'Ghost Whisperer' 5.03 Preview: Meet Eli's Ghost Parents

In 'Till Death Do Us Part', Eli's dad goes to the other side when he passes away out of heart attack. Read more.

Ghost Whisperer: Preview of Episode 5.2 "See No Evil"

Ever had one of those emails with emotionally manipulative stories that urge you to forward a number of copies and pass them on to as many recipients as possible? I don't know about you but I find chain letters annoying especially when it involves the exploitation of superstition to threaten the recipient with bad luck, physical violence or even death if he or she "breaks the chain" and refuses to adhere to the conditions set out in the letter. In tonight's Ghost Whisperer , we get a taste of this kind of hoax in the episode called "See No Evil." When a chain email goes viral in Grandview, Melinda attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery especially when several citizens turn up dead after breaking the chain. At the same time, Ned makes out with a girl named Brianna but a disturbance in campus leads them to make a terrifying discovery. And since both of them know about Melinda's gift, they call Melinda instead of the cops. Sooner or later, Ned and Brianna speculate that one of Brianna's friends is to blame for what happened, particularly the recently deceased Gwen Collier, who is causing the haunting. Evidently, Gwen blamed Brianna for her boyfriend dumping her after Brianna told Gwen's boyfriend that she made out with another guy. This led to a huge brawl but they didn't reconcile before Gwen was killed. When we last saw Ghost Whisperer, we met Melinda and Jim's son, Aiden, and witnessed his gift of empathy and his ability to see spirits as he turned 5 years old. Will we see more of Aiden's powers? And how is the chain email connected to the ghost of Gwen Collier? Find out tonight at 8pm on CBS. Source & Preview

Cancellation Buzz: Dollhouse BOMBS in Friday's Ratings - Featured

Some bad news for you Dollhouse fans (myself included). Friday night's season premiere - after its surprise renewal following its low-rated first season - debuted to an abysmal 2.56 million viewers - the lowest-ever rated episode for the series. (As a point of reference, the season 1 premiere had 4.7 million viewers , which while low, looks pretty good by comparison). The only consolation? Pretty much all of Friday's TV bombed. Also on FOX, the series premiere of the much maligned Brothers grabbed an also pathetic 2.82 million viewers (though, you might notice, still managed to beat Dollhouse , which makes me cry inside). Smallville was also waaaay down on The CW (and its new Friday timeslot) with just 2.5 million viewers (though the CW points out that this is still an improvement over their previous Friday night lineup) as was Law & Order on NBC, with just 6.29 million viewers. CBS won the night with its crime lineup of Ghost Whisperer , the newly acquired Medium (from NBC) and Numb3rs . These received 8.58, 8.78 and 7.92 million viewers, respectively. You may recall that Fox initially renewed Dollhouse on the strength of its DVR numbers, but frankly, even with those, the series is still likely in trouble. Better start that "Save Dollhouse" campaign back up pronto... Source

Ghost Whisperer "Birthday Presence" Season 5 Episode 1 - Preview

Watch a Preview of the new Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 1 "Birthday Presence" airing this Friday September 25 at 8pm on CBS. Episode Synopsis: Melinda gives birth to a baby boy who also has the gift of seeing spirits, but with one important difference which will have far-reaching consequences, on the fifth season premiere of GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, Sept. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Preview

Ghost Whisperer: Season 5 Premiere Preview

Finally, the day has come for us to meet Melinda's baby! Ghost Whisperer returns tonight for its highly anticipated fifth season, proving that a show can still thrive even when placed in the doomed Friday night timeslot. When we last saw the CBS supernatural drama, Melinda got the news she's been dreaming of: She's going to have a baby boy! Unfortunately, her son will also be able to see dead people, as mentioned by Carl the Watcher, and he's going to be far more gifted than Melinda could ever be. Ghost Whisperer continues tonight with the episode called "Birthday Presence," which finds our favorite Grandview residents in a five-year time jump. Melinda's son, Aiden, now five years old, celebrates his birthday with a party where Ned, Delia and Eli arrive as guests. It looks like things are also going smooth for Melinda and Sam, who has re-invented himself as a physician, but we all know that the happy couple's life together is not without the company of earthbound spirits with unfinished business. And with the addition of Aiden, I'm expecting that things can only get complicated from here. The season opener wastes no time in giving us a sampler of Aidan's gift, which will unravel as we get a glimpse of what happened exactly five years ago when a woman named Amber Heaton gets pregnant during a one night stand with an executive named Dale Harmon, whose wife Emily is having trouble getting pregnant. Dale's marriage hits a roadblock due to Dale's affair while Amber dies during childbirth. Her baby, Tyler, survives and is adopted though the ghost of Amber thinks the child's body died and his soul is now in Aiden's body, haunting him every year on his birthday. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 - Featured

