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Zango and Firefox

Wot's the deal with zango? if u install it wot does it do? can it give u a virus? MOST IMPORTANTLY, once downloaded can u actually view the material uve selected to watch? the same questions apply 2 firefox

whats up with gabby's kids

i really don't get why the directors of the show .. casted obese children to play gabrielle's kids .. i personally think that was a bad idea..... since gabrielle is a beautiful woman .. i was looking forward to seeing some pretty children .. not some RHINO!!

Who loves the twins and who reckons Mike and Susan will get back together??

I love the twins and i reckon Mike will definitely be in Susans life someday. The twins are definitely a great addition to the series

DHW season 5 : what happened to Mike?

i just did not get it? weren't they married he and Susan?

DH Season 5 Sneak Peek

Hey Folks... I just updated my blog about DH Season 5.. There is video there..sneak Peek to season 5 and also a brief summary about the episodes in season 5.. Enjoy that.. Desperate Housewives Season 5 Sneak Peek

Desperate to watch the new Season

Hi to all my Desperate Housewives fans i can't wait till i can see what the ladies have been up to lol,hope that we can share some jokes amongst ourselves when it finally airs.I look forward to reading what you all will think of the new season.


why are the episode links deleted? i was able to watch some of the links before, but now they're deleted. even the other shows i'm visiting now, it says that there are zero links or either the links are only available in the united states.... pls post the other links again...... pls, pls, pls.......

Desperate Housewives links...

Does anyone have any better links for Desperate Housewives? I'm trying to watch season 4, but the only links for the episodes are the iTunes ones where you have to buy them.

new season

i was just wondering when the new season starts

DH fan

where I can download pilot episode of desperate housewives? Please answer me.