went to 5 years later, so is it really over? so if anyone has any information can someone let me know pleasE? I dont want it to end?

does anyone else just want to strangle kayla scavo?

I know lynette shouldnt have slapped her, never been one for corporal punishment, and i was as shocked as she looked when she did but come on! she was asking for it! And Tom is now annoying me almost as much.


who is dylan? the secret 's getting bigger and bigger and I can't wait to find the truth And i don't get who is the girl in the videotape.... suggestions?

Murder Mystries on Desperate Housewives!

Has anyone noticed the number of characters who are involved in committing murder at one point in time or the other. Not to mention the drug dealing! It seems like it is very easy to run-over a person and get away with it after telling everyone, have a drug dealing business, murder kids, beat children, beat wives, murder a number of people (Mike) -- and still continue to lead an ordinary sub-urban life! I agree it is television and show-biz, but seriously, have a reality check!

Oh My Freaking God!

Dont you just want to SLAP Kayla Scavo the little witch!?


Can i ask you guyz a question?? does anyone know anything about Andrew Van de Kamp?? According to Mark Cherry they were supposed to "juice Up" his character sometime soon...does anyone know when that is?? i sorta miss his naughtiness...hehe Info pleeez

episode 12

didn't mike attacked orson in another season for running him over....he fell from a roof or something....its the one when mike was see a therapist to regain his memory...

Episode 11

Why Episode 11 has one link only.. It sucks I wana watch badly!!