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New DEXTER Season 4 Promo - "Private Life"

The DEXTER season 4 promos are the best. So here is a new one that was just released titled "Private Life". It's a stop motion short featuring the Dexter action figure. Don't forget that Season 4 of Dexter premieres on Sunday September 27, at 9pm on Showtime . Also catch up on Dexter episodes you may have missed here. To watch The Promo Click Here . Source Here

First Picture of Michael C. Hall on DEXTER Season 4

Check out a first look at Michael C. Hall on Dexter Season 4 DEXTER Season 4 premiere "Living The Dream" which premieres on Sunday September 27 2009 at 9pm on Showtime . Featured in this picture is Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Julie Benz as Rita Morgan. Although they both look happy, one of them, and I am not saying who, is itching to get back to their favorite hobby but is of course hampered by being a new parent. Episode Synopis: Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has to fit the newborn baby into his complex life. An old serial killer returns to Miami, and Frank Lundy returns to close the case. Source Here

Sneak Peek of Dexter's New Family, Promos for Smallville, Dollhouse & More - Featured

* Dexter : New promo photos of Dexter season four have surfaced! The stills show Rita (Julie Benz) and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) living in marital bliss together with baby Harrison, who looks so cute you want to pinch him, but don't, since his dad's a serial killer. * Smallville : Finally, the promo you Smallville fans have all been waiting for. The new clip is slightly different from the one shown at Comic-Con, but you still get to see Clark (Tom Welling) in the new supersuit. Sadly, the love scene between Lois (Erica Durnace) and Clark is much shorter--don't blink around 1:07. * Supernatural : Satan is coming! Seriously, watch the Supernatural season-five promo and prepare yourself for a devilish new season. * Dollhouse : Fox has released new season-two promo shots for Dollhouse. Did you miss Echo (Eliza Dushku)? Because if you didn't, get a load of what she looks like here and then try answering again. * How I Met Your Mother : HIMYM is finally coming back to your television! Want to see Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) get closer? Yes you do! Are you excited for the new photos and promos? Hit the comments to discuss which show you're looking forward to most. Source: E!Online - This Just In: Get a Sneak Peek of Dexter's New Family

DEXTER Season 4 - First Look

Check out a first look at Dexter Season 4. Dexter premieres on Sunday September 27 2009 at 9pm on Showtime. I can't wait to see Dexter be a dad. The main picture show Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Julie Benz as Rita Morgan in a warm embrace. Below, you can see a picture of Julie Benz holding lil Dexter Junior and a picture of the new bad guy, Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow). For More Pics Click here .

New Dexter Season 4 Promo

This season Dexter Morgan has everything he wants except the one thing he needs. A little time to kill. Check out this awesome new promo trailer for the upcoming series " Dexter " season 4. The hit Showtime series “Dexter” season 4 stars Michael C. Hall ( Game ), Julie Benz ( Saw V, Punisher: War Zone ), C.S. Lee and Jennifer Carpenter ( Quarantine ). Dexter Season 4 premieres Sunday, September 27th only on Showtime. watch promo

Dexter: Now that Lundy's Back, Will Deb Stay with Anton?

If there's anything controversial about Deb Morgan, it's her love life. She hasn't exactly been lucky when it comes to relationships, having dated a doctor who turned out to be the Ice Truck Killer in the first season, and falling for an FBI director who's old enough to be her father in season 2. Last season, however, Deb developed a romantic relationship with Anton Riggs (David Ramsay), a pot-smoking guitarist who served as a confidential informant (CI) for Detective Joey Quinn, and it looks like he's sticking around when Dexter returns for its fourth season on September 27 on Showtime. So does this mean Deb will finally get her happy ending with Anton? Not exactly, according to Deb's portrayer, Jennifer Carpenter. "You'll see her move out of the shadow of Harry and unplug certain cords that don't fit with Dexter, and every move she makes will be about herself," she explained at Comic-Con. "I don't know if she will be happy in the end, but it will be the most authentic she's been." And though it would be nice to see her in an actual stable relationship for once, something tells me that Deb will be facing a few hurdles in the way, including the return of Keith Carradine's Frank Lundy, who arrives in town to help with the Trinity Killer case. I bet even if Deb's already dating Anton, whose relationship is going to "very interesting places," she's bound to recall some of those unresolved feelings she has for Lundy, who left her after Doakes' case was considered closed to move on to find another serial killer in Oregon. And considering that their breakup wasn't really bitter, there's probably going to be undeniable tension between these two characters. Who should Deb choose between Anton and Lundy? Or is Debra better off alone? Source Here

DEXTER Baby Promo Pictures

Check out some more promo pictures for season 4 of DEXTER, which premieres on Sunday September 27, at 9pm on Showtime. The baby pictures were all over Comic Con this year, and I just think they are really fun. Take a look at more below. For More Click Here .

Dexter Diva Joins The Beautiful Life - Featured

Jaime Murray is the newest Beautiful person. Sources tell E!Online exclusively the British actress, best known for her turn as wicked Lila Tournay on season two of Dexter , has joined the cast of The CW 's The Beautiful Life for a multiepisode arc. But where does the new girl fit in to the fashion-crazed world of TBL? Here's what we're hearing... According to insiders, Murray plays Vivienne, a powerful wardrobe stylist who has eyes for Corbin Bleu's character, a young model named Isaac. Look for an age-inappropriate liaison between the two characters. Corbin's Isaac is one of a group of young models trying to make it in the supercompetitive world of New York City couture. His fellow fine young things include Sara Paxton, Ashley Madekwe, Nico Tortoella and Ben Hollingsworth. The Beautiful Life premieres Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on the CW. Are you excited for this new series? Do you think TBL is a good match for America's Next Top Model ? Source: E!Online - Dexter Diva Joins The Beautiful Life

DEXTER Season 4 Family Picture

Check out this really awesome family picture in promotion of season 4 of Dexter , which premieres on Showtime September 27 at 9pm. Source Here

'Dexter' Prequel Gets Animated - Featured

Dexter 's fourth season isn't the only thing to watch out for this fall. As reported previously, Showtime will be creating an animated prequel of its dark hit series, which will kick off on the network's website simultaneously with the show's new season. The webisodes, which was announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2009, will consist of 12 installments and will be entitled Early Cuts. If you're an avid fan of the TV series, then you already have an idea of what caused Dexter to be emotionally divorced from the rest of humanity. And as Dexter rediscovered his origins (he and his older brother Brian witnessed their mother's murder and were left in a freight cargo box filled with blood for days), his sociopathic behavior gradually unveiled under the tutelage of his adoptive father Harry, who in turn presented him with a sort of "code of ethics," which serves as a rule that he should only kill killers in order to satisfy his urges, as well as a guide to cover his tracks. But we've only seen bits and pieces of how Dexter honed his skills as a teen. And since Early Cuts will serve as a prequel, viewers left in the dark on how Dexter Morgan turned out to be a serial killer will hopefully gain a better understanding of Dexter's complex character. Early Cuts, which explores the early days of Dexter's craft and evolution, will be voiced by Michael C. Hall to give it a more authentic experience. I'm not really a fan of webisodes but since Hall is doing the voice-overs for his character, it might be worth checking out. In addition to the animated prequel, Showtime has a special application for iPhones called Dexter: The Game, as well as action figures of your favorite Dexter characters. "When I was shooting the pilot, I didn't think it would come to this," lead star Michael C. Hall said during the show's packed panel. Dexter returns for its fourth season on September 27 on Showtime. Source Here