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Am I The only person interested in collecting the series on DVD or Blu-Ray??? ADV had the rights to the series and now since they lost them it seems impossible to get the complete series on DVD. I saw the entire show online by plain luck. Some eps were really hard to find and others were almost impossible. One day I'd like the watch the whole show on my television in HD or something. Does any one feel the same why? Can we do something about this?

Season 1 links

There are season one episodes on, I just haven't posted them up because they're in 3 parts and will sort it out later :) Saves watching megavideo with time-outs! The part I linked to for Exodus from Genesis (ep 3) is a good link. For some reason, a 403 'Forbidden' error appears, but going to the address at the top and hitting enter gets you to the page with the video.

Put a newer Link

Put a newer link to Veoh for S3E20 so you should not have to worry about loading any more.. Dragon... :>

Added a link

I added a link to veoh for S3 E7 for all of you so you do not have to put up with the crape that was up there I hope that you all enjoy it If I find any more that I can help with I will try to do more.. Dragon... :>

Whoever brought megavideo to season two F@#$ing RULES!

Thanks again


Hey Fans I don't know about you guys but it was hard to find Episodes of Farscape out there. Lucky enough Veoh has a lot of the eps out there. Now there is a trick if you have a Mac that I'd like to share with others. 1) Download VOEH's Player. The quality is good and its totally FREE. 2) If you have an Audio Problem like I did then Download another player called VLC. This can play the AVI files with the Audio perfectly and even correct them. Now Enjoy Farscape and if you have Episodes to share I recommend using, Tudou, VEOH, and Divx. ENJOY