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Easy as Pie PLEASE READ AND HELP!!!!!!

Can someone give me a link to the first part of Dexter on zshare?There was an awesome link that was sync posted earlier today but the post is gone now.I have the second part for zshare.Please post link to the first or any other good loink.I NEED MY DEXTER FIX!!!!

TV-LINKS Is Back! which begs the question...who is going back!

I like many other people used to go to on a daily basis, that was until FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) had the owner of the domain arrested and the site was subsequently closed down. The world was distraught!!!!!! Since the great depression many people have found and other Llnk sites and happiness has been restored. Well TV-LINKS is back!!!!! and can be found at !!!!! Good news is is that the staff and creator of Tv-Links got off without charge. I have found an interview online with one of the mods. which can be found at: So are you staying with Sidereel or going back to Tv-links...In short...which is best. My vote goes to

Sync Issues

Anyone else getting sync issues with most of these megavideo releases? sound is ahead of the video -.- i hate it sooo much ruins it lol

Episode 7 - Easy As Pie

Can someone please supply a link to an upload of this episode on Supanova? seeing as how megavideo is appalling these days and none of the divx ones want to work for me? many thanks Njay01

Harry Visions??

I am starting to believe that the visions that dexter has been having of harry is his subconscious "Dark Passenger" talking to him. what do you guys think??

So...why does it take so long for new Dexter episodes to be posted?

Alright. I've been waiting for Si Se Puede for a few hours now. Other 9pm television shows, such as HBO's True Blood, were posted nearly two hours ago. So why not Dexter? This is strange. And irksome. *WAIT! Here's one now! My apologies.

what happend to my phrasing thread?

is it so wrong to promote a amazing site? Did the mods really have to delete it?

Tonights Episode

It's called "Turning Biminese". Next week is called "Si Se Puede" Can somebody fix this?

cleaning up the reviews, links, discussions...

Is it possible to assign a single person or group/team to start removing useless/irrelavent reviews, links, and discussions with garbage links to possible spywares/malwares. I just want a "clean" Dexter guide.

Help to delete ALL Tvxhare, Premiershows, Jerico1, Tzshows, and Videoflix links!!

These are all bogus 'survey' links and must be deleted immediately. Also, please let megavideo know that you WILL not be paying for illegal, out of sync viddeo!