Video: 'Family Guy' Takes Jab at 'Flight of the Conchords' - Featured

" Family Guy " takes a second jab at fellow Emmy nominee, this time 'beating down' Brian the Dog for thinking about voting for "Flight of the Conchords" as the winner of Best Comedy Series at the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Calling the HBO show "wacky", Stewie yelled to Brian, "They are not even from here!" Stewie makes a reference to "Conchords" stars Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, who play fictionalized versions of themselves. They are both natives of New Zealand who migrate to New York City in order to seek fame and success in their music career. "Conchords" co-creator James Bobin himself was surprised at the inclusion of the show in the run for Best Comedy. "We hadn't had a sense that anything was afoot. I read the occasional preview, and we hadn't been mentioned at all," he said. Through the mocking videos, "Family Guy", which is the only animated series admitted to the category, is campaigning for a win at the awards show. Earlier this week, " The Office " version was released, using the same "Where's My Emmy?" scene but with different dubbing. Creator Seth MacFarlane will release similar videos in the days to come for the other nominees in the particular category. MacFarlane stated his belief back in July that there is a slim chance "Family Guy" will win Best Comedy. He said, "I don't think [voters] are ready to award an animated show best comedy. I don't think they're sure of what that would mean to the institution as a whole." The awards will be held on September 20 and aired live by CBS from Los Angeles. To Watch The Video Click here . Source Here

2009 Emmy Fun Facts - Featured

If you want to impress your friends with weird, arcane bits of Emmy trivia based on today's announcement of the nominees, here are some things you might bring up. For 2009 Emmy Nominees Click Here . -If you add up the total number of nominations for Comedy Series nominees Entourage , Flight of the Conchords , Family Guy , How I Met Your Mother and Weeds , it would equal the total nominations of fellow nominee 30 Rock . -Speaking of 30 Rock, its 22 nominations are the most any comedy has ever received in a single year. -If you think it's unprecedented that a cartoon like Family Guy is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, it's not. In 1961, The Flintstones was nominated. - Big Love is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, and that is the show's ONLY nomination. If you think that's unprecedented, just look back to 2006 when Scrubs did the same thing when its only nomination was for Outstanding Comedy Series. -At 13 nominations, Saturday Night Live now has the most noms of any variety series in a single year. It's also more than twice as many nominations as the show has had in the last 30 years. -This boosts SNL's overall nomination total to 114. The only shows ahead of it for Emmy nominations are Cheers at 117 and ER at 124. -Justin Timberlake has three nominations this year. He's nominated for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for hosting Saturday Night Live, and he's actually competing against himself in the Original Song category. He's nominated for his SNL song "Motherlover," and also for a song he performed at the ESPYs called "I Love Sports.". -In its fourth season, Bones finally receives its first ever Emmy nomination. However, it's for Art Direction. -Law and Order: Special Victims Unit now has a total of 22 nominations. All of them have been for acting, and 20 of them have been for female acting, including four more this year. Source Here

