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SideReel Spooktacular: TV's Spookiest Shows

Something spookyy is coming to town! For Halloween week, SideReel will be featuring all our favorite spooky shows including new favorites, those that have been around a little while, plus some now more classic spooky shows. Check out SideReel's list of spooky favorites, comment with those you'd add, and stay tuned for fun Halloween features all week! True Blood The X-Files Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Fringe Lost Eleventh Hour Supernatural Dexter Ghost Whisperer Medium Charmed Moonlight Ghost Hunters Photo courtesy of

Exclusive Julie Benz Interview on Dexter and Saw V

Watch a brand new exclusive interview with Actress Julie Benz ( Dexter , Saw V) at the Spike TV Scream Awards 2008. Julie talks with Toxic Shock TV Reporter Schroeder (from Cult Movies Magazine) about her work on Dexter , and the upcoming film " Saw V " by director David Hackl and starring Tobin Bell, Betsy Russell and Meagan Good. Watch Interview

Renewal News: Dexter Gets 2 More Seasons

Showtime has ordered 2 additional 12-episode seasons of its top-rated (and completely awesome) series Dexter . This will be the 4th and 5th seasons for the show, with production set to start on Season 4 next Spring. Hooray! Source: THR

DEXTER All in the Family

Tonights DEXTER episode was really amazing. I liked so much of it that I dont really know where to start. Let me just give you the Top 10 Reasons Read the rest at GossipUp

Sneak Peek: Dexter Season 3 4th episode "All in the Family"

Check out a Sneak Peek of Dexter Season 3 4th episode "All in the Family". at .

New Clip from Season 3's "All in the Family"

Alright, so here's a new clip...and things are getting tense in the dexter realm! All in the Family Clip

Awesome Pictures of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" The Upcoming Dexter Episode

Check out Awesome Pictures of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" , The Upcoming Dexter Episode airing October 12, 2008 at 9pm on Showtime.

Sneak Peek: Dexter Season 3 2nd episode "Finding Freebo"

Check out a Sneak Peek: Dexter Season 3 2nd episode "Finding Freebo" .

Dexter stunt went wrong. (mild spoilers)

The National Enquirer reports in this weeks issue that actor Jimmy Smits, who plays district attorney Miguel Prado, stabbed an actor in the chest several times during a scene in which he accidentally picked up a real knife that was inexplicably put right next to a fake prop knife on set. Smits stabbed actor Jeff Chase in the chest with a knife he assumed was a prop. He easily could have killed him, but as luck had it Chase was wearing a chest plate, which saved his life. "During a horrific execution scene with actor Jeff Chase, Smits was so into the part he kept stabbing Chase ferociously with what he thought was a fake knife," a shaken eyewitness told the Enquirer.'s Top TV Moments of the Week

TV Guide rounds up this week's top TV moments (spoilers included)! "Broken codes, meaningless kisses, and Spencer Pratt being obnoxious - it must be another week in the wonderful world of television. Here's our list of the top moments: 12. Most Desperate Dance: Lance Bass kisses a girl - and he likes it. The former 'N Syncer and his Dancing with the Stars partner Lacey Schwimmer spice up their paso doble with Katy Perry's bi-curious pop confection and a "controversial" man-woman kiss, a less-than-subtle wink at Bass' much-discussed sexuality. Check it out on our Online Video Guide. 11. Biggest Code Violation: Dexter kills a man outside of his father's code for the first time - and he's a prosecutor's brother. 10. Most Awkward Office Interaction: Mad Men 's alcoholic Freddy Rumsen's colleagues are divided between pity, horror, and excessive laughter when he wets his pants just before a big presentation. The awkwardness is almost rivaled later, when Rumsen acknowledges in his goodbye to Don that his mandatory six-month leave will last forever: "Goodnight, Freddy." "Goodbye, Don." 9. Best Tough Love: While we love Sylar's "New Yawk" FBI Agent impression ("You tryin' to get these looky-loo civilians killed?"), Claire's face-off with her flame-throwing biological mom Meredith is Heroes ' best moment. Meredith psyches Claire out, making her feel as though she's drowning in a confined space. More importantly, the "training" points out Little Miss Indestructible's first real weakness. Read the rest of this list at .