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Before people start asking where the links are...

there are no episodes of the simpsons, king of the hill, family guy or american dad this sunday (october 26th) because of silly american sport, maybe 'football' or baseball or something. just saying because i know a lot of people outside the US use sidereel (like me!), and they wont necessarily know your TV schedule, and may expect a shiny new episode! never mind people, theres always next week!

F**k Megavideo and all the 'survey' sites, and bogus sites like the one below!

Let megavideo know what you think of their policies! go to ''account' on their website and give them a piece of your mind! dont be afraid to use colourful language!

F*** Megavideo and all the 'survey' sites, and bogus sites like the one above!

Trying to charge for illegal streams that users upload themselves! I mean lets just ignore them, and delete as many as possible. Also, let megavideo know you cant wait to see them go down, by contacting thde 'accounts' section on the site...some fake 'survey' sites to delete immediately are videoflix, tvspace, priemereshows...if you see a link to one of these sites please delete immediately!

Megavideo sucks...

It's official. Almost every megavideo links in the past two months are out of sync. Don't use it. Don't post it. It's TRASH!

A way to beat the megavideo audio problems

It seems that most of the new megavideo links are going out of sync in regards to the audio not matching the video at the right time. To counteract this I find it helpful to open the link twice using different tabs and then use one tab for video and one for sound, this means you can then pause the audio for a second or so in order to allow the video to catch up with the sound whenever they become too separated. I hope this helps, If you need clarification just ask, I don't think I explained the method very well

where is ep 3

this is the same a the simpson no ep 3 is there a reason for this

bad links

I often find that people put up bad links. I have noticed that megavideo epically is becoming a very unreliable source. Is it just me or does the sound get out of sync with the movement for everyone? Should we ban links that require you to sine up for services, such as zango and should we ban multipall listings of the same link for the same show?

The Cleveland Show?!... What were they thinking?

Is it just me, or does 'The Cleveland Show' seem like the worst possible idea for a Family Guy spin-off? The character is just so dull and dreery, and takes, like, 15 minutes to get out a sentance, not that i'd be listening to the sentance because of the pain-stakingly dull tone of his voice. It just seems like they could've made a much better spin off idea other than 'The Life and Times of Boring Ol' Cleveland'. I'd rather watch a show about the life of Quagmire, for sure, who I've always found to be such a weird and interesting character, not to mention a hilarious one. I'd even rather watch a spin-off about the life of Stewie or Meg or Chris and what they get up to at school. In fact, just about anyone in the Family Guy universe: Tom Tucker, Opie, Brian's Gay Cousin Jasper, Greased-Up Deaf Guy, Joe, Ollie the Blackie Weather Reporter, Death, etc, would make immensely better main characters for a spin off. Just not Cleveland! [EDIT] So, I just found this promo picture of The Cleveland Show: Do you notice the same thing I do? He has a daughter who's the eldest, a fat nerdy son who is the middle child, and a baby with a mishapen head... Does it remind you of anyone?: I'm a big fan of Seth McFarlane, but he basically made the same show twice. It's the exact same show, only now the characters are black (no offense intended). What's the point in making a new show, even a spin-off, if you aren't going to mix it up a little bit? I also noticed something in The Cleveland Show poster. They have bears for neighbours. Bears... for neighbours? Are you kidding me? That's just desperate! ... your thoughts?

The Simpsons or Family Guy?!

What do you like better?! The Simpsons or Family Guy. For me it's the simpsons as the Simpsons is the original animated adult comedy series and family guy is just a knock off. Family guy ripped like a thousand jokes off of the simpsons. Besides that the Simpsons have been around and have been successful for like 18 years continuously while family guy was here for two years -was cancelled- and then came back again. The Simpsons rule! I just find the simpsons to be more contstantly funny, although I watch the family guy sometimes. What do you think?

Comedy of the Week: What's your favorite Family Guy moment?

In light of our Comedy of the Week feature today highlighting some hilarious Stewie and Brian moments , what's your favorite Family Guy moment or episode over the past 6 seasons? It's tough to choose, but my favorite is going to Stewie asking Brian about that novel he's writing - just can't get enough of it! Photo courtesy of