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can ayone tell me what happened to all the links here?

Any Good Links Out Yet?

Really needing to watch the finale :P


Does anyone know why there are no longer links to any on the season 3 episodes?

oh no.....

there arent ANY links for ANY program not dexter not true blood NOTHING Anyone else have this problem or were all the links deleted?

Golden Globe Nomonations: Bloody Faves and Psychotherapy Galore

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today and most of them could have been easily predicted. However, there was a little vampirific surprise in the mix. True Blood got a nom for best drama series and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) got best dramatic actress. It would really have been a shocker if they'd been cool enough to nominate Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette). In Treatment dominated. I suppose I should watch it then, huh? Here are the other TV Series Noms (faves are in bold): Best Television Series - Drama Dexter ; House ; In Treatment; Mad Men; True Blood Thoughts: While I admit ...more

Discussion & Preview Videos

Wow! From the preview it looks like there's going to be a lot packed into next weeks finale (the wedding, Ramon, George King)...hope they don't leave us with a cliffhanger until next season. Here's 2 links for 2 preview clips:

Awaiting Episode 11

Still waiting on a link. None from ninjavideo or any other sources yet, if anyone finds one, feel free to post it. If not I'll post one as soon as I find it.

Add links here.

As usual the bots have descended for their weekly spamming session making adding links to the review section impossible. So if anyone has a link just add it here. I've checked the usual places and haven't found anything. Ninjavideo is normally the first. ~Joe

Since when did Megavideo enforce a viewing quota + charge to remove it?

Ok, I hope I'm not the only one a bit annoyed about this. So, up until today, I always thought megavideo was one of the good websites to look for to watch whatever tv show. Even if you had to deal with the 3-4 second lag between the video and the sound, it was manageable. But it was always hard to find a megavideo link when it was one of the better links to chose. However, now I apparently wasted 40 minutes of my quota by checking different mega video links in hopes of finding one that didn't lag, only to find that I need to wait to continue watching or pay for a premium membership. Honestly, its not even like the video quality was worth paying for! Why would I ever pay for a video with a lag? Is anyone else annoyed by this? Plus, what other links would you suggest to avoid megavideo (since now there are megavideo links under basically every site). Perhaps the uploaders could chose to upload to a different website. :/ I have to say, I'm disappointed in megavideo. Sorry for the rant, I just got cut off in the middle of my episode, and I'm basically forced to wait till tomorrow to watch it. Not very fun.

Is True Blood the New Dexter?

Most of the scenes which include any of the Morgan siblings are interesting, but overall I don't feel the need to watch Dexter anymore, and do it only because it's Dexter. Is it because we have become used to the idea of a show with its lead, a serial killer? Was that the only reason we tuned in the first place? I would just love to blame the writing and move on, but, has Dexter fizzled out because we left it open too long? I don't know. The knot in the stomach, the full story here