SideReel's Top 10 Shows with Notable Music, Part 1 - Featured

The O.C. - The O.C. always seemed to have just the right song during Ryan and Marissa's many break-ups, during the sweet beach moments and the suicidal drunk beach moments and ever so much more. "California" by Phantom Planet will forever be etched into every fan's head, plus there have been many more amazing music moments including Jem's "Maybe I'm Amazed" that played at Julie and Caleb's wedding where we Ryan and Marissa danced when Ryan was about to leave to go back to Chino for his pregnant ex-girlfriend. "Dice" by Finley Quaye & William Orbit became a fav in S1, E14 when on New Year's Eve, Ryan rushed to find Marissa to tell her he loved her. There's also "Hallelujah" which played in the S1 finale when we saw Ryan going off to Chino, Seth running away on his boat, Marissa turning back to drinking, and everything falling apart. We heard it again in the S3 finale as Ryan held the dying Marissa in his arms on the road. Chuck - Chuck comes to us from the same show creator as The O.C. and Gossip Girl, so it seems to be a Josh Schwartz thing to have great music essential to a show! Along with that, Schwartz is a fan of playing with music and scenes from movies, and also his own shows as he repeated an OC song moment in Chuck's S1, Ep 6. In this episode, Chuck raced home to same song used on New Year's ep of OC, "Dice." Instead of going to see the girl he loved, Chuck raced to be a giant sandworm on Halloween with Morgan. Other great music on Chuck includes Spoon's "Don't Make Me a Target" that played in S2, Ep2 as Chuck distracted Casey to go see Sarah while Casey and Sarah were not on the same page about protecting Chuck. This song is also generally perfect for the show as Chuck just keeps on being that very important target! Gossip Girl - As for Schwartz's Gossip Girl, there are tons of moments that become instantly more juicy, dramatic, and sexy because of the music accompanying them! Some of the highlights have been "Young Folks" from Peter, Bjorn & John in the pilot episode setting up all that is the Upper East Side and "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" from Thurston Moore and Jemina Pearl in S2, Ep9 that fully rocked out Jenny's guerrilla fashion show. Flight of the Conchords - FOTC is a different story on the music front as the focus of the show is the band that's a real band portraying themselves as a more pathetic version of themselves on this hilarious music-driven gem. My personal favs from this one are those that set that mood ever so perfectly in romantic moments like "Business Time" in S1, Ep5 where Jemaine described his sexy relationship and "If You're Into It" from S1, Ep 4 where Jemaine helped Bret serenade his new girlfriend. The Hills - Like many of our favs, one of the best songs stuck in our heads because of The Hills is its theme song, Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten." And of course, The Hills' many "real" dramatic moments find themselves giving us some extra drama and great new music to get hooked on. Some goodies include "Stop and Stare" from OneRepublic played in S3, Ep19 when Spencer left Heidi in Colorado to finish up one of her many 'thinking' trips, "Umbrella" by Marie Digby from S3, Ep1 when Lauren realized after chatting with Whitney that she was done with Heidi, and Garrison Star's "Beautiful in Los Angeles" in the S1 finale when Lauren decided to give up her internship in Paris to spend the summer with Jason. Continue to Part 2

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 1 - Featured

House - House & Wilson House and Wilson have become the most interesting "romance" of sorts on House which was probably done very purposefully since House is incapable of being nice to women and having any sort of real emotions, and Wilson is overly emotional, but still always fails in his love life. This has made them the perfect odd couple as they quip, they squabble, and they just plain entertain us and balance each other to perfection! Chuck - Chuck & Morgan While Chuck , the show, quickly showed us it was going to have a great balance of Chuck's very ordinary family and work life and his new adventurous spy life, his relationship with Morgan made this show and our love for Chuck Bartowski grow more quickly than we could've imagined! One moment Chuck is risking his cover and life for Morgan by boxing Morgan's unconscious self up to get him away from confused villains, and the next Chuck and Morgan are sitting in their underwear playing video games. They are adorable, hilarious, and show a profuse amount of man-love that they profess for each other to anyone who might try to threaten the other's life, their relationship, or thier nerd herd statuses! Flight of the Conchords - Bret & Jemaine FOTC's Bret and Jemaine are debatably the top most couple-tastic of our fav bromances! This hilarious comedy band duo live together in a tiny apartment, share a bedroom (with separate beds), fight over their low finances, hang out in fleece pajamas, get jealous over girlfriends and often date the same girl until she chooses one and then ultimately dumps that one because of the other guy... and so on. While jealousy may get the best of them, lucky for us, they almost always make up by the end of those too short episodes and the ridiculousness and sweetness of their bromance carries on! The O.C. - Ryan & Seth The O.C. showed us just how perfect the cool tough guy and the hilarious insecure nerd could be together if only given the chance... to live together because the nerd's lawyer dad brings the tough kid home from juvie. Ah, such a typical bromance beginning! Ryan may have resisted Seth's nerdy, needy ways at first, but they quickly saw that they very much needed each other. Seth gained some confidence, Ryan learned life wasn't always so impossible, and both of them learned to lean on each other, and be hilarious together - aw. Burn Notice - Michael & Sam Yet another bromance pair incapable of successful romantic relationships - I'm starting to see a trend! These two rekindled their friendship over Michael needing Sam's help to figure out who burned him. Most of their time is spent squabbling over what side jobs they should take, what mistakes they're making with the women in their lives, and how to do a job, big or small correctly, all while Sam cracks open another beer from Michael's fridge, and Michael pops open another of his dearly beloved yogurts. Continue to Part 2

