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Fringe Round 2: Are you officially a Fringe-fanatic?

The premiere of Fringe was definitely set up to impress and it most certainly did! So did the second episode pack enough punch to keep you watching? Are you all on board the Fringe-fanatic train or not sure you'll continue on?

Episode 2: What was that last image?

Fringe is turning out to be really interesting. It's a bizarre show! For episode 2, what was that image of those 3 men? Anyone know?

Which is better? True Blood or Fringe? (no Moonlight comments please)

Both have potential... But which is better?!?!?

Fringe Premiere: Cheers or Jeers?

With all the hype around the J.J. Abrams' newbie, did Fringe deliver? While it's not my genre of choice, the Fringe premiere had some pretty ridiculously cool stuff going on and a fantastic set-up for the season! Are you completely hooked after this premiere or still waiting to be impressed?

Tonight's Premieres: What will you be watching?

In case you haven't heard the massive amount of hype, J.J. Abrams' new series, Fringe premieres tonight on Fox at 8/7c! This will be an hour and 1/2 premiere, then next week it'll move to its timeslot of 9/8c for hour-long episodes (airing after the return of House - hooray!) Check out all the buzz in SideReel's Fringe News ! Also, really now if you haven't heard much about it, tonight kicks of The CW 's new show, Privileged at 9/8c. Check out the new series: Preview The CW's Privileged ! With these newbies taking the stage, what will you be watching tonight? Fringe Privileged 90210 The Shield Greek The Secret Life of The American Teenager Photo courtesy of

Fringe has sucked me in...already

Wow, I am amazed by this new creation of JJ Abrams. I can't wait to see this mythology play out. I feel already invested in this show. I remember feeling the exact same way about the pilot episode of ALIAS. After watching Fringe I'm actually looking forward to adding this one to my week. What do you think, will Fringe have any staying power?