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First Look at 'Glee' Star Jane Lynch in 'The Cleveland Show'

Jane Lynch, the actress who tackles the role of Sue Sylvester in "Glee", will soon be coming into "The Cleveland Show". How her animated character will look like in this "Family Guy" spinoff has been teased through pictures obtained via Daemon TV. The three stills have Jane's character confronting Roberta. Jane will portray Roberta's brusque, no-nonsense new teacher named Ms. Eck when "The Cleveland Show" is aired on January 10. In the episode titled "Love Rollercoaster", Ms. Eck will be seen encouraging Roberta to alter her appearance. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. befriends the disguised Roberta and falls in love with her. The show has been renewed for a second season. With the back nine episodes order, it will return with 13 episodes in Fall 2010 and stay on screen at least until mid 2011. Before airing the "Love Rollercoaster", it will televise "Field of Streams" episode which follows Cleveland when he has a nostalgic flashback to the glory days as his high school's baseball all-star and then visits his alma mater only to find out that there's no longer a team. Source & More Photos

2010 TV Wish List: Kendra's Top 10 Wishes for the New Year - Featured

Here at SideReel we've reviewed 2009 TV , so now it's time to look ahead at TV in the new year! Here are my top 10 wishes for what I believe will make TV in 2010 great. Heroes improves the carnival storyline While it seems like an interesting idea for heroes to be free and open about their powers by showing them off in a carnival, Heroes tried introducing new heroes in Season 2 and it failed, and it doesn't seem like that's turning out any differently for Season 4. Here's hoping that this carnival storyline will get to the point sooner rather than later in 2010 so we can see what it has to offer beyond a distraction from the show having no direction with its original characters. Glee has more to give Being a true blue gleek, I'm not saying I don't have faith in Glee continuing to be fantastic, but after all the main storylines coming to a head and/or conclusion in the fall finale, my Glee hope for 2010 is that they didn't burn themselves out trying to impress and keep Glee on the air this fall. Grey's Anatomy improves or gets canceled While Grey's has been losing its way and fans for a few years, I'd say between the Denny ghost storyline, George dying, Izzie living then disappearing, and trying to work in the recession, 2009 was a bad year for Grey's. It's hard to keep a show going six seasons in, and since Grey's is not proving to have a lot more to offer, I'd really like 2010 to be the year where Grey's gets its act together or decides to call it quits with the chance for a proper conclusion. Isn't it time to just know MerDer lives happily ever after already without us having to watch them from week to week? Huddy actually happens on House We've been playing the will-they-or-won't-they game with House and Cuddy for 5 1/2 seasons now. This past year brought the closest call yet on them getting together, then when it didn't happen, it almost seemed like it was going to be the final word that it would never happen for them... and then that didn't happen. After getting so close this season, I think 2010 needs to finally be the year where they just decide already if they're going to get together or not. I think the show can go on either way, and it's just getting exhausting to continue to play the waiting game. Gossip Girl figures out what to do with Serena & Nate's lives Gossip Girl has been a bit of a mess this season with all of the gang except Jenny graduating high school, but I think the worst part of "GG goes to college" has been not everyone just going to college. Serena needed to stay close instead of go to Brown, but that decision should have led to going to the same college as the rest of the group instead of trying to have a job. Along with that, Nate needs to stop with all the external family drama that makes his storylines too separate from the rest of the group as well. My big wish for 2010 that I think would greatly improve GG overall is to figure out what Serena and Nate are doing already, and hopefully that will lead to focusing on college, new friends, and new drama! The Office baby adds to the show As an enormous Jim and Pam fan, their wedding was definitely a big TV highlight for me in 2009, but the immediate addition of a JAM baby makes me a little nervous. Since it threw off the dynamic of the show and cast when Pam was off in NY at art school, I worry that a new baby could take Pam out of the mix for a while, and mess with the balance and humor of the show instead of adding to it. So, here's hoping The Office gang has a good plan for baby JAM and how baby storylines can add to the show instead of messing with what we love! True Blood has a better villain storyline for Season 3 Season 2 of True Blood was amazing, but I while MaryAnn was an interesting villain, her entire story was not great. I much preferred Season 1's murder mystery plot to the devil woman + town madness theme of Season 2, so my wish for the new True Blood season of 2010 is that there will be a much more solid season villain theme to go along with the surrounding awesomeness! Dollhouse has a proper series conclusion It is sad to see Dollhouse go so soon especially after such a good fan fight for it last year, so the only acceptable way to see this one go out is with a bang. Joss Whedon and his shows have become famous as one season hit wonders, so now that Dollhouse not only got a second season, but enough of a warning of its cancellation to write a good conclusion, my hope is that all those working on the show really do it justice for the fans. Annie and Jasper go to jail on 90210 This is probably my most outrageous TV wish for 2010, but it's what I really want, so I'm sayin' it! Jasper going to jail is probably a little more reasonable considering he's a drug dealer with no complicated details around that illegal fact, but since he's so young, he may get off easy even if he does get in legal trouble. But he's just so annoying, I hope this character can be taught a serious lesson... which leads me to our ex-90210 leading lady, the insanely annoying Annie! Her crime is a little more tricky being an accident and her being a scared, confused teen, but drinking and driving, and a hit-and-run, and a witness? That sounds like a good possibility for her to get in some serious trouble if it goes to the police, and in my dream of dreams, I'd love to see good girl-turned-really-dumb-and-annoying-pretend bad girl go away for a while - however that may be done. Cougar Town gets canceled While this isn't the worst new comedy, it's not the best. My 2009 wish was that this would be Courteney Cox Arquette's fun and fantastic return to comedy, but instead it's just a cute, tolerable 30 minutes of predictable characters saying predictable things. So my hope for 2010 is that this one just ends quietly instead of going on to a second season which will predictably slide downhill into a much more embarrassing cancellation. What are your 2010 TV wishes?

