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'Fear Factor' donkey semen episode airs on Danish television

The "Fear Factor" episode that NBC deemed too hot (or vomit-inducing) for TV has made its way onto Danish television and, of course, YouTube. So now you too can watch a pair of attractive female twins guzzle donkey semen and urine -- if that's what you're into. Note: If just reading the above sentence made you gag, do NOT watch the video below. Even with the low quality recording, you will still lose your lunch just like the contestants watching the girls drink the stuff almost did.NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt tells TMZ back in January, "I reviewed the episode late last week and decided it was a segment we should not air."And the American Donkey & Mule Society president says the group doesn't "condone use of the animals in such a manner." Watch at your own risk below....

'Fear Factor' Donkey Semen Stunt May Not Be Aired

Animal activists are condoning the 'use of the animals in such a manner' and producers are seriously considering to shelve the episode.

TV ratings: 'Castle' tops a quiet Monday on broadcast, BCS title game will lead night

Fast National ratings for Monday, Jan. 9, 2012The biggest program on TV Monday night was, without a doubt, college football's BCS title game. But that aired on ESPN, and its ratings won't be available until later Tuesday. What we know now is that the return of "Castle" to ABC helped the network score a win among the broadcast networks, as CBS went with a slate of reruns for the night.ABC drew 8.1 million viewers and a 5.4 rating/8 share in households Monday night, beating CBS (7 million, 4.6/7) by a little over a million viewers. NBC (4.9 million, 3.0/4) took third. FOX was fourth with 3.3 million viewers and a 2.1/3, and The CW scored a shade under 800,000 viewers and a 0.6/1 with its reruns.In the adults 18-49 demographic, ABC's 2.2 rating was just good enough to beat CBS' 2.1. NBC finished third at 1.5, followed by FOX, 1.1, and The CW, 0.3....

TV ratings: CBS beats 'Terra Nova' finale on a slow Monday

Fast national ratings for Monday, Dec. 19, 2011The Monday night before Christmas is filled with reruns, so it's no wonder not too many people tuned in to their TVs last night. CBS managed to pull out a win with repeats of its Monday night sitcoms, although the two-hour "Terra Nova" finale on FOX just barely came in second.CBS snagged 7.4 million viewers for a 4.8 rating/7 share in households, while FOX managed to drum up 7.2 million viewers and a 4.0/6. NBC followed with 5.4 million (3.2/5), ABC with 4.5 million (2.7/4) and The CW with 1.2 million (0.8/1). In the 18-49 demographic, CBS and FOX tied with 2.2 ratings, while NBC landed a 1.7, ABC a 1.1 and CW last with a 0.3.Monday ratings hour-by-hour: 8 p.m. CBS: "How I Met Your Mother" rerun (6.8 million viewers, 4.4/7); "2 Broke Girls" rerun (7.7 million, 4.9/8) FOX: "Terra Nova" finale (7.2 million, 4.1/6) NBC: "Who's...

'Fear Factor' premiere: Is it 'way grosser' than ever?

Yes, after six years off the air, "Fear Factor" returned to NBC on Monday night -- with Joe Rogan returning to his position as the host. It's one of the longest hiatuses in TV history, and it remains to be seen whether the years off the air will show in the ratings.An NBC exec promised critics that the show would be "less gross" than we've seen previously, but Rogan tells EW that's not the case. "That's an outright lie," he says. "They should go to jail for that lie. It's way grosser. But it's also much more spectacular. The stunts are much bigger. The evolution of the stunt technology allows us to do a lot of crazy stuff."He explains that they elevated the standard for the three stunts that show up in each episode. "The way to bring this show back is to make it bigger and crazier and that's what they've done. We have...

FEAR FACTOR (NBC) Premiere Date Announced

NBC has announced the premiere date for its bigger and more outrageous version of the fan-favorite FEAR FACTOR . The alternative  series returns on Monday, December 12 (8-10 p.m. ET). Fear Factor  will step into its new day and time one week after the conclusion of  The Sing-Off  on December 5. Fear Factor  returns to NBC with all-new episodes featuring new stunts that will thrill viewers while testing the stamina and nerves of the contestants . Advancements in technology have allowed theproducers  to develop stunts that are more fantastic than ever before – such as the “Towering Inferno” and the “Helicopter TNT Crash.” Read More...

Check Out the New 'Fear Factor' Trailer (VIDEO)

If you've been champing at the bit waiting to see the new 'Fear Factor,' wait no more: The new trailer's just been unveiled . And we think the rebooted, HD version of the show looks awesome . As host Joe Rogan -- who doesn't seem to have aged one bit since the show last aired -- says, "'Fear Factor' is back. And it's crazier than ever." The new show has all the classic 'FF' stuff that fans love, but in bigger doses: Choppers, flames, people falling off things and onto things, coughing, screaming, crying, laughing, buxom girls in string bikinis, explosions, car crashes, gross eating challenges andlots of insects. Check it out after the jump. And don't forget ( all together now ... ): "The stunts you are about to see were all designed and supervised by trained professionals. They are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone, anywhere, anytime!"

'Fear Factor' gets a December return date on NBC

Just in time for the holidays, NBC is bringing back "Fear Factor."The years-dormant stunt show -- its last original episode aired in September 2006 -- will return with a new batch of episodes starting Monday, Dec. 12. It will bridge the gap between the end of "The Sing-Off" on Dec. 5 and the return of "The Voice" in February."We have taken the groundbreaking 'Fear Factor' franchise that many fans remember fondly and have ramped it up to make it even more challenging and competitive than ever before," says Paul Telegdy, head of alternative programming at NBC. "Once again, the contestants will have to face their ultimate fears to prevail -- and the tension and drama of that process will make for some riveting television."Joe Rogan will return as host, and contestants will still be trying to win $50,000 by completing a series of physically and mentally demanding stunts. The format -- physical stunts mixed in...

'Fear Factor' Filming Stopped After Contestant Injured in Stunt Accident

A " Fear Factor " contestant has been involved in a stunt accident. She was reportedly performing a stunt with a safety harness on top of a truck which then hit another car. Sources said the woman was shook up a little from the collision, but she was not thrown from the vehicle.  The female contestant was taken to hospital by an on-set EMT. She suffered no major injuries and was released from the hospital a few hours later. It is still unclear if the woman will return to continue her gig on the show.  According to TMZ, the stunt truck was going at less than 20 mph when the accident happened. It was further reported that the driver had his vision blocked for a brief period of time, which caused the truck hit a parked car that was part of the stunt.  Read More...

Joe Rogan Signs On To Host 'Fear Factor' Revival

Joe Rogan's coming home. The comedian is returning to 'Fear Factor' as host of the revived NBC reality series. "It doesn't seem real," Rogan told TV Guide Magazine. "It seems like some sort of bizarro dream world. But I'm looking forward to it. The idea of sitting at home and watching someone else host it would have driven me crazy." The reborn 'Fear Factor' will get eight episodes that might hit the Peacock's schedule as soon as September. When the 'Fear Factor' news broke early June 2011, Rogan was high on the list of potential hosts, but the deal was nowhere near closed. "We wouldn't want to do this show without Joe," Matt Kunitz, 'Fear Factor' executive producer, said. "This makes me 100 percent relieved. Part of the nostalgia of the show coming back is Joe Rogan. Joe is a guy's guy, but women like him as well." After 'Fear Factor' went off the air the first time, Rogan had harsh words about his time on the series.