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I'm only just finished season 3 Izzie hospital question

I know her character is sacked, but since she donated all the money to the free clinic shouldn't see still be allowed to work in it? Or hang out if she wanted to? Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment

The fall of the chief

Okay, this episode wasn't as good as some of the others this season but I have to say that I liked the way they showed the chief's fall in the end. The flashbacks, the glass, even though his character annoys me most of the time, this was really sad and very well made. 'you took something perfect and painted it red'

I don't like Izzie, BUT....

I kind of hope she's pregnant. I read another thread on here that said it's probably Leven Rambin's character but I hope it's Izzie because maybe then Reed will stop making her eyes even huger at Alex. Plus I like Alex and I think he would make a cool dad. You can't pray away the gay! Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy

Is the chief having another affair with Ellis Grey?

Obviously I don't mean physically. No ghost sex this season. Yay! Anyway, Meredith packed up her mother's journals and gave them all to the chief. I'm wondering if he's rereading them and reliving them. He did make a strange remark to Derek a few episodes ago about making mistakes, even if they were 20 years ago. I'm wondering if he did something like check back into the hotel long-term so he could store that big box of journals and spend his nights there reading them. Also, the last time he started drinking was because of Ellis. Kind of unrelated, I keep hoping they'll do a chief-centric episode where he's thinking about Ellis and they do flash-backs with Ellen P. playing Ellis and some other guy playing young Richard (in the first episode, the chief said she was a dead-ringer for her mother). ------ Tom Cruise. That is twelve feet of crazy in a four foot man. - Craig Ferguson

Cristina + Owen

I'm predicting that Cristina and Owen won;t be together much longer. To me, Owen and Cristina never felt "right" together. And since that new doctor (What's her name?) has come in, she seems "right" for Owen in the way cristina isn't. I know it's only been one episode, but I can tell already. I don't know id I'm the only one that thinks this or whatever, but this is what I think.

I actually feel bad for Alex!

Izzie is being so dumb about it. I mean you almost died in the guy's arms! Why would he want to hurt you? Over a job! I have always liked Izzie but now I feel different. P.S. Justin Chambers is doing a really good job acting...I feel so so sad for him!

So what do you think? Did Meredith...

Walk over and smell the Chief's glass?

So what do you think? Did Meredith...

Walk over and smell the Chief's glass?

Started getting good, now back to soap opera

The past few episodes had been pretty good, especially with Isacc's episode. And last week's was good until Arizona started in with her crazy monologues. This show needs to stay away from being a prime time soap opera. I care more about the surgeries and what goes on in the hospital, not their personal lives. I can't stand these long drawn out Days of our Lives speeches that make the show lose credibility.

It's been a long time...

... since I wanted Izzie to die. With all this cancer nonsense that forced me to blame the writers more than her, I haven't been irritated with Izzie in a while. And now I want to shoot her again. It's Alex's fault she got fired. It's Nosedive's fauly she got fired. Waah waah waah. It's everyone's fault but hers, I see. Oy. Can someone please smack her? Phew. It's like reconnecting with an old friend. Welcome home, "I Hate Izzie" feelings. >>I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.