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What happened to Owen and Christina?

When Owen first appeared they had some completely amazing scenes together!The scene in the ventilator, the shower scene, the one where he picks her up after that ice thing wounded her. Their scenes were so intense and well written and they actually had chemistry. This season their relationship is so blah,even annoying... I mean the chemistry is so toned down. What happened?Is it ther writer's lack of inspiration or something else? He definately has amazing chemistry with Teddy though. "Every great love story begins with a punch in the face" Dean/Jo shipper

scrubs (not the show)

Why are they wearing scrubs all the time on the show? It kinda makes the show look cheap I think, because it's like they don't have enough money for other costumes. On ER the surgeons often wore shirts and ties under lab coats (especially the boss-Romano and Benton). I thought the whole idea of wearing scrubs is to have sterile clothes in the OR and that you would change before surgery. But on Grey's even the big shot doctors like Derek and Sloan wear scrubs all the time. The only person who sometimes has a shirt is the Chief.

Does anyone find Adelle annoying?

I mean, she's always rolling her eyes and shrieking as loud as possible. She's so dramatic, and often over the top. lol

Filming Question

I'm just curious, does anyone know how far they are ahead with filming and screening the show in America?

Put Chief into the romantic mix

everyone has had their goes with each other, why not the chief. Sure he's married to a wife we never see but personally, I think Bailey and the Chief would make a really cute couple...

Commonly used words or phrases of Grey's Anatomy

"(Enter subject's name) went/gone rogue"..should I feel dumb for not even knowing what "rogue" means?


Just stop stalking Alex. Stop being a husband stealer. Just stop you puny little UGH. I like her character, but I HATE HER WHEN SHE FLIRTS WITH ALEX. Reed needs to stop. Do you feel the same way???

Kim Raver

UGH. She was horrible in Lip Stick Jungle. Don't bring her on here! So Tonight Hunt recommends her as the new Cardio Doctor and she has a secret crush on Hunt

song at the very end of tonights episode??

the VERY last song played, when the Chief was at the bar. please lemme know! :)

What did Owen say to Cristina at the end (about Teddy)

Teddy wears a scrub cap with birdies in it... Teddy's bestfriend died in some tower at Columbia, and her bestfriend happens to love birds...