* Medium (9/8c CBS) The paranormal drama about creepy spirits, dark unknowns and a psychic soccer mom who sees dead people does some strange channeling: Canceled by NBC, the show now rematerializes on CBS, completing a ghostly night on the Eye network. ( Ghost Whisperer precedes the show.) In the Season 6 opener, Allison struggles through the aftermath of her brain surgery and its potential lasting impact on her life. This also being a crime drama, there's some bad-guy intrigue: A TV-station owner enlists Devalos and Scanlon to probe the purported stalking of his station's sportscaster - who also happens to be his wife. Natalie Zea and Pruitt Taylor Vince guest star. * Brothers (8/7c Fox) Former New York Giants great Michael Strahan leaves the gridiron for sitcom land and, as evidenced by tonight's enjoyable premiere, it's a smooth switch. So as not to have to stretch too far, he plays a former NFL star named Mike Trainor who moves back home with his parents and brother after his financial adviser does an end around and leaves him broke. In the premiere, Mike and a young lady have an overnight playdate at his parents' house, which Mom (CCH Pounder) considers a personal foul. * Dollhouse (9/8c Fox) The first season of Joss Whedon's twisted retake on The Prisoner opened with a proverbial thud, taking a good six episodes to lurch into gear. By the end, of course, it was a high-octane delight, ably balancing solid story-of-the-weeks with the show's overarching plot of Echo filling in her blank slate. The Season 2 premiere continues in that vein, with Echo engaged on an undercover mission for none other than Ballard that involves a not-so-nice businessman ( Battlestar Galactica 's Jamie Bamber). Amy Acker, meanwhile, shines as Dr. Saunders, who experiences something of an identity crisis due to rather unique circumstances of her origins. * The Prisoner (8/7c IFC) The imaginative, mesmerizing - and enigmatic - British cult classic from the late 1960s gets a reprieve on the Independent Film Channel. Series creator Patrick McGoohan stars as a government agent known only as No. 6 (he has no name) who resigns his job and is placed in an apparently serene locale called the Village, where escape is impossible and all identities are mysteries. Although critically acclaimed, the series only ran for 17 episodes. Two more of them will follow the premiere. * Law & Order (8/7c NBC) Ever timely, the durable crime drama kicks off its 20th season with a question raised in the post-Bush Administration era: Should lawyers who green-lit harsh interrogation tactics in the War on Terror face charges for legitimizing torture? The murder of a veteran puts the issue on trial, with McCoy and Cutter on opposing sides of the debate. If that isn't sensational enough for you, wait until you see the bombshell Lt. Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) drops. * Ghost Whisperer (8/7c CBS) After seasons of watching people cross over to the other side, fans get to celebrate a birth on the Jennifer Love Hewitt drama series! In the fifth-season opener, Melinda's baby boy is born, and she discovers that her child, Aiden, has her gift. Source Here

CBS Fall TV Catch Up: The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer and Medium

New seasons of CBS' top-rated shows are fast approaching, but before we find out what has been happening since the shows ended in late spring, check out a quick reminder of what happened on the some of CBS' season finales... - CBS Fall TV Catch Up

Ghost Whisperer Producers Counting Down to Season 5 Premiere

Here we go! We've made it to final episode for Season 4 we kick off Season 5. Believe it or not, we're still putting finishing touches on our premiere episode, but should have it all locked up at the beginning of next week. Yikes! In our season premiere, you will be personally introduced to Melinda and Jim's new baby at the moment the baby is put into Melinda's arms. At that moment, Melinda and Jim will send, online, to all their Ghost Whisperer friends, a customized baby announcement with fabulous photos and details about their precious new gift. To receive this exciting up-to-the-moment bundle of joy (birth announcement!), register now by clicking here. And, tell your friends. We can't wait to share this once in a lifetime exciting Ghost Whisperer moment with you. And stay tuned to discover if Mel's baby has a "gift" related to the spirit world... and, if so, what's the "gift." To kick off Season 5, we've created a revolutionary interactive GHOST WHISPERER GHOST MAGIC music video. You can interact with the ghost and it will reveal clues and secrets about the spirit world. We'll provide more details for you right here, so check back in with us before the premiere. We've heard many of you are going to host Ghost Whisperer Premiere Parties all over the country - make sure you share with us how those screening parties go. Please be sure to join our Facebook group. Set up your profile, send us photos of you and your family and friends watching the show. Be sure to post comments! We love hearing from you. To Read More Click Here .

Ghost Whisperer Episode 5.01 "Birthday Presence" Promotional Photos

Check out the promotional photos for the season five premiere of Ghost Whisperer here

Ghost Whisperer: Season 5 Preview

Last season Ghost Whisperer plunged into new territory by literally rocking the foundations of the series with a new mythology: love transcends death. When the show returns for season 5 this fall, it would be set five years into the future ---in what promises to be a darker, deeper season of supernatural intrigue. I won't giveaway too much away but, obviously, since Melinda and Jim/Sam have already eloped last season, Ghost Whisperer season 5 is all about their new life together and the changes they have to endure now that their "special" child is born. "This season's big story is going to be driven by Melinda and Jim's new little guy, Aiden. Carl the Watcher told Melinda that her son would be able to do what she did, "and much, much more" -- and he wasn't lying. From the first episode -- brilliantly directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt -- it will become apparent what some of those gifts are. And that's because, yes, we're jumping five years ahead," Ghost Whisperer executive producers P.K. Simmons wrote on his blog. Bringing in a baby into the plot almost always ruins a show but I'm optimistic that this will open a lot of doors for season 5. It also fuels interesting storylines for Melinda and Jim, now that they're parents who will be taking their parenting role very seriously. And since the baby is going to be able to see and sense things that his mother Melinda can't, we can expect a whole other plane of existence that we never knew existed, including a dimension that is populated by beings both good and very bad ---some of which don't want to be seen at all. It's actually very creepy when you think about it. Ghost Whisperer season 5 premiers Friday, September 25 on CBS. Source Here