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Mark, Addison, Lexie, and 'the new girl.'

Ask Ausiello has a new post: crossover w/ private practice. Apparently Mark calls Addison to Seattle to operate on "she who might be his illegitimate daughter" and then flies the girl to LA when it seems she needs more surgery. There will be more info on the story in tomorrow's issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Oh How the Dynamic Has Changed...

6 regular cast members were sitting around an apartment having breakfast...and only 1 was an original member (Yang). -Meredith is "recovering" but she doesn't have anything to do with that group anyway. -George bit the dust. -Izzi is...being the worst person on the face of the earth. -And Alex is drowning in self pity while setting up a possible flirtation with short red head bitchy doctor. Do people like the new "friends" as much?

do not miss Meredith at all... and neither does the show

It seems like without Meredith the show works just fine, if not better. She became kinda redundant halfway through season 3, when Cristina, George and Callie became the center of all the interesting plot lines, and their attempt to give her a good story in season 4 (the clinical trial) kinda failed when they made it all about Derek. I don't even remember what she did in season 5.

Denny Duquette

Why oh why did the writers and producers have to bring Denny Duquette back? He has become so annoying and it's getting ridiculous. Those scenes in season 5 were almost unbearable and totally boring to watch. I hope they won't be doing this again for a long time to come.

I've enjoyed the Izzie break.

Didn't miss her at all. Too bad she's back

I already don't like Leven Rambin's character

She isn't even in yet and I'm not a Mexie fan, but I've seen promo pics and I knid of don't like her already. I was excited about problems between Lexie and Sloan, but was looking at the pictures and my sub-concious was all "You better not make any trouble bitch!" I don't have a problem and I don't need you volunteering to be one. Ruth (Audra McDonald) Raisin in The Sun

Why was Izzie such a freakin HATER?!?!?

Okay, so I've seen all of season 5, all of season 6 thus far, all of season 1, and now I'm almost finishing my season 2 DVD. One thing I do not understand ---why is Izzie(and kinda Meredith as well) such a hater towards Callie? And that hand washing thing was blown Sooooo outta proportion. I just really don't see what she has done so far to make Izzie hate her that much?


anyone get sad at episode were they pull two off a pipe.

Is Cristina Handicap?

I don't know if this has been brought up before, but she's kind of unusual looking. Is she handicap?

How old are Interns usually? Grey's Anatomy interns are in their 30s!!!

I thought First Year interns (or Junior doctors/SHOs/FY1 in the UK) are about 23-24 years old. Ellen & Sandra were about 35 in Season 1. OK, they looked younger, but still... do us audiences suspend all reality?