Watch a sneak peek of Season 2 episode 10 ''Evicted''

Unable to pay off their back rent, Bret and Jemaine move in with Mel and Doug; Murray looks to cash in on a stage play about the Conchord's travails. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Watch a sneak peek of Season 2 episode 9 ''Wingmen''

Bret enlists Jemaine and Dave to help him try to land a girlfriend; Murray regrets making Greg his scapegoat. Airing Sunday March 15 at 10pm on HBO . To Watch The Preview Click here . Source here

Watch a sneak peek of Season 2 episode 8, ''New Zealand Town''

Trying to look cool for a gig at the Grand Opening of New York's one-block New Zealand enclave, the Conchords end up getting hooked on hair gel. Airing Sunday March 8 at 10pm on HBO . To Watch The Sneak Peek Click here . Source here

Kristen Schaal on Stalking the Flight of the Conchords - Featured

It's always a good day when I see funny lady Kristen Schaal's big grin on my screen. This weekend, she returns to TV as Mel, the adorable but possibly certifiably crazy stalker on HBO's Flight of the Conchords . A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to chat with Schaal about her role, her appearances on The Daily Show, and her favorite Conchord. Here are highlights: How did you come to play Mel? The show was being developed with HBO at the same time I was doing the HBO comedy festival in 2006, so they showed the guys a tape of me doing standup, and from there they decided that I could do the part. . . They pitched it to me kind of like, "Mel's crazy about the guys, but she also has a husband, Doug, and Doug kind of treats her obsession with the guys like, 'Oh, she really likes chocolate.'" They never pitched that she was a stalker, but she's . . . obviously a stalker. What's Mel's favorite Conchords song? And what's yours? Mel's favorite song is "Who Likes to Rock the Party," which is the one song they play at every gig. My favorite song I don't know if I really have a favorite. I just got the album! I love "Prince of Parties," I love "Sally," "Hiphopopotamus Versus the Rhymenoceros ", there isn't one song where I'm like, "ehhh, I don't like them." I heard "Prettiest Girl in the Room" playing once at Forever 21 and it was the weirdest thing! Have you ever heard the songs anywhere odd? That happened to me at Urban Outfitters. They were selling the album, so that was probably why. But the guy who was checking me out was also mouthing the words! They're novelty songs and they're funny, but they're also really well-crafted, so they can be played on the radio. To hear her thoughts on The Daily Show, her romance novel, and whether she has a Mel of her own, just read more. You've popped up on The Daily Show a couple of times. How did that come about? I did some standup about Hillary Clinton, and that idea got pitched by one of the writers to Jon Stewart, and that's sort of how it developed. Hopefully I'll be able to do more stuff. My role is women's issues on the show, so that kind of makes it harder to get on the show it just depends on having an idea and if it has a feminist approach and then pitching it to Jon Stewart. Do you get recognized on the street now? And do you have a Mel of your own? I usually get recognized about once a day. I have a rule that if someone sees me when I walk by and then realizes who it is and turns around and yells "Mel!" I won't respond I'll just pretend that they're yelling for another person named Mel because that's not my name. Mainly just they like the show, that's all. It's all been pretty low-key. There are all these funny moments when fans say, "You do this on the show." I'm like, "Yep." How much will we see Mel in the new season? One of [the episodes], she's more heavily in the main storyline, which is exciting. She also gets to sing her own song. Does Mel have a favorite member of the band? She does not. A lot of people speculate that she likes Bret more, but I don't know where they're getting that, because as an expert on Mel, I can assure everyone that she does not have a favorite. And I read you were working on a romance novel? I'm working on it with my boyfriend. It's hot and steamy, it's sexy it's gonna be just like a "how to have sex" manual that's funny. And besides Conchords, where else will we see you soon? I'm in the movie Cirque du Freak, just a small part in that. My friend Kurt and I are making a pilot for Channel Four in London of our web series, Penelope, Princess of Pets. It'll be a social experiment. Source here