Glee and Breaking Bad Top TV At Satellite Awards - Featured

On Sunday the International Press Academy's 14th Satellite Awards were held in Century City and Glee and Breaking Bad pulled in most of the television related categories for the night. Glee managed to take home the win in five different categories, including Kristin Chenoweth's guest role as well as others for actors Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, and Lea Michele. The show also took home the win for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical. Breaking Bad pulled in wins for Best TV Series, Drama and Bryan Cranston pulled in the Best Actor in a Series, Drama win. The full list of television winners at this year's Satellite awards can be seen below. To Read More Click Here .

Glee Spoilers - The Road to Regionals

Glee will be returning with new episodes on April 13 (see when your other favorite shows return in 2010) and Glee creator Ryan Murphy shares some upcoming spoilers during an E!Online interview. Murphy was very surprised by the fans' love for the Rachel-Puck relationship. He reveals that Rachel will be dealing with several men in the second half of season one, including Finn, Puck and newcomer Jonathan Groff's character (who also happens to be Lea Michele's former Spring Awakening co-star). Murphy also reveals that Quinn will be having her baby before the end of the season, but chances are it won't happen on stage at Regionals. Don't count Sue Sylvester out because she departed to Florida at the end of the last episode. Sue will be back and might even be in cahoots with Vocal Adrenaline, according to Murphy. He promises she'll continue to be funny and wicked and evil in the second half of the season. Murphy claims that what they're dubbing the "Madonna episode" will be HUGE. Ten Madonna songs will be sung during the episode. And don't expect throwaway songs they will all be big production numbers. Kristen Chenoworth will be returning to the show in 2010 (although we already knew that). But what we didn't know is that we should be expecting some other familiar, famous faces to pop by. Murphy doesn't reveal who, but he says "Childhood idols of mine who I got on the phone, and I was literally like [freaking out], but they love the show and want to do it." Source Here

Trouble for Wemma: More Terri Schuester Ahead on Glee

Troubling news, Wemma fans: In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Glee creator Ryan Murphy didn't make it sound like the burgeoning new couple of Will and Emma will be sailing off into the adorable sunset any time soon. 'I think the two characters of Will and Emma are two people that audiences root to be together. So of course it's my job to keep them apart,' he said. How might he do that? By incorporating more of Jessalyn Gilsig as Will's unstable wife, Terri. 'We're writing new stuff for Jessalyn that's unexpected and good,' he said. I think people didn't like the hysterical pregnancy story, but I liked it. She's amazing, and Jessalyn and I would say, every show needs a really good villain.'' Source Here

'Glee' Is Big Winner at 14th Satellite Awards

"Glee" is splashed all over 14th Annual Satellite Awards winners list. The new musical show by FOX has dominated the 14 categories in television by winning five of them including Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical. The leading cast, Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele, have also won in the Best Actor and Actress of Comedy or Musical categories respectively. In the drama genre, it is "Breaking Bad" that triumphs. Beside being named Best Drama Series, the AMC show takes a nod through Bryan Cranston as Best Actor in Drama. Another double winner is TV movie "Grey Gardens" which victory also owes it to Drew Barrymore. Winners were selected by the members of International Press Academy (IPA) and were announced in a gala ceremony held at InterContinental Hotel in Century City on Sunday, December 20. Beside announcing winners in television, IPA also grants winners in movie, DVD and video games. To Read More Click Here .

Lea Michele reflects on singing Streisand

I have to admit that from the first time I saw Glee, I loved Lea Michele. The character of Rachel Berry, that "determined to be a star and I don't care who knows it" attitude appealed to me. I recognized that feeling, too, because I remember watching Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl in the movies and having the same feeling of identification. When Streisand finished singing "I'm the Greatest Star" as Fanny Brice, I was convinced. Well, Lea feels it, too. She's a major Streisand fan and she loved singing a Barbra song on Glee. Every time Lea Michele has had a chance to go diva -- like "Maybe This Time" and "Defying Gravity" -- she's displayed that Streisandesque musical power. So when the winter finale had the New Directions show choir at sectionals and Rachel stepped up to sing "Don't Rain on My Parade," I was on the edge of my seat. I wondered if Lea would pull it off. I say that because it's a very hard song to do, everything is on the offbeat and it's a driving melody that requires a big voice and a lot of stamina. To Read More Click Here .

Idina Menzel not coming to Glee - yet

Here's a bit of news to help us through the hiatus: It isn't set in stone yet that Idina Menzel will be making an appearance but just keep your fingers crossed everyone. As for Kristen Chenoweth, though, she will indeed be reprising her role as April Rhodes in an upcoming episode. Hurry up Ryan Murphy! We want our Glee soon!~

'Glee's' Mark Salling pays musical tribute to his job

We knew putting Mark Salling from "Glee" on our underrated list for 2009 was a good idea. Yes, he's got a good voice and good comic timing and has stolen more than a couple of scenes on the show as the surprisingly soulful jock-turned-New Directions member Puck. Source & Video

What's the Key to Glee?

Considering the series has already spawned two soundtracks, it would be easy to say that Glee music has been the key to this show's success. But co-creator Brad Falchuk says otherwise. In an interview with, he pointed to the Fox hit's emotional core as the basis for its buzz and its ratings so far. "One of the main pitfalls of any theoretically ''niche' show is that you spend too much time on the 'niche' and not enough time on the 'show.' We make sure that our stories and characters are compelling first, then worry about the music... what makes people interested in hearing it again and again is that it evokes the memories of the emotional experience they had with the characters when they heard the song on the show," Falchuk said. To Read More Click Here .