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SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Moms, Part 1 - Featured

Family Guy - Lois Griffin There are a rare and precious few moms who can be cool, hilarious, hot, and good mothers all in one, but Lois Griffin is one of these lucky few. Sure, she's an animated character on TV, but hey, she's allowed one flaw, right? So what makes Lois such a cool, funny, and good mom? It's the little things: she reads her daughter's diary out loud to the family as a joke, she manages to survive and still love her sweet little baby constantly plotting to kill her, and she gives her kids good life lessons like while you should wait to have sex, sometimes "rattlin' around just right is tops." Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Gilmore Speaking of cool, funny, and good moms, Lorelai most certainly ranks up there. Lorelai started her mothering days as a confused and scared 16-year-old, then went on to be a wonderful, supportive, independent, and truly excellent mom. Her ability to be best friend and mother to Rory made for one of the greatest mom-daughter relationships of its day (or ever) on TV. Friday Night Lights - Tami Taylor Tami is one of the most sweet yet real moms on TV these days as she juggles her home life with her husband, baby, teenage daughter, and her busy work life. Yet in all that, while she's wonderfully supportive, she also is no supermom which I appreciate in comparison to the TV moms of the good ol' days. No, real women cannot work all day, come home and make dinner, run 5 school committees, and keep a smile on their faces. Tami is an excellent, understanding, and honest mother, all the while reminding her family, and us viewers, that moms are human (and should be) too! The O.C. - Kirsten Cohen Kirsten is kind of the super rich O.C. version of Tami Taylor as she was an awesome wife and mom, a great friend to those from her ex-boyfriend/neighbor to her foster teenage son, or anyone else who happened to wander through her home. She kept up a stressful job, plus often, but not as realistically, reminded everyone this was not easy. Kirsten knew just when to tell her teens something "big" was going to blow over, and when to tell them they needed to call the cops because killing someone even by accident wasn't a usual blow-over teen issue. With all that O.C. drama, a big fav TV moms thanks to Kirsten for (kinda) keepin' it real for us! That 70's Show - Kitty Forman Kitty Forman was among TV's first truly awful/awesome moms. She cared deeply about the well-being of her children, didn't judge her children's bad decisions that didn't really matter, and knew far more than her sweet curly hair and smile let on, until she burst forth with a snarky comment or five. She was the perfect balance of sarcastic and sweet mother who was always prepared to be the shoulder to cry on, or the voice of unwanted reason. Continue to Part 2

Guest Stars Revealed for Grey's Season Finale - Featured

All eyes are on Meredith and Derek as they continue to prepare for their looming wedding. But that's not all that's worth looking into, especially as Grey's Anatomy concludes its fifth season with a two-hour finale slated to air on May 14. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, series creator Shonda Rhimes has tapped Debra Mooney and Liza Weil for the highly anticipated season ender. Mooney, known for her role on Everwood , most recently appeared on Eleventh Hour , ER , Cold Case , and Pushing Daisies . On the other hand, Weil is credited for her role as Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls , as well as her roles on The West Wing , The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and ER . Weil also has ties to Rhimes' other show, Private Practice given that her real-life husband is cast member Paul Adelstein. On Grey's Anatomy, Mooney will play the mother of Kevin McKidd's emotionally plagued character Owen, while Weil will appear as a cancer patient who crosses paths with Izzie. Aside from her upcoming guest stint on Grey's Anatomy, Weil has also been cast in Mars, a film about the discovery of life on Mars which puts a robotic expedition and a manned mission in a race to the Red Planet, and Little Fish, Strange Pond, a crime comedy movie that features Matthew Modine, Lisa Brenner, Adam Baldwin and her husband Paul Adelstein. Meanwhile, fans can catch the next new episode of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, April 23 in which Izzie throws herself into planning Derek and Meredith's wedding while she goes through an aggressive cancer treatment. Hector Elizondo (Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries) and Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams, Carnivle) guest star for this episode. Source here

Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel's Comedy Gets a Poster, New Title - Featured

Just recently we ran a Gilmore Girls Where Are They Now? Feature and commented that Alexis Bledel had been kind of quiet lately. So...we're happy to update you with 2 exciting pieces of news: 1. She's appearing in the ER series finale ! 2. Her summer film has gotten a teaser poster (shown here), release date and new title: Post Grad (it was previously titled The Post-Grad Survival Guide). The film focuses on a college student that moves back in with her parents following graduation and tries to figure out her life. Costarring Zach Gilford ( Friday Night Lights ), Jane Lynch and Michael Keaton! Post Grad opens August 14th. I'm kind of looking forward to this one! Source: MTV Movies Blog

'Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel Scrubbing for 'ER' Finale - Featured

