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'Family Guy' Lap Dance Scene Under Attack - Featured

" Family Guy " once again landed itself on hot water when it aired an episode where Carter Pewterschmidt was given a lap dance by a stripper. The Parents Television Council (PTC) is not happy with the situation, arguing that the Fox animation is one of the most-watched programs with children 6 to 11. PTC has filed a complaint to Federal Communications Commission about the Sunday, December 13 episode. "In the episode, loutish Peter takes his father-in-law and friends to a strip club named the Fuzzy Clam. Peter tells a stripper to perform a lap dance on his father-in-law. She bends over and waggles her rear before his face," PTC starts with the description of the particular scene. " 'Do I stick the money right inside of her?' he asks. When Peter replies, 'No, you do not,' his father-in-law asks, 'Why? Have you done that before?' Peter giggles nervously. As the woman briefly rubs her rear against the father-in-law's crotch, he asks, 'When do I hit her?' Peter pours beer down his in-law's throat and orders the stripper to 'give this old bastard the ride of his life'." "The stripper writhes up and down against the father-in-law's body, shakes her breasts in his face, then straddles his lap and thrusts her groin against his. Lois' father grunts in pleasure, then spasms and collapses to the ground as he has a heart attack." In their argument, PTC says, "Apparently Fox must believe that because the program is animated it can air anything it wants on 'Family Guy' no matter how inappropriate or indecent. Fox hides behind satire and animation as an 'excuse' to air the foulest material imaginable, but Fox needs to learn that broadcast decency laws apply to all broadcast programming aired during the time when children are most likely to be watching." FOX chose to give no comment to this. Meanwhile, the episode which becomes the subject of complaint can be found at Source Here

Trailer - Family Guy Star Wars Spoof #2

Remember last year's Family Guy special "Blue Harvest"? It parodied Star Wars Episode 4 "A New Hope". Well, the Family Guy parody team is back and they're taking on Episode 5 " Empire Strikes Back" with Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side. I didn't know this, but apparently Lucasfilm has given permission to Family Guy to parody the Star Wars movies, from music to script to sound effects. Something, Something, Something Dark Side will actually be released on iTunes, DVD and Blu-Ray in Canada and the US on December 22nd. We're hoping to have a review for you of the DVD, so stay tuned. To Read More Click Here .

House: Hugh Laurie on 'Family Guy'

No new episode of House until January 25, but if you watch your cartoons, you've probably seen Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) on another show Wednesday, albeit an animated one. Laurie lent his voice on the Family Guy episode "Business Guy" this week, and while he was only on a few scenes and said only a few lines, it was dead on, and his scenes were among the funniest on the episode. "My methods are a little unorthodox, Mr. Griffin," he tells Peter, after throwing a book explicitly titled Rulebook out the window. A little exaggerated and overt, but that's kind of the thing with Family Guy. It's not the first time the Brit made a guest appearance on the show. On the episode, Peter's father-in-law Carter suffered a heart attack and was sent to (I presume) Princeton Plainsboro hospital under the care of House. Carter went into a coma, and the first thing House did was to punch him just to see that he wasn't faking it. House made more appearances throughout the episode, giving Peter advice on running the company and later he was revealed to be the guy in the swamp monster suit. Scooby Doo, anyone? In fact, Laurie wasn't the only popular television character on the cartoon closer. Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, who plays Sheldon and Leonard on CBS' The Big Bang Theory also appear as their characters. Both Family Guy and House are on Fox. Source Here