Midseason Mania: Most Exciting Premieres & Returns, Part 1

Lost Returns Wednesday, January 21st at 9PM on ABC As always, Lost hyped us up with some massively cool possibilities for what's to come for the midseason premiere, and while I slightly doubted the promises for last season, this season, I'm a true Lost-believer again! Why? As I think many a Lost fan will tell you, they actually... got off the island! Finally. And yes, they're going back, but the point is that Lost finally delivered on an enormously needed plot point, and now we have a whole lot of different plotlines to look forward to that make that good ol' Lost Season 1 awe back in full force. Big Love Returns Sunday, January 18th at 9PM on HBO Who knew polygamy could be so dramatic and racy! While the point of Big Love is not to create a male fantasy of the hotness of a man getting multiple women, Big Love has shown the realities of that situation with an exciting amount of the love square, drama, unusual and more typical family issues, religious issues, and even some steamy sex scenes. I've been intrigued by this show from the start, but with the intense and messy drama built up last season, this is definitely a midseason show I'm thrilled to see return. Flight of the Conchords Returns Sunday, January 18th at 10PM on HBO It seems dramas are more of the trend for midseason shows, but if there's a comedy that can hold its own for some big wintertime laughs, it is by far Flight of the Conchords! If you don't already adore this awkward, musical comedy duo mucho, you can jump right in to see what they're all about (hint: hilarious, over-the-top ridiculous songs that mock their horribly lame lives as failed musicians), and it's guaranteed that if you have a funny bone, you will immediately catch up with the rest of the short yet action and comedy packed episodes. Cause we know that's what you're into. The Beast Premieres Thursday, January 15th at 10PM on A&E Two words: Patrick. Swayze. While this is really all you need to check out this new midseason crime drama, it also helps that this does look like a very quality show. This one looks to have a strong cast including Swayze and his (hot) newbie FBI partner, Ellis Dove played by Travis Fimmel, plus a number of other interesting characters, and a plot that looks solid as well including some unique twists like a little secret we'll be in on for that easy-on-the-eyes partner. The United States of Tara Premieres Sunday, January 18th at 10PM on Showtime It's about time Toni Collette gets her own show! If you were a fan of Muriel's Wedding, Little Miss Sunshine, or any of Collette's other films I'm sure you agree. She can play someone with no personality with more charisma than if she were starring in Mama Mia, and she can do humor in one of the most endearingly addicting ways I've ever seen on the big screen - which from the promos for this show, looks like it's coming on full force to the small screen! Collette plays a mother with multiple personalities including a boy-crazy teen her daughter's age, and "Buck," the smoking, gun-shooter who hits the range with her husband and very passive son. The great part of this show is that it isn't over-the-top or mocking the disorder, but showing that we all have to laugh at our lives, no matter how odd our families or that we are ourselves. And if Collette's awesomeness isn't enough, it also stars the adorable John Corbett of Sex and the City plus it's created by Steven Spielberg and developed by Juno's screenwriter, Diablo Cody! Continue to Part 2

Watch FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Season 2 Premiere

The second season premiere from HBO's FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS is now available for you to watch on Joost, about three weeks before its premiere on January 18, 2009 at 10pm.