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Friday Night Lights on ABC Family

Good news, guys - Friday Night Lights is coming to ABC Family starting Tuesday, September 7 at 6/5c, and every weekday after that! I work with the network and am here to let you know everything about this amazing show. We'll be starting with the very first episode, so if you've never watched before, now is the perfect opportunity to see if from the beginning! Make sure to visit the website for more information on the series, plus check out the clips and other fun features. Don't forget to tune-in on September 7 so you don't miss anything!

National Cheerleading Week: Save the Cheerleader or... Kill the Cheerleader? - Featured

Okay, so killing cheerleaders sounds a little morbid and like that's Sylar's job, but let's face it: TV and movie cheerleaders walk a thin line between cool and sexy and insanely annoying and bitchy. Since it's National Cheerleading Week here in the US of A, we thought we'd have a little fun with our favorite and/or most annoying TV cheerleaders by playing a game, kill-"bonk"-marry style. Inspired by the fact that Heroes ' Claire Bennet, the source of the "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" plotline/catch-phrase, has become one of the very most annoying cheerleader characters ever on TV (in my opinion, anyway) here's the game - and we're talking characters, here, not the lovely actresses - save the cheerleader or kill the cheerleader? While many of these characters have renounced or grown out of their cheerleading days, they were at one point bouncy little cheerleaders. Now we want to know which of these one-time (or forever) cheerleader characters you adore, so you would save if put in a situation like that of Hiro and Peter on the good old days of Heroes, or you would kill (maybe not as brutal as Sylar-style), for being an intolerable cheerleader character. Here's our list of popular characters who are or were cheerleaders, so copy the list (and add your own from shows we've missed), paste it in your comment, then note next to each who you'd save and who you'd kill! Heroes - Claire Bennet Glee - Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, Brittany Friday Night Lights - Lyla Garrity One Tree Hill - Peyton, Brooke, Haley Vampire Diaries - Elena, Caroline The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Grace Bowman Smallville - Lana Lang Dawson's Creek - Jen 10 Things I Hate About You (TV) - Bianca, Chasity Enjoy in good fun and happy national cheerleading week!

Toilet Bowl!!

I seen a review for the episode on my notifications so the new episode must have aired last night but i cant find any links to it on sidereel or any other websites on the net, was wondering if anyone stateside would be able to post a link please. It would be very appreciated and im sure im not the only one looking for it so if anyone could help???

full episodes of FNL

is the only way to watch FNL to subscribe to direct tv

dude... come on

I'm reliant on sidereel to watch this episode since I don't have Direct TV! It's supposed to be the most epic episode yet! COME ON and post it already!

Can someone help?

I can't figure out how to watch the episode 4. It has all the links but none work. I just want to watch it. Please help

11/26/09 episode

There is no episode. They skipped a week because of Thanksgiving. The Episode 5 promo says "In Two Weeks" when I watched it.


Where is the episode... Im dying here......

What in the World

What in the world. All I want is to watch the new episodes of Friday Night Lights. I go through this entire dog and pony to learn that all you get is links. The link is garbage. It is only at link to something that sells movies...or by the way they also want your charge card. I guess I will not be watching this show on the computer, as there is no way to get a donwload.

Episode 1

So will it be up tonight or what? I'm going NUTS!