The Annoyance of Family Guy

I REALLY hate Family guy, who can honestly still say they are still entertained by the antics of Peter and his gang? I've been watching Family Guy since its beginning and I used to be entirely consumed by it. The plot was a mess, the characters were all over the place and the jokes made no sense, it was a great show to watch with The Simpson's quickly going down the drain. That was about eight years ago and as one of the first people in my school to know what the show was I introduced it to my classmates and was congratulated for it, a show so new, fresh and bold was enticing to the fifth grade audience I bragged about it to. I heard that song from Journey about 300 times and couldn't get enough until about three season ago there was a joke that didn't make me laugh, it just annoyed me. Now if i ever watch an episode i try and count the amount of times i laugh, try it yourself-my record since i started counting is 7, one every three minutes. I am flabbergasted with the respect people have for this show. Now there's 2 of them, I did try and watch The Cleveland Show, at first it was alright a little different then Family Guy, maybe enough to watch but it got into the Family Guy groove and its stuck there. Hating family guy this much as actually given me respect for The Simpsons, something i thought was dead forever came back to life and impressed me as the series went back to there roots in terms of joke styles. I'm not saying Family Guy has changed at all only my tastes of what actually makes a show good has. They try to hard, get to little, and the constant re-dos and stretching out of jokes just makes me pity them. I like a lot of television, why is it that maybe the most recognized name on television now is my most hated? Like I said I was a lover of the show and now turned hater, I'm wondering what the T.V. viewing public has to say about my view of this most heinous of television shows. P.S. I know there are grammar errors and probably more then one spelling mistake so don't bother correcting me on them, you'll just appear a fool.

See a Preview for Family Guy's Empire Strikes Back Parody

December 22nd sees the Blu-ray and DVD release of Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Darkside, the animated hit's parody of The Empire Strikes Back. For fans of Family Guy, Star Wars or both who would like to see an extended preview of the DVD, you'll want to tune into Adult Swim on December 20th at around 11:30pm, between airings of Family Guy and Robot Chicken - The cable channel will be showing a 4 and a half minute sneak peek of the special that night. Something, Something, Something, Darkside is Family Guy's follow up to their very successful "Blue Harvest" parody episode, aimed around the original Star Wars. A third installment, targeting Return of the Jedi, is also in the works. Source Here

Family Guy Lastest Episode: Season 8, Episode 8 - 'Dog Gone'

After Brian accidentally kills another dog, and no one seems to care, he tries to convince everyone that they should value the life of a dog the same as a human. Meanwhile, Lois hires a maid who doesn't listen to Peter. Watch & Discuss: Watch Family Guy: Season 8, Episode 8 - 'Dog Gone' Read Family Guy's Review: Season 8, Episode 8 - 'Dog Gone'

Family Guy Preview: "Dog Gone" Season 8, Episode 8

Brian does the unthinkable this weekend when he kills another dog. Although it was an accident, he feels terrible about what happened. When he realizes that no one cares about the dog's death, Brian tries to educate people on the value of a dog's life. Meanwhile, Lois hires a maid who refuses to listen to Peter. You can catch "Dog Gone" when Family Guy airs this Sunday, November 29th, at 9:00pm ET on Fox.

Preview of Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside

Assuming the remaining forty-one minutes are as funny as the above three minute and thirty-one second trailer for the second installment of FAMILY GUY's loving homage to STAR WARS titled, 'Something Something Something Darkside' all is forgiven for the thirty-minute train-wreck that was SETH & ALEX'S ALMOST LIVE COMEDY SHOW. We swear. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

Family Guy Latest Episode: Season 8, Episode 6 - 'Quagmire's Baby'

After attending to the concert of a teen superstar, Stewie discovers a surprising secret about the singer. Meanwhile back at home, Chris tries to prove the existence of the Evil Monkey. Watch & Discuss: Watch Family Guy: Season 8, Episode 6 - 'Quagmire's Baby' Read Family Guy's Review: Season 8, Episode 6 - 'Quagmire's Baby'

Fox Orders More American Dad! - Featured

Seth MacFarlane will continue to dominate Sunday nights on Fox as his American Dad! has been renewed for a sixth season. The series, which was nominated for an Outstanding Animated Program Emmy this year, follows the life of security-obsessed CIA agent Stan Smith and his wife, two children, a space alien who lives in their closet and an attention-starved goldfish. MacFarlane's other shows, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show , have already been picked up as part of a deal that keeps him at Fox through 2012. American Dad airs Sunday nights at 9:30/8:30c. Source Here