Former " Gilmore Girls " star, Alexis Bledel, is chosen to guest-star on the series finale of NBC's " ER ", People reported. The final episode, which will be broadcast on April 2, sets the 27-year-old beauty in the role as Dr. Julia Wise, a new intern at County General. Bledel joins several stars for the medical drama's farewell season, who will reprise their roles in the March 12 episode, including George Clooney as Doug and Julianna Margulies as Carol. Rumor has it, Susan Sarandon will also star as a patient's grandmother. "ER" is an American medical drama which is mainly shot in the emergency room of fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. It was created by the late novelist, Michael Crichton. The TV series, that was run on NBC since September 19, 1994, has produced more than 300 episodes so far. Source Here

Fav TV Couples: Top 10 Failed Couples, Part 1 - Featured

Heroes - Sylar & Elle Now if this isn't one of the ultimate failed TV couples, I don't know who is - it's one thing to end up with a broken heart and a couple of lessons from a relationship gone wrong, but another to wind up after a romantic night on the beach with your head split open to steal your superpowers and kill you, and then darn, getting your body burned. Ouch, love hurts. Lost - Jack & Kate Dare to disagree, Jate fans, (is that what we're calling them, because I'd say therein their awful couple hybrid name lies their dimise), but I would call Jack and Kate not only one of our star-crossed couples, but just plain failed. Remember when she kept not picking Jack while on the island, slept with Sawyer in a bear cage with Jack watching (okay, she didn't know til later), then they got engaged once off the island but self-destructed as a couple? I'm not seeing any hope of recovery or even any true love here, so I'm going to say this is a much more mature and dramatic Joey and Dawson we have going here. The Office - Ryan & Kelly Ryan and Kelly are one of the most hilarious, mismatched, and disastrous couples our TVs have ever seen! Ryan the constantly annoyed office temp started to date Kelly for some reason, though he made it quite clear when chatting with the camera that he found her very annoying. Finally after lots of insanely aggravating fights between the two, we saw Ryan see a light at the end of the relationship tunnel when he thought the Scranton branch was closing and he told Kelly there was just no way to stay together if they weren't working together, and then he dumped her when he got his corporate gig. But wait! Even better, perhaps for this couple was when Ryan returned to the office after getting arrested for fraud, then in his pathetic state, took Kelly back, only to get dumped for warehouse worker Daryl. Sex and the City - Charlotte & Trey Charlotte, our hopeless Sex and the City romantic, wanted nothing more than a magical romantic experience like her first meeting with Trey to allow her to fall head over heels and get her fairytale wedding and marriage on the go asap. And while she got a romantic meeting as Trey's cab almost ran her over and he "saved her life," she also got a horribly unromantic proposal. Charlotte then discovered that her stuffed-shirt fiance could be romantic but not so romantic when it really came down to the marriage. So finally, Trey and Charlotte called it quits forever, leaving Charlotte to meet the one she was actually meant to be with, her adorable divorce lawyer Harry! Gilmore Girls - Rory & Dean Rory and Dean started out as a sweet first high school relationship for both, and that's how they will probably remember each other, but plus a whole lot of drama and mistakes in between. Rory broke Dean's heart as she couldn't resist the new bad boy in town, Jess, and then not so very long after, Dean shocked Rory by getting married at the end of high school! But then to really put the icing on this failed relationship cake, good girl Rory was so confused by her own relationship and her renewed attraction to (married) Dean, that Dean became her first, turning her into the horrid "other woman." So it was truly quits for these two a while after their big mistakes, leaving Dean free for such a happy marriage, and Rory free to go out in the world and discover much more in life and love. Continue to Part 2

