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Cancellation Buzz: How Should Daisies, Stone, and DSM Wrap Up? - Featured

While we're still impatiently awaiting an announcement as to when canceled ABC sophomore shows Pushing Daisies , Eli Stone , and Dirty Sexy Money 's final episodes will be aired/available online for the general public, at least some Daisies fans will be seeing those final episodes in the upcoming Paley Festival in April . So with this upcoming showing of one of these premature endings, how are you hoping to see Daisies, Stone, and DSM wrap up? Are there possible satisfactory endings or are you expecting to be eternally dissatisfied with any or all of these canceled shows? Photo courtesy of

new episode 8

pls can u post other links for the users located in the UK so wecan enjoy the new awaited episode thnks


need links for this weeks elevnth hr please supernova tube also need them for eli stone law and order svu can some one please link these shows using supernova tube thankin you

new links

could someone please put new links up for eli stone and law and order svu

more links for the new episode for uk people

i am in uk so pls can u post some other links so i can watch the ninth episode in megavideo or flash thnks

How many studio executives does it take to air a good show?

Answer: Two. One to get it on the air and another to cancel it mid season.

Eli Stone

i just started watching it and its great its really funny and i really enjoy its great to watch while i wait 4 updates from my other favourite shows


can someone please add some links to this weeks criminal minds supernover seems to be the best also for eli stone please

stop removing all the links

******* stop removing all the links you content admins just leave them there and i'll decide what i want to watch. i'm tired of going through the ******* link history to find any working links!!!

Quirky Characters Week: Who's Your Favorite Quirky Character?

In celebration of Eli Stone 's return Tuesday, we'll be featuring all our favorite Quirky Characters like Eli who have some sort of secret life or ability or just a big dose of oddness that sets them apart from all us normies! So who's your favorite quirky character? Feel free to comment with yours if he or she isn't on the list. True Blood : Sookie Stackhouse Eli Stone : Eli Stone Chuck : Chuck Bartowski Journeyman : Dan Vasser Pushing Daisies : Ned Monk : Adrian Monk Psych : Shawn Spencer Life : Charlie Crews The Mentalist : Patrick Jane Heroes : Hiro, Peter, Claire... yeah - all of 'em! New Amsterdam : John Amsterdam Kyle XY : Kyle and Jessi Check out more Quirky Characters Week features listed here: Quirky Characters Week: Down the Rabbit Hole Photo courtesy of