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Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Guess Who Might Get Together?

There we were, minding our own business, playing with our official CW-released Gossip Girl character trading cards, trying to figure out who the rumored three mystery couplings would be, when BAM! According to E! Online, Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO" will totally make us go blind, in kind of a sexy Jenna-from-Pretty-Little-Liars way. Why? Because one of the couples may just be Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) and a Bass boy. Before you start hugging yourself in fear and...

Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale: The Last Scene of the Show Is a [SPOILER]!

There’s a lot to process as we get ready to finish out the Gossip Girl series on Monday, December 17 in the show’s Season 6/Series Finale, Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO." Although we were previously informed that the show would feature either flashbacks or flash forwards, apparently that’s not the case. We’re not sure if something changed, or if the original intel was botched, but according to E! Online, we have even more craziness to look forward...

Gossip Girl Series Finale Clip: You Georgina Sparks?

In another clip from the Gossip Girl series finale, two great schemers meet for the first time. Right after Georgina Sparks makes a shady phone call regarding Dan, Jack Bass rolls up - in a limo, natch - and asks her to join him in a scheme. Blair Waldorf recommended her, so she must be good at it. What do you think Jack has in mind for Georgina? Watch their introduction below:

Kristen Bell on the 'Gossip Girl' finale reveal: 'You know I'd be shot!'

Kristen Bell is having great fun "taunting" her girlfriends with a big "XOXO," being one of the current few to know who "Gossip Girl" is."You know I'd be shot!," the lively, friendly actress muses to Zap2it of giving away the big reveal of Monday's (Dec. 17) two-hour finale of the CW series. Throughout the six-season run, Bell has been the literal, amusingly snarky voice of the title blogger who has remained unseen while spilling juicy tidbits about privileged Serena (Blake Lively) and others on New York's Upper East Side.Especially since she went after it so proactively, Bell is sorry to lose the gig. "When 'Veronica Mars' was canceled," she recalls, "the following season of pilots for The CW had been announced, and one was 'Gossip Girl.' I read it, and I knew I was sort of old to play any of the kids. I called Dawn Ostroff -- who was the head of The CW...

'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Video: One Last Chance for Dan and Serena

The Gossip Girl series finale promises to bring an end to six season of Upper East Side scheming and manipulation. Chuck and Blair are free to be together now that Bart Bass has plummeted to his death (assuming Chuck isn't sent to prison for negligent homicide). Nate is going to take on last stab at unmasking Gossip Girl herself.

Michelle Trachtenberg Ponders 'Gossip Girl''s End

Spotted: Georgina Sparks all dressed up with nowhere to go. Such will be the case in a few short days when "Gossip Girl" ends its six-season run on The CW. It looks like, at least, Georgina's alter-ego Michelle Trachtenberg is sorta, kinda, maybe ready for the finale. Or, perhaps more accurately, is wondering whether you're ready? So, are you?

Which Gossip Girl Star Basically Called the Show “Awful”?

It’s tough when a show you’ve been on for so long starts, well, sucking. We still think that Gossip Girl has sunbeams shining out of its nether regions, and we even love it when it beats us over the head with less-than-stellar storylines, but we acknowledge that some of the fizz may have gone flat in Season 6. But here’s the thing: no matter who the actors on the show may be now, Gossip Girl is responsible for making them into household names. So, we were a little shocked...

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: The Usual Suspects?

In this sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO," Monday's Gossip Girl series finale, Nate and Sage are looking over the evidence, considering the suspects and closing in on the mother of all mysteries. Just who is Gossip Girl exactly ? Do they know? Apparently Jenny Humphrey, who was Sage's idol in seventh grade, is at least being talked about, but the conversation then turns to situations where Gossip Girl went easy on someone. That could be a clue. She shut down after Chuck and Blair's accident, led Dan and Blair to Juliet after Serena was drugged, supposedly spared S before graduation. Who knows. Maybe she was a guardian angel of sorts?

Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: A Polarizing Twist ...

The Gossip Girl's finale is just days away, and speculation is running rampant as to what we can expect in the closing moments of the final chapter, when the series endgame - and titular character - are revealed at last. It sounds like there may be more surprises in store than fans are ready for. Regarding the much-discussed flash forward, we'll catch a glimpse at no fewer than FIVE Gossip Girl couples at an undetermined point in the not-too-distant future, according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello . Of those five pairings, "Three future couplings will surprise you. Two won’t." Read More...

Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale Spoiler: Last 15 Minutes Will Be “Incendiary”

For all you Chair shippers out there, you remember how frustrating it was when Blair (Leighton Meester) briefly got together with Dan (Penn Badgley). How could she betray Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) like that? How could Dair ever compete with the most OTP of all OTPs? Well, according to TV Line, things aren’t all wrapped up in a golden bow yet for our favorite Gossip Girl characters. Spoiler king Michael Ausiello reports that something truly jaw-dropping is going to happen in Season 6,...