Fav TV Couples: When On-Screen Romances Get Real, Part 1 - Featured

Gilmore Girls - Milo Ventimiglia & Alexis Bledel Besides the sweet love of this duo's on-screen mother and uncle, the high school romance of Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano was one of the greatest heartbreaking romances of the WB - but even better? That the addictive on-screen chemistry wasn't just the amazing acting of Alexis and Milo, but also their true attraction shining through! Alexi and Milo dated for 3 1/2 years, from about December 2002 - July 2006, aka during Seasons 3 - 6. So they began dating around the time Rory and Jess were in the beginning of their relationship, and then ended during Rory's Yale days with Logan, and just months before Milo's new hit gig of Heroes premiered. The O.C. - Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson Another adorable on-screen couple from a WB fav, Seth and Summer, also took their romance off-camera dating for 3 years from 2003 to December 2006. This would put them at beginning to date in the 1st season of The O.C., perhaps meaning just like her on-screen counter-part, Rachel found herself wooed by the adorable and funny Seth/Adam, but then they grew apart until their 2006 break up about where Seth and Summer were trying to work things out in their college days and the final season of The O.C. Felicity - Keri Russell & Scott Speedman The purpose of Felicity was to discover if Felicity and the boy she followed to college, Ben, were meant to be or if Felicity was just a stalker, and surprise! She was a stalker because they were meant to be! It didn't hurt their on-screen chemistry and romantic development that these two began dating near the beginning of Felicity's 4 season run in 1998 and dated throughout almost the entire series. Sadly, though, they didn't find their soul mate in each other like their on-screen counterparts as they broke up in 2001, but when Felicity wrapped up in 2002, Felicity and Ben officially got their happy ending. House - Jennifer Morrison & Jesse Spencer On House, it's always about disastrous relationships, and well, it looked like though their on-screen selves were struggling, the real-life Chase and Cameron, aka Jennifer and Jesse, were going to make it to happily ever after... or not. Jennifer and Jesse met in March 2004 at the airport on the way to shoot the first House episode, and they started dating in July 2004. In January 2007, they got engaged in Paris, but then that August, called off the engagement. Ironically, on-screen, there was plenty of Chase-Cameron flirtation, but the characters didn't get together until May 2007 in Season 3, so while their on-screen characters were just getting together, just months later their real-life romance came to an end... for now? True Blood - Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Oh, the sexy vampire-telepathist romance of True Blood's Sookie and Bill! While some fans of True Blood strongly dislike this coupling, their chemistry on-screen is overwhelming and was one of the most intriguing parts of the 1st season - and apparently the pair agreed in finding that on-screen chemistry overwhelming as it led to their real-life mortal romance! Anna and Stephen began dating right around filming the first episode of the new series, and so far, unlike the star-crossed Sookie and Bill, are still going strong! Continue to Part 2

WB Week: Gilmore Girls - Where Are They Now? - Featured

Lauren Graham aka Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham has already been in a few movies since Gilmore's end, including the unfortunate Evan Almighty and last year's Flash Of Genius with Greg Kinnear. However, seems as though even bigger things are on the way, as Graham will soon be starring in a Broadway production of Guys and Dolls. What's more, her ABC pilot - Let it Go - was recently greenlit. Alexis Bledel aka Rory Gilmore Much like Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy , I don't think that Bledel will ever find a better role than Rory Gilmore. Since Gilmore's conclusion, Bledel has only had one role to date - reprising her role of Lena in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequel. Ironically, though she was the big name in the original film, one could argue that both Blake Lively and America Ferrera have since surpassed her in fame. Time, however, will tell, and Bledel does have 2 upcoming film credits for 2009. Scott Patterson aka Luke Danes Scott Patterson appeared in feature films Saw IV and Saw V . He also starred in the single season CW show Aliens in America as patriarch Gary Tolchuck. He has a movie listed in pre-production for 2009 called "Liberty". Edward Herrmann aka Richard Gilmore Edward Hermann has been pretty quiet since his time in Gilmore, though he was already a venerable actor, so perhaps he has been intentionally laying low. He has, however, had time to guest star in both Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock . Kelly Bishop aka Emily Gilmore Kelly Bishop, like her onscreen husband, has likely been quietly enjoying life since Gilmore's conclusion. Her only credit to date is a 2 episode guest arc on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit . Melissa McCarthy aka Sookie St. James Melissa McCarthy has had steady work since she finished her days on Gilmore. The following TV season, she landed the role of Dena on sitcom Samantha Who? . She also appeared in a movie in 2008 entitled "Just Add Water". Rory's various men: Jared Padalecki aka Dean Forester We all recognize Padalecki as Sam on current CW series Supernatural . He also has a penchant for horror films, as since his Gilmore days his film credits include House of Wax, Cry Wolf and the upcoming Friday the 13th. Milo Ventimiglia aka Jess Mariano Seems as though Rory's men have done well for themselves in their post-Gilmore days as Ventimiglia is one of the most recognizable leads of the huge ensemble cast of NBC's Heroes . He also appeared in the short-lived series The Bedford Diaries and feature films including Rocky Balboa and Pathology . You may have also heard his name in news for being attached to his much younger Heroes co-star, Hayden Panettiere; he used to date Alexis Bledel in real-life. Matt Czuchry as Logan Huntzberger Since Gilmore, Czuchry has so far only appeared in a 4 episode guest arc on Friday Night Lights as Chris Kennedy. He also has a movie credit listed for release in 2009. So..which Stars Hollow resident or friend has come the farthest?

