Desperate Housewives “Any Moment” Season 8 Episode 18

Desperate Housewives  “Any Moment” Season 8  Episode 18  airs Sunday, March 25 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television  Network Episode Synopsis :  Julie becomes concerned over Susan’s parenting skills when she begins to allow MJ to do whatever he feels like doing; with Carlos resigning from his high paying job, Gaby tries to land her own high-powered position in order to keep up her extravagant lifestyle; Bree is suspicious of Andrew’s intentions when he announces that he’s getting married; Lynette puts a plan into action in the hopes of winning Tom back; and Ben finally proposes to Renee, on “Desperate Housewives,” SUNDAY, MARCH 25 (9:01-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More...  

Top Moments: Walking Dead's Killer Arrival and Jon Hamm Gets Wet with Jimmy Fallon

Our top moments of the week: 15. Best Bombshell, Part I: On the Switched at Birth season finale, just hours after Regina goes on a date with another man and seems poised to finally get over her no-good baby daddy, John tells her that the best way to save Angelo from deportation would be to marry him. Hm, we're pretty sure getting married isn't in the "Getting Over Your Ex" handbook. 14. Biggest Head-scratcher: The Voice coach Cee Lo Green is the most daring of the show's four mentors, but sometimes he pushes the envelope a little too much for our taste. When he pits arrogant...

Scott Bakula on Desperate Housewives: First Look!

This is no April Fool's joke: Scott Bakula will makes his Desperate Housewives debut on April 1. The veteran actor (most recently seen on Chuck and Men of a Certain Age ) comes on board the stretch run of this ABC series as a high-powered attorney hired by Bree when she becomes a suspect in the murder of Gaby's stepfather. Get your first look at Bakula in this role below:

Desperate Housewives Case Ends in Mistrial

The juicy Desperate Housewives trial has concluded, though there wasn't much of a finale. After jurors came to court on Friday to report that they were deadlocked on the central issue — whether ABC and showrunner Marc Cherry had wrongfully terminated Nicollette Sheridan's stint on the show — the judge gave them the weekend to clear their heads. It didn't work: Today a mistrial was declared in the case after jurors continued to split 8–4, though the majority of the jury was on the side of Sheridan. This could mean that both sides will proceed to a new trial, but like the second season of Desperate Housewives itself, it'll be hard to recapture the magic.

'Desperate Housewives': Saying Goodbye To Mike

Last week, Mike was suddenly and tragically shot down in a drive-by shooting. In the aftermath on "Desperate Housewives" (Sun. 9 p.m. ET On ABC), the women of Wisteria Lane mourned and remembered the Mike they'd come to know and love. Viewers were invited to do the same with flashbacks throughout the series' run. But much as this felt like an ending, with Susan's friends surrounding her and pledging their live, things aren't ready to settle just yet. After leaving some fingerprints on a coffee mug, Bree was tied by the police to the death of Alejandro. But no arrest yet, as they want to find more evidence first. Can she get out of this one? "Desperate Housewives" continues its journey toward the May 13 series finally, every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser.

Top Moments: Desperate Housewives' Tragic Death and Walking Dead's Zombie Shocker

Our top moments of the week: 13. Best Wigging Out: The Real Housewives of Orange County get together for an '80s party and — surprise! — there's drama when Slade stops by, just days after ripping Vicki and calling her ugly in his stand-up act. Vicki, complete with big hair, gets up to leave, telling Slade that her parents think she's beautiful and that she has never been mean to him. When Gretchen brings up Vicki's "deadbeat dad" comments about Slade, as well as Vicki's new boyfriend's own problems with paying child support in the past, a full-blown argument breaks out. Neon colors have never made us more depressed. 12. Best Reality Check: On Life's Too Short , Ricky Gervais calls up his Office pal Steve Carell to see if he'll do a guest spot on Gervais' new project. Carell only agrees to "consider" the role, which...

Desperate Housewives “Women and Death” Season 8 Episode 17

Desperate Housewives  “Women and Death” Season 8 Episode 17 airs Sunday, March 18 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network Episode Synopsis:  On the day of the funeral of a beloved Wisteria Lane resident, each of the ladies thinks back on how this person had affected their lives. Meanwhile, believing that the investigation died with  Chuck  Vance, Bree is stunned when she is called in for questioning about the murder of Gaby’s stepfather, Alejandro, on “Desperate Housewives,” SUNDAY, MARCH 18 (9:01-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More...  

'Desperate Housewives' Trial: Judge Drops Battery Charge, Surprise Witness Testifies

Judge Elizabeth Allen White says Nicollette Sheridan 's claims did not meet the standard of proof for battery, thus creator Marc Cherry is no longer a defendant in the case.

'Desperate Housewives' Vanessa Williams on Mike's death: 'It was a shocker'

Vanessa Williams, Renee on "Desperate Housewives" the character at the center of why Mike Delfino (James Denton) was fatally shot, tells Zap2it she was shocked that the sexy plumber took a bullet to the heart.Of course when you beat the sass out of a loan shark, and he threatens to kill you, turning up dead isn't completely out of the blue."I knew that was coming up," Williams says."Obviously, because we had shot it before. It was a shocker, and to have one of the iconic couples to end that way was the bang that the audience was not expecting."As usual on the comic soap, ending its eight-year run Sunday, May 13, plot twists are kept secret. Renee is a very rich woman, courtesy of her divorce from a pro ballplayer. She paid off her boyfriend, Ben's (Charles Mesure) debt to a loan shark, but that wasn't enough for him.When he demanded more, Renee looked him...

'Desperate Housewives' to end May 13 and more ABC finales

After eight years of domestic drama, the ladies of Wisteria Lane will call it quits in the two-hour "Desperate Housewives" series finale on May 13.ABC announced the season finale dates for most of its shows, including breakout freshman hits "Once Upon a Time" and "Revenge," as well as established shows like "Castle," "Modern Family" and "Grey's Anatomy." Prepare to bid adieu to your favorite series (for a couple of months, anyway) starting May 1 with the "Last Man Standing" finale.When will your favorite show leave us for the summer? Check it out:TUESDAY, MAY 1"Last Man Standing," 8 p.m.SUNDAY, MAY 6"GCB," 10 p.m.MONDAY, MAY 7"Castle," 10 p.m.SUNDAY, MAY 13"Once Upon a Time," 8 p.m."Desperate Housewives," 9 p.m. (two hours)TUESDAY, MAY 15"Cougar Town," 8 p.m. (one hour)"Private Practice," 10 p.m.WEDNESDAY, MAY 16"Suburgatory," 8:30 p.m.THURSDAY, MAY 17"Missing," 8 p.m."Grey's Anatomy," 9 p.m."Scandal," 10 p.m.FRIDAY, MAY 18"Shark Tank," 8 p.m.SUNDAY, MAY 20"America's Funniest Home Videos," 7 p.m.MONDAY, MAY 21"Dancing...