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F*** Megavideo and all the 'survey' sites, and bogus sites like the one above!

Trying to charge for illegal streams that users upload themselves! I mean lets just ignore them, and delete as many as possible. Also, let megavideo know you cant wait to see them go down, by contacting thde 'accounts' section on the site...some fake 'survey' sites to delete immediately are videoflix, tvspace, priemereshows...if you see a link to one of these sites please delete immediately!

Tired of Surveys

I'm SO tired of sites that require participation in 'surveys' (really only ways to get email and street addresses for spam/junkmail) before being 'allowed' to view shows. Tried one for Dexter and although the 'grey sucker screen' was lifted, the link was dead. Sidereel, is this really what you intended???

Way of eliminating spam

I know the mods are doing everything they can to eliminate the spam from these people posting discussions about links being released; but dynamic ips and such are allow spammers to just create new accounts and keep doing it. Maybe sidereel could impose requirements before certain actions are allowed. If an account had to be in existence for a month and have a minimum of 15 links visited (or something along those lines) before any discussions could be created or links deleted then this will surely make it more difficult for the spammers to progressively dismantle this site. It seems that many of the links which they are posting, stargate atlantis S5E11 for example, have had many of their links deleted, probably in an attempt to draw more people into their spam. This needs to stop.

megavideo sound delays!! argghh is it just me?!

arghhh! is it just me!!??? or does EVERY frikkin megavideo link take you to a vid where the video is perfectly fine but the audio (voice) plays almost 2 seconds late? and if i'm not mistaken the further on it gets in the show the longer the delay becomes the three main shows i have come across that it happens in are dexter, heroes and one tree hill will someone let me know if it happens to them also, is anyone else on the same boat and does ANYBODY know how to sort it out if it can be sorted out? also let me know if it happens to anyone else on any other shows, atleast it's a slight heads up

Next Weeks Episode RELEASED: not really.

Yet another day in which i come onto sidereel and my news feed is flooded with the supposed early release of every episode of every current show I watch and I ask myself is there nothing that can be done? I understand that reviewing all the posts would be an incredibly large task and that the users are just creating more spam accounts but this is getting a little bit out of hand, I have marked countless users posts as "inappropriate" but how can we stop this from happening in the first place? If anyone has any ideas then post them below, or if you think I am being unreasonable then feel free to comment on that too

A way to beat the megavideo audio problems

It seems that most of the new megavideo links are going out of sync in regards to the audio not matching the video at the right time. To counteract this I find it helpful to open the link twice using different tabs and then use one tab for video and one for sound, this means you can then pause the audio for a second or so in order to allow the video to catch up with the sound whenever they become too separated. I hope this helps, If you need clarification just ask, I don't think I explained the method very well

Well, somehow I strayed from the 'loop'...

Ok, Ok, Ok, evidently I am the ONLY person left on the planet that is this clueless... [I mean I am not that lost, to the point where I wouldn't know that I was a bimbo... I have accepted that! =) ] Anywho.... I was told that Dexter ended. You know, that the one episode where he blew up the cottage with that cocky co-worker in it, the one who was all up in his business constantly. Then he tracked down the stalker chick and did all of us a favor and "offed" her. [I dunno about you but I couldn't take knowing that a woman as psychotic as her was still lurking somewhere, she needed to be put down the same episode she first appeared in...anyway] It all made sense to me, because he cleaned up the "mess" and had a clean slate, then I saw they started airing Dexter on a local station starting back with season 1. Then I saw some post on a fan forum that it was indeed a mini-series and would not be back. I suppose I will find out what is really going on after I post this, then attempt to watch what looks like 3 *NEW* episodes? :::: Sigh :::: ~Lyssa Rae~ ......Sh*t.... this means I have to call Dish Network and re-add Showtime....

Sound problems Any1?

Is it just my computer or is it most of the new links that all get sounds problems? Lately most of the megavideo links I've tried to watch where synchronized with the image, but after a while everything just distorts, like the guy talks but you see the girl move her lips at the same time... it gets annoying to watch an episode like that. Now I just tried a new link that was with Windows Media player and the same thing happened again. Anyone had the same problem? Can it be solved? Thank you

Mega video sucks

I cant even get it to work past 17 seconds, how hard is it to remove a link taht doesn't work, get on it

WTF megavideo

how come it only lets you watch 79minutes if video, i was half way through the third episode when i said i have to wait 2 hours. It used to be the best video upload place but now, now it just sucks And another thing, how come the audio is so outa wack