WB Week: Top 10 Favorite WB Characters, Part 1 - Featured

Dawson's Creek - Pacey Witter Dawson's Creek will always have a special place in my heart and the hearts of plenty of others (mainly girls perhaps?) who struggled through high school relationships, awkwardness, and everything else with the kids of the creek. But while the show started out Dawson-focused, the interest in Dawson lasted a little while, but though I personally had a hard time letting go of the Dawson-Joey soul mate wishes, I (and many other Creek fans) quickly fell for Pacey's truly humble and sweet ways. Pacey turned out to be the unexpected hero for Joey (and viewers) who swept us away with that darling smile and that true heart of gold that still wins me over on any repeat I catch, despite that ridiculous 90's haircut! Gilmore Girls - Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano The greatest parts of Gilmore Girls were the great bond between Lorelai and Rory, plus watching Rory grow up as she learned some tough lessons in life and love. Yes, cliche, but with Rory as the most strikingly intelligent romantic on TV, she was a very difficult character not to love. And so hand in hand with this favorite character mention comes that character ever so difficult for Rory not to love: Jess Mariano. Jess was the ultimate soft-hearted bad boy who swept into Rory's sleepy town and his character was very endearing yet heartbreaking which is exactly what every teenage girl watching wanted - come on now, Dean was cute and sweet, but didn't Jess thrill you with his sweet yet confusing writer-bad-boy emotions? Felicity - Javier Clemente Quintata Enough sappiness over the WB guys I crushed on far too much - now Felicity was a bit of a concerning crusher herself, but who kept her head above water all those college years of utter romantic and life confusion? Why her insanely adorable Dean & Deluca boss, Javier! Javier was the perfect more mature shoulder for all the cast to lean on as his need to tear up at any important moment in the lives of those like Felicity and Ben really gave an extra layer of warmth and flavor to the series. The O.C. - Seth Cohen While Ryan Atwood may have been the cool bad boy coming into town on this WB fav, it was geeky foster brother Seth Cohen that left the most impact on many an O.C. lovin' heart! Seth was geeky and awkward, but secretly we all knew he was a very well-adjusted kid with an amazing family who just needed to escape the trendy OC kids to get himself to the perfect college already. Seth wasn't just hilarious in his awkwardness, but incredibly adorable as we learned he was totally in love with the gorgeous and unreachable (not for long!) Summer Roberts. Those endearing qualities along with Seth's quirky wit made him one of the greatest WB characters we've known! Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars While there are many characters to love on Veronica Mars, Veronica deserves to be on this list as it was her snarky detective self who really captured our love for this show! I missed out on VM while it was on the air, and am just now catching up on SideReel, so now through 2 of the 3 seasons, I've found Veronica to be one of the most solid and real female characters (okay, so real teens don't do detective work in their spare time, but personality-wise), of the WB and TV in general. Who knew one girl could save the world, show us it's okay to be a mess and have no friends, yet show us to love those real friends and family like no other! On to Part 2

Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham: Where is She Now? - Featured

Though you may not have seen much of Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham since that show's conclusion, you'll be pleased to know that this will soon change. Graham revealed what's in store for her in the upcoming year in this Exclusive Q&A with EW's Michael Ausiello . Graham will soon be appearing in a Broadway production of musical Guys and Dolls. Wondering if she can sing? Asks Ausiello: How's the singing coming? I think the only time I've heard you sing was in an episode of Gilmore Girls. Responds Graham: "Yes, but Lorelai was drunk! People keep saying that to me and I'm like, "Don't gauge my singing ability by Lorelai singing drunk in the seventh season. That wasn't my Broadway debut." [Laughs] It's hard to talk about. I auditioned. I've been training as a singer for a long time. I did musicals in high school and college. I did summer stock. I got my equity card before any of my other unions - I thought I was on that path. But I stopped for a while. Also, this is not a legit soprano part; I can't sing that music. But this is something I'm enjoying doing. I really connect with this character. I really like her. I feel comfortable in this medium. I feel happy to be here. It's been a challenge, but I'm really enjoying it." And...for those of us who won't be able to catch Graham on Broadway, she's also landed the lead in a new ABC series from Mitch Hurwitz ( Arrested Development ) and Alex Herschlag ( Will & Grace ). Graham will be playing a self-help guru who is deeply flawed. Graham describes the show as a dark comedy. Graham hopes to film the pilot while working on Guys and Dolls (to which she is committed through October). So...excited to see Graham doing things again? Read the full Q&A: Exclusive Q&A: Lauren Graham on Broadway, Gilmore movie, and her big TV comeback (and while Ausiello teases a Gilmore movie, don't get too excited, because it ain't happening)

From Girl to Guru: Lauren Graham Lands ABC Comedy

Lauren Graham could soon be showing us the funny again. ABC has made a production commitment to a new comedy starring the former Gilmore Girl as a self-help guru who advises women on how to live a stress-free life, only to have her calm center unsettled when her boyfriend dumps her. Self-help guru to women is rocked by her ironically rocky love life? Does she then move to a small town in Alaska and take an hirsute suitor? According to Variety, Graham will also serve as a producer on the as-yet-untitled laffer, which would mark her first series-regular role since Gilmore Girls signed off in May 2007. Alex Herschlag ( Will & Grace ) will pen the pilot. read from: TvGuide Graham makes her Broadway debut in February as the female lead (aka Miss Adelaide) in a revival of Guys and Dolls .