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Season 6, Season 7 Doesnt Work.

Most of the links there doesnt work, will it be fixed soon? Please do.


how do the links work help!!

Broken Links

Its an awesome show and if I don't get a fix of them (the gilmores)- I feel like I go into withdrawal and it really doesnt help that none of the links from Season 7 Ep14 work! How completely frustrating!!


ok i just started rewatching the whole series and im watching season three and i of course have fallen in love with jess again but did anyone notice that once jess and rory finally got together you hardly actually see them together?? arghh and considering i know hes going to take off soon youd think they would have given him a tad more screen time. hmm i spose this review is 4 years late.. thats my rant god jess was gorgeous i dont want to watch heroes coz i dont want to see milo grown up haha. i LOVE LOVE LOVE gilmore girls!!


anybody else find april oh so annoying?

Life and death brigade

Is it just me or do you totaly want to join the life and death brigade? it looks like sooo much fun!

surf the channel

you can watch all the episodes, including 22, on

Found Final Episode

Hey, I found a website where you can download gilmore girls episodes, even season 7 episode 22. It's kind of annoying cause they're in short clips, but if you download all the clips then play them one after another its OK. The website is

final episode

I agree. i just spent the last four weeks catching up with the final season and its a real disappointment not to have the final episode!!! please, please put it up for us to see.

Last episode

Heyy do you think you could post the very last episode on here? The one where they have the bon voyage?? That would be amazing!! i love this show!!