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Father's Day Duke-out: Nominate your Favorite TV Dads! - Featured

As we celebrate our own dads, granddads, and father-figures this weekend for Father's Day, it's only right to give our favorite TV dads some appreciation too! Afterall, they've taught us many a lesson our dads were trying to teach while we were too engrossed in the TV to hear, and have kept us laughing, smiling, and shedding a few tears over the years. So, we want your nominations for your favorite TV dads, then we'll have a friendly Father's Day duke-out where the dads nominated will then have to compete for your votes as the top favorite TV dad on SideReel! Comment below telling us your favorite TV dads, and feel free to list as many as you want, plus list someone already noted by another Reeler. Nominations will be accepted Wednesday (6/17) through Friday morning (6/19), then we'll begin the duke-out voting round for SideReel's favorite dad that will run Friday through Sunday. Go forth and nominate!

Cancellation Buzz: What Bubble Shows Deserve to Stay? - Featured

With a number of shows on the bubble as renewal season approaches, there are some that it seems about time for them to go, whether they are relatively new or have been around a while, and some that would be very unfair to axe at this point. So of these shows in the Cancellation Danger Zone, or others that we left off here, what deserves to stick around for another season? Life Chuck Privileged Friday Night Lights Dollhouse Knight Rider (2008) Kath and Kim Lipstick Jungle Crusoe Without a Trace Cold Case I know I'll be heartbroken if Chuck and Life don't make it, and very disappointed about Friday Night Lights and Lipstick Jungle as well, though I would be happy to see Kath and Kim , Knight Rider (2008) go. How about you? Check out SideReel's Cancellation Buzz to see what you can do to help save your danger zone favs, and also their current danger zone statuses! Photo courtesy of

can't do it

people this show is amazing it can't get canceled do something

Another Season?????

Does anybody know if nbc has been having any talks with the fnl people about having another season, i know the last episode cleared up alot of loose ends, with tyra going to college and matt deciding to stay at home, but i would love for it to be continued because this is by far the best series that is on tv, it is just amazing. So does anybody have any idea if there are any talks?????


I don't know why, everything I watch FNL I have the craving for Applebees?!?

Favorite TV Families: Who's Your Fav TV Mom?

As families, parental roles, and gender expectations have evolved over the years, so have those roles we see reflected with added drama and comedy on our televisions! In the 50's and 60's, we had moms like June Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver who was the picture of domestic perfection, and then we started to move into the times of the still pretty darn perfect, but a lot more busy, moms like Carol Brady. Soon enough, America was evolving right along, and their TV families were evolving too - a lot of moms were still shown spending plenty of time in the kitchen and taking care of their families, but also running to work like Roseanne Conner, Clair Huxtable, Harriet Winslow, Jill Taylor, and plenty more! Now we have more moms like Tami on Friday Night Lights who continue to care for their families, but like real American women, have found much more of a compromise to their work and family lives than mothers of TV past. We've also evolved into much more of a satirical view on families as so many appear in comedies, even in the animated variety like The Simpsons and Family Guy poking fun at American families instead of teaching us life lessons like the days of many family shows of the past. So with all these changes for TV families, and specifically TV moms over the years, who have your favorite TV moms been of present and past, from the classic and traditional to the quirky and the crazy? Here are just a few of the many to ponder, so comment with those you like on the list or not. The Brady Bunch : Carol Brady The Cosby Show : Clair Huxtable Boy Meets World : Amy Matthews Full House : Becky Donaldson That 70's Show: Kitty Forman Home Improvement : Jill Taylor Family Matters : Harriet Winslow Roseanne : Roseanne Conner Friday Night Lights : Tami Taylor Kyle XY : Nicole Trager 7th Heaven : Annie Camden Family Ties : Elyse Keaton Married with Children: Peggy Bundy Brothers & Sisters : Nora Walker Who's the Boss? : Angela Bower The O.C. : Kirsten Cohen Gilmore Girls : Lorelai Gilmore The Simpsons : Marge Simpson Family Guy : Lois Griffin American Dad! : Francine Smith Arrested Development : Lucille Bluth Desperate Housewives : Lynette Scavo, Bree Hodge Dirty Sexy Money : Letitia Darling Everybody Loves Raymond : Debra Barone, Marie Barone 90210 : Debbie Wilson Photo courtesy of

SideReel Drama Club: Who's Your Favorite FNL Character?

Give me an "F"! Give me and "N"! Give me an "L"! What's that spell? The name of our new favorite show, Friday Night Lights ! So, all you SideReel Drama Clubbers, plus all seasoned FNL fans, we want to know what FNL character you love the most. My vote so far goes to Lyla Garrity who I just can't help but love! The brooding bad boy ways of Tim Riggins are pretty amazing as well... gotta love these footballers with manly emotions! Anyone's welcome to chime in, but please no spoilers for those of us in the FNL TV Catch-up Club who working through Season 1 - currently we've viewed Season 1, Episodes 1-3 and will be viewing Episodes 4-6 this week if you'd like to join in! Catch up with SideReel's Drama Club: Join SideReel's TV Catch-up Club! SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 1-3 Reviewed Photo courtesy of

SideReel Drama Club Rate It: Friday Night Lights

For those of you joining in SideReel's Drama Club catching up with Friday Night Lights or those already fans, the catch-up drama club has watched Season 1, Episodes 1-3 this week. How would you rate FNL so far based on these episodes? Those already fans, no spoilers please, but feel free to make your comments on why we should keep watching or what you love about FNL! Review for these episodes: SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Ep 1-3 Reviewed Photo courtesy of

Please sort out this mess

I love this programme so much, i wish they can sort this problem out as soon as possible i'm starting to feel derived of my episodes of FNL, cant wait for the new episodes/season: Q: WHAT DO WE WANT? A: MORE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Q: WHEN DO WE WANT IT? A: prNOW!!!!

Will They Just Make the FNL Deal Official Already??

I have to tell you that I am beginning to get impatient. In fact, I'm borderline miffed. You see, on March 6, Friday Night Lights fans learned that a deal between NBC and DirectTV was in the works and that while not yet official, was looking "more than promising." Here is a summary about what we have heard about this deal since then: March 6: Jason Katims reported that nothing is official, but "we remain optimistic about the future of the series." March 18: "It's not final, but it's close" and the deal is "nearly done." March 19: An unnamed castmember told E!Online , "It's happening. I'm not supposed to say anything. We're not supposed to say anything. But it is happening. I want you to know." March 27: Kyle Chandler goes on NPR and says that a deal had been reached and that all that has to happen is to "dot the i's and cross the t's." March 28: E!Online has reported that a Season 3 is looking "more and more official-ish." Seriously, I think that peace treaties get signed faster than this! I'm not quite sure what the holdup is, but I honestly don't want to hear any more news about the entire thing until I am being told that the deal is 100% official. I can only hear that something is official-ish so many times... Stop playing with our heads and just make it official, NBC